Am I At Level?

QUESTION: I am one of those people who do not experience a feeling of success and I am confused as to whether, or if, I am at level. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: All you need to do IS to get one technique to work for you and you are on your way.

You can go to level and recall that one success over and over again and this will build up energy to have more successes in the future.

Eventually you will get a second technique to work for you, and then you can recall at level, your successes with both techniques and before long you will get another technique to start working for you.

Now how do you go about making sure you are at level, and getting that first success?

The best place to begin is with the Long Relaxation Exercise.

Practice the Long Relax every day for several days to make sure that you are getting to a deep, healthy level of mind.

You cannot just listen to a tape and expect it to happen on its own. You have to participate to take an active part in the process.

Using your mind to relax your body is a good success.

You need to get your body involved in the Long Relax. Use your imagination to imagine that fine vibration, the tingling sensation the feeling of warmth caused by circulation. What would that feel like? Imagine it, Then imagine your scalp relaxing. Imagine the feeling. Practice and it will begin to seem real; and it will begin to be real.

Do the same with all body parts. Follow the instructions. Get involved. It does not do you much good to just go through the ritual, do it by rote. You rave to do it, to actually get involved.

The mental relaxation is similar. After you have your body very deeply relaxed, you need to relax your mind. Keep your attention on the tranquil and passive scene that you choose. If you begin to think of other things, bring your attention back to the tranquil and passive scene.

Doing this will insure that you reach a deep healthy level of mind.

Then you will be ready to activate your mind, to start using the formula-type techniques and solving problems while you remain at the alpha level.

In order to be absolutely certain you are at the correct level to get help from the other side, you need to do something that cannot be done with the left brain hemisphere, from beta, but can only be done with the right brain hemisphere, from alpha.

You can do this by getting information with your mind, information not available to your physical senses.

The best technique we know of for that is case working.

When you accurately detect information about a subject, information that you did not receive physically, then you know that you were at the correct level that you were using your right brain hemisphere to think with, that you were getting help from the subjective dimension from the other side.

Most people have used their left brain hemisphere a great deal to think with, and used the right brain hemisphere very little. Given a choice of using either one, such a person will naturally tend to use the left brain hemisphere.

We need to do things that require us to use the right brain hemisphere.

So we need to practice doing things that require the use of the right brain hemisphere so that eventually we will prefer to use the right brain hemisphere for thinking.

It is the same with learning to use our new mental skills. We need to practice using the right hemisphere until it is equal to the left. Then we will use each for its appropriate function.

We do not want to use only one and exclude the other. We want to use all of our abilities to the best of our ability.

So, the best way to begin is to practice the Long Relaxation Exercise until you learn to enter a deep, healthy state of physical and mental relaxation.

After that, everything else will follow if you persist if you practice every day, and if you continue to do the Long Relax once a week.

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