Alex Jones Predicted 911 Is Concerned About A Nuclear False Flag Operation In The US

Radio host Alex Jones predicted 911 less than 2 months before it happened. 1) Now he's concerned that the same folks who did that (HINT - Not 19 Arab hijackers) may be ready to detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, or possibly some other major US city.

Jones went on the radio in July, 2001 and told his listeners that criminals within the government were soon likely to create a large scale terror attack in the US, probably in New York, possibly another attack on the World Trade Center, and blame it on their CIA asset, Osama Bin Laden. The reason he believed that was he heard government minions, on network TV, openly discussing their “fears” of a large scale terror attack, and he knew that Bin Laden would be the perfect patsy.

Although in the ensuing years he has warned of the possibility of a nuclear false flag attack, it was more in the sense of, “one of these days.” Only recently, he has said he feels like it may happen fairly soon. The reason is because President Obama recently said that he fears a nuclear bomb going off in Manhattan,2) and Jones sees that as a signal that the globalists in control of the world are actively considering staging such an event.

A false flag event is a strategy that military and political leaders have used for thousands of years, where they will foist an attack on their own people, and blame it on an enemy. The term started on the high seas, because the captain of a ship would have his own country's flag taken down, and replaced with that of an enemy, before firing on another ship from his own country.

False flag events are used as a pretext to start wars outside their country, and take liberties away from their citizens. 911 is the most successful false flag event in the known history of humanity.

Most of the general revelations, thus far, in the Edward Snowden leaks, were exposed by Jones years ago. Whistle blowers from virtually every area of the government have leaked evidence of government wrong doing and corruption to Jones, for almost 20 years now.

In that time Jones has grown from having a weekly public access local TV show, to being broadcast on more than 160 FM and AM radio stations, despite the fact that that multinational corporate sponsors and corporate media outlets want nothing to do with him. His radio show airs almost exclusively on “mom and pop” radio stations.

He says he could have been on as many stations as any of the right wing radio giants, years ago, but he turned down the opportunity, multiple times. Big radio syndicators came to him with the offer, but he would have had to sell out and change what he talks about. (Or talk about some of the same topics, but change his “perspective.”)

You can call Alex Jones a number of different names, but, “sell out,” isn't one of them – at least if you want to be accurate. A number of guests have come on his show, and then shortly thereafter, have been murdered. He speaks quite often about the probability of his own murder, but he refuses to back down.

Considering the fact that he exposes corruption in government and corporations, the level of success he has achieved is impressive, to say the least. He has more show listeners on any given day than any single cable tv new show. In fact, as broadcast and cable TV viewership continues to plummet, year after year, Jones listening audience steadily climbs, every year, without exception.

The truth is that traditional news shows will cover some events only because it was first covered by Jones, and his stable of reporters at his website, A number of times, the government has changed plans, or otherwise backed down from illegal and underhanded activities, because Jones spoke about them on his show.

In fact, there are some things, ranging from groups to events, that the government and media used to deny existed, but they are no longer able to lie, in large part because of Alex Jones (and people like him) bringing them into the public consciousness. Two examples include the Bilderberg group 3) and pagan rituals that government officials take part in annually at Bohemian Grove. 4)

Bilderberg is a group of elite business leaders who meet once a year at different locations, and invite world leaders, media moguls and military leaders, to discuss plans for the world. For quite some time, Jones would be leaked the information of when and where they were meeting every year, and show up with cameras and a bull horn. He would yell out that he knows they are moving toward a one world dictatorship, but that they will ultimately fail.

In recent years, the Bilderberg group has decided to quit trying to deny their existence. They now publicize when and where they will meet, but they try to keep their discussions secret.

The elite also meet every year at Bohemian Grove, in northern California. This is different, in some ways, from Bilderberg. It is exclusively male. In the Richard Nixon tapes, he mentions his disdain for all the homosexual activity that takes place there. 5) The members stay at bungalows on the property that aren't nearly as luxurious as the hotel accommodations Bilderberg members have.

They are sworn to secrecy, but it was rumored that they took part in pagan-like rituals. Several years ago, Jones and a friend sneaked into the compound with a video camera. They took video of a ceremony called, The Cremation of Care.

Try to picture corporate CEOs and vice presidents, past and current politicians and government officials, all putting on different colored robes, and meeting in an amphitheater, in front of a 50 foot concrete owl, and a bon fire. Part of the ceremony includes a mock (hopefully mock), human sacrifice. 6)

Whenever Jones tries to bring up that strange ritual to club members, they get very agititated at him, and will sometimes even question his morality for being somewhere he was not invited. He tells them that the public has a right to know what so many of their leaders are doing in secret. 7)

The Franklin Cover Up, is a book by John Decamp, in which a number of truly shocking allegations were proven to be true. It shows that part of the United States government is involved in child pornography, snuff films and human trafficking. In the book, there is an account of a child porn, snuff film being made in the Bohemian Grove location, while the event was in session. 8)

The common theme of Jone's show is that the United States has been taken over by globalists, offshore bankers, who are systematically in the process of bankrupting and sabotaging the country and the citizens, in an effort to bring in world government. He presents evidence of how our health is under attack on every possible front, and how globalists are on record, stating their goal to reduce the population by as much as 90%.

Jones has been proven right about so many things over the years, that a large percentage of his detractors have apologized to him and are no longer detractors. To be sure, a number of dinosaur media outlets and quite a few Republican and Democrat leaders still try to label him a, “crazy conspiracy theorist,” but it's a label that becomes increasingly powerless, as history continues to prove him right about more and more things.

Jones like to say that resisting tyranny is obedience to God. He believes that humanity has the numbers to stop the horrendous plans of the tiny but powerful elite cabal that seems hell-bent on destroying the entire planet in the quest to control it.

He urges everyone to call, email and write to President Obama and tell him that we know about the false flag plans to nuke cities in the US and blame it on others. If enough people do that, it might make a difference. He also is calling for prayer like this nation has never seen.

To listen to Alex Jones click here and click, “Listen on the internet.” You can also download podcasts, or if you have a smart phone, search for Alex Jones and download the app. Check out some of his 15 documentary films here

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