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A Look At Flipperhost

It is not often that I will actually reach out and recommend a service (usually I just talk about things, rather than making a push towards taking part or making a purchase), but with Flipperhost, I think it is well worth doing. This is a web hosting company that has gone above and beyond what any other I have dealt with in the past has, and I think they deserve a lot of credit. They offer up awesome packages at affordable prices, yet still offer the quality that we have come to love and rely on with much more expensive hosts. This puts them in an interesting position, in that you are getting quality service at budget prices.

When it comes to picking a web host, you want one that you can rely on and that you feel comfortable with. This is not always easy to find, but Flipperhost fits that bill perfectly. In the past many months, I have had an uptime of my VPS of almost 100% (it is somewhere around 99.99%, and that is largely because of planned maintenance, which was even reimbursed). This, to me, is a great sign, being that it is a great uptime for such a cheap host.

The shared hosting is what most of you will likely be using, as that means all you have to do is deal with the website stuff; not running the server, keeping it going, etc. Shared hosting is even cheaper than the VPS, and it is just as reliable (if not more). Not to mention it is completely secured against threats, so you can focus on what you do best: running websites.

The few times I have run in to problems (which were all due to fault of my own), the owner of Flipperhost himself, named Ceko, was there to assist. He went out of his way to help me with my issues, even when they were not even the host's fault. This shows a huge quality of customer satisfaction desire to me, and it is a big part of why I am writing this right now. I absolutely love the company, and after all the time I have used them, I have never been disappointed. Not even once.

I highly suggest that if you are looking for a new host, whether it is a VPS, dedicated server or just shared hosting for your websites, you give Flipperhost a try. You will not be disappointed! If you have any questions or concerns, you can also feel free to send me a PM on Bitcointalk, under the username Ranlo.

Update August 2016

I wanted to update this to say that despite using them for a long time now, I have still got nothing bad to say. They have been on top of every possible issue, they have been more than accommodating, and have shown that they really do care about their customers. Even when there is an issue that is on my side, whether it is from lack of understanding or just something I did wrong, they have been there to help lend their expertise in a respectful manner. At this time, I can not fathom going with anyone else for hosting services. Their pricing is still better than excellent, their support is beyond perfect, and I am truly a happy customer. I hope that they stick around forever, because I will absolutely stick with them for as long as they are!

I also want to mention that I have used them for both VPS and shared hosting. At the moment, I have moved back to the shared hosting plan, but even when using a VPS, they were extremely helpful. They even helped with things like setting up a WHCP (web hosting control panel) on the VPS! And when I ended up moving over to cPanel for a while, they were open with that as well, and got everything set up and running. They seriously are an A++ web host, so if you are looking for one, look no further. And please consider using my links (note, they are affiliate links). Thanks!

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