Being a tall woman or Why I will never wear 6 inch heels

Here are some ups and downs written in a random order that come with being a tall woman.

Down: You cannot wear heels taller than a certain length or you will look like a giraffe and can get a fear of heights whilst wearing them. It looks cute on petite women that manage to pull it off but not on you. Up: You already have the long legs the petite women strive for by wearing heels that cause the illusion.

Down: It's hard to find shirts and pants that actually reach the wrists or ankles. Also miniskirts and short dresses look even sluttier on you because of said long legs. Up: Long gowns don't look like a parachute on you but instead give you an effect in the direction of a greek goddess.

Down: Finding a guy as tall as you is more difficult. Maybe this one's superficial but to me tall guys look a lot better. Up: If you find such a guy you both get to tower over everybody else. It feels awesome.

Down: Beds and duvets are sometimes too small for you. Up: You don't feel like if you're being to showy by getting a king sized bed. You may actually need one.

Down: You may feel less feminine compared to other women with being so tall and well…undelicate. Up: You will naturally have bigger boobs than your peers! Plus a back that can support them!

Down: Sometimes in stores there may not even be your shoe size. Up: You can at least cheer yourself up you at least have ONE size in common with tall supermodels.

Down: Some of your dresses are suited better as shirts. Up: Easier to dress up sexily if the short clothing you need isn't in a kid's store.

Down: Sitting in Airplanes is a nightmare. Up: The crowds in the airport don't bother you that much and you can force your way through.

Down: People always ask you to get stuff for them. Up: You can actually do it without risking your neck on a ladder.

Down: It's easy to overestimate how much food you can eat when you're hungry. Up: You can still eat more food than other people.

Down: You get more attention. Up: You get more attention.

Down: You don't fit in all showers. Up: More of an excuse to get a bath instead.

These are all so far.

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