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A Re-Discovery

Mind techniques is a methodology to help humanity on this planet by furthering the elimination of ignorance and the prevention of human suffering. I believe that our discovery of how humanity can be helped is really a rediscovery, a re-interpretation of what the Jewish Rabbi Jesus the Christ discovered. I believe that what Christ meant when he said that he came to this planet to save humanity, he meant that he came to save humanity from its greatest enemies, ignorance and human suffering.

I also believe that Christ's coming back to earth need not be in the flesh; Christ's coming back, we believe, is Christ's discovery of the inner kingdom that is coming back into practical use It will be through the practical use of the inner kingdom that humanity will be saved from the suffering that it is enduring because of ignorance. I believe that Christ's discovery coming back into practical use is the return of Christ to earth.

Christ's influence is already manifesting on earth and is with us right now serving our Creator. Remember that for those of us who are involved in mind technique methods, High Intelligence means any source of intelligence which he answers to problems. For instance, if I have an answer to certain person's problem I am representing Higher Intelligence to that person. That same person might have an answer for me in a different problem area; then that person is, in that problem area, for me, representing Higher Intelligence.

I believe that God, the Creator who solves all problems, is the Highest of Intelligences. I believe that persons who solve many problems are closer to God Keep in mind that when we cause a problem we are acting against God because problems affect the Creator's creation. It takes intelligence to understand what can hurt creation and it also takes intelligence to know how to help creation. I know that we have the capacity through mind technique methods to attune ourselves to higher and higher intelligence in order to do better and better in all our endeavors. Mind technique methods are helping us to do just that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an uncontrolled mind is always destructive. To be constructive and creative we must control our minds; the more control we exercise the more constructive and creative we are. Being constructive and creative is problem solving and problem-solving is working for the Creator, taking care of creation, and those activities indicate our being on the Creator's side. There are all kinds and sizes of problems as there are levels of intelligence. It takes enhanced intuition (using the right brain hemisphere) and functioning with awareness at the 10 cycles brain frequency (alpha) to contact different levels of intelligence for problem solving. This is what mind techniques helps us to do.

At 6, Going 26!

I took a mind technique course. When I saw its effects and benefits. I then thought of enrolling my children. First my eldest son, Michael who was 16 years old then, my two young ones: Isabelle & Francisco. Both of them took the summer course for children. Francisco was only 6 years old. He was the youngest in the class. In fact, the speaker was reluctant to have him because of his age. I was about to leave with Francis when he told me he wanted to take the course so he could also graduate. I was worried at first if he could grasp the whole thing but when I saw her approach, I then felt, my children could understand it. The rest is history.

At home, we all practice the method, listen to the different relaxation tapes. Personally, I practice everyday. Whenever my son, Francis sees me, he practices with me. At times, he asks me: “Mama, mag-practice na tayo”. When I do my Evening Leveling, we share our player. The following day, he relates to my daughter, “Sister, I slept better last night because I leveled with Mama. You should also do mind techniques”. My daughter just says “Really?”

It's almost a year since my young children took the course. I could see a lot of difference in the way they relate with other children especially in the way they talk. Better changes have taken place especially with Francis who is much closer to me being the youngest. He speaks his thoughts as well as his feelings. Sometimes, I feel funny when he talks to me like a man. He asks questions which kids his age don't usually ask. He has improved a lot - physically, spiritually & mentally. He talks of God's creation: “Mama, Jesus is so great in creating this world - there are trees, forest, beach, birds - He's really, really great“. “Mama, in my next life I want to become a bird so I can go anywhere I want.”

Whenever we're together, just the two of us I observe that he has developed a deeper awareness - of himself and of his environment. As a parent and a mind technique practitioner at that, I always see to it that his questions are answered positively. I make him understand the value/substance of his thoughts and feelings. One time, his sister tells him: “Francis, let's not go swimming because it's expensive.” It costs us 200 pesos each. If we watch a movie, it will only be for 100 pesos. Mom has no more money. Francis answers her this way: “The problem with you Sis, you always say that we have no money. That's negative. Erase, erase, cancel, cancel. We have plenty of money!” In other words, they went swimming.

My husband, myself and our 3 children have taken the course and are practicing it. The difference lies in using the methods taught and learned. In our family, situations are better controlled especially with moods and tempers. Generally, our home is really a home now - a much better, better and better place to be. My children really enjoy each other, love each other, hug each other which I never saw before. Sometimes there are conflicting views and opinions but we all handle it positively. I believe this is what real success means … better relationships. By the way, comes summer my children look forward to the Review Class. Francis has prepared his book with a little worry because of some torn pages which according to him. “Teacher Judy might get angry”. Just a smile from me makes him feel assured that Teacher will not get angry because anger is negative.

Francis has grown overnight after his mind technique training. It has done him indescribably much. And he looks forward to reviewing it this summer.

Sometimes, I feel I lost boy baby. But looking at Francis now, I know this world is a better and better place. Yes, I lost a baby because I made a better man. Nadja Ocampo on son Francis

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