Adolescence and puberty

Puberty.Is the time when the bodies of boys and girls changes physically. Bodies grow bigger and taller, genitals mature, and hair often start growing in new places on the body. During puberty, a girl become physically able to get pregnant and a boy become physically able to father a child. New chemicals produced by the body, called hormones, create changes in the body and turn young people into adults. Puberty basically starts between the age of 8 to 13 in girls and age 10 to 15 in boys, although some young people’s starts puberty a bit earlier or later. People are different, so everyone starts and goes through puberty at their own pace. During puberty young peoples under goes a major growth changes and it last for 2 to 5 years. Some people grow four to more inches in a year. This growth during puberty will be the last time the body will grow taller. When the growth period is over, young people will be at their adult height.

Body changes in boys

Boy shoulder will grow wider, and their body will become more muscular. Some body parts especially hands and legs may grow faster than others. Many boys may have uncomfortable growing pains in their legs and arms as the bone grow faster than the muscles can stretch to keep up with them. Some boys develop swelling underneath their breast, which look like the start of the breasts. This is caused by the hormones that are active throughout the body and will go away with time. During the puberty boy will start to have erection and wet dreams. An erection is when the penis gets stiff and become bigger than usual. They will notice other changes as well, such as the lengthening and widening of the penis and enlargement of the testicles.

Body changes in girls

Girl’s body becomes rounder and more womanly. They gain weight on their hips, and their breast develops, starting with a small swelling under their breast. Sometimes one breast might develop faster than the other, but over the time the slower one catches up. Girls will notice increase in body fat and will occasionally feel sore under the nipples as the breast start to enlarge. This is normal. Gaining weight is part of development into a woman, and it’s unhealthy for a girl to go on diet to try and stop this normal weight gain.

One to two years after girls’ breast start to develop, they usually experience their first menstrual period. Menstruation is one more sign that lets them know that puberty is progressing. Means that the puberty hormones are doing their job. Girl might see and feel a white or clear discharge from the vagina. This does not necessarily mean anything is wrong, it is usually just another sign of their changing body and hormones

More changes

One of the first sign of puberty is hair growing where it did not grow before. Hair will grow in the armpit and the pubic area (on and around the genitals). At first it is thin. Then it becomes longer, thick and heavier. Eventually young men start to grow hair on the faces and chests.

Pimples and spots often start at the beginning of the puberty and can remain all through adolescence .it usually get better or disappear by the end of adolescence. Young adult should wash their faces with soap and water daily to keep their skin clean.

A new odor under the arms and elsewhere on the body might develop. This is body odor and every one get tithe puberty hormones affects the glands in the skin and the glands make chemicals that have a strong odor. Bathing and washing daily helps reduce this odor, and so do perfume and deodorants. Boys will notice their voice will “break” and eventually get deeper. Girl voice may get a little deeper too. Boy’s voice will stop breaking as they grow older.

During puberty, young people may become or easily upset. Feeling nervous and uncomfortable about how their body looks and changes is one of the things most young people are sensitive about. It common for or easily upset. Feeling nervous and uncomfortable about how their body looks and changes is one of the things most young people are sensitive about. It common for young people to lose their temper, get angry with friends and family members, or feel sad or depressed more than usual . Young people should talk to adults they trust about any feeling of anger, sadness, or depression they may have.

During the puberty, it is normal to become more aware of the opposite sex and to feel more sexual. In boys, the main sign of sexual feelings is an erection of the penis. In girls, it wetness of the vagina. Sexual feeling can come from reading a romantic novel or thinking about another boy or girl. Having a sexual is normal and there is nothing to feel guilty about . Acting on such feeling, however, is a big responsibility, and it is better to wait until one is older.

Facts about puberty

It is normal for some boys and girls to mature earlier than others. Some boys start puberty at age 10, but other do not start until they are 14 or 15. Some girls start puberty as early as age eight, other do not start until they are age 13 to 14. However if a girl do not start menses by the age of 16, they should see a doctor.

Some part of the body matures more quickly than others. There is order in which certain physical changes usually occur. For girls breast begin to grow, while in boys growth of the testicles is usually the earlier sign.

During puberty increased hormonal activity leads to increased activity in the skin glands. Oil produced by the glands blocks skin pores and mixes with bacteria to cause pimples or spots. To help keep skin clean, young people should wash their faces and hands frequently.

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