Big Girls Don't Cry Season 2 Episode 5

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Big Girls Don't Cry is the fifth episode in the second season of The Sopranos. It finds Tony back from his trip to Italy and ready to embrace new priorities. He promotes both Paulie and Silvio and tries to find a job in a restaurant for Furio, who is now going to be working under him. Meanwhile, Dr. Melfi calls Tony and confesses that she is having second thoughts about dropping him as a client, and Christopher uses a gift from his girlfriend Adriana to pursue his long-held dream of becoming an actor and a screenwriter. Pussy begins to resent the fact that Tony is confiding more closely in Paulie and Silvio than he is in him.

Episode Recap


Furio's Adjustment to America

Tony's first task in this episode is to integrate Furio into his hierarchy. He decides to ask his friend Artie Bucco, who runs the restaurant Nuovo Vesuvio, to hire Furio to work in the kitchen. While Artie is reluctant to comply because he says he already has enough hired help, he agrees to hire Furio on a trial basis and see how he handles the work. Meanwhile, Tony promotes Silvio and Paulie, and the latter is befuddled by the promotion, though he is quite pleased to have this confidence bestowed upon him. Tony gives Furio his first assignment, which involves collecting from a husband and wife who run a cathouse and owe Tony money. Furio quickly demonstrates that he can be ruthless by beating them both and shooting the husband. It is clear that he is going to fit right in with this family.

Tony and His Therapist

Tony has been going to Dr. Melfi, a therapist, for some time, but their sessions ended recently when the psychiatrist became caught up in Tony's mob business and nearly lost her life because of it. It seems that their sessions are simply too dangerous for her, but she has begun to have strange dreams about Tony's demise, and she fears that if they do not resume their sessions, something terrible will happen to Tony. When she calls him in concern, Tony insists that he is doing fine without the sessions, but throughout the episode he is quite irritable, going to far as to seriously injure a man for interfering in an argument between him and his mistress on his yacht. The whole argument starts because Tony is annoyed with her for feeding cheese puffs to the nearby ducks, as he is afraid that it will damage their digestion. Toward the end of the episode, Tony decides to pour his heart out to his friend Hesh Rabkin, but he finds that Hesh is not nearly as attentive or insightful as Dr. Melfi is.

Christopher and His Acting

After Adriana signs Christopher up for acting classes, he tries to throw himself into his long-neglected passion, but he finds it difficult because his duties as a mobster often intervene. He has a hard time attending all of his classes and still doing his job for Tony, and he is not sure that he can successfully juggle the two. Meanwhile, he is troubled by what is happening in the acting class, as the acting exercises are stirring up emotions deep within him. While performing a scene from Rebel Without a Cause, he begins to break down crying, and even though his fellow students heartily applaud his powerful performance, he is so embarrassed that he flees the class. On another occasion, he performs a scene with another actor and becomes so furious that he physically attacks him. Adriana suspects that his anger stems from his father issues. Christopher decides that acting is not for him, and he goes so far as to destroy his unfinished screenplay.

Special Occurrences

No one dies or is introduced in this episode, though it is the first to feature Furio in the United States instead of Italy. Several attacks occur during the episode, but none of them are fatal. Tony begins to reconcile with Dr. Melfi, a professional relationship that will continue for the rest of the series. Pussy begins to resent the fact that Tony is not treating him as his closest confidante, which will have later repercussions.


The most prominent piece of music in this episode is Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' “Big Girls Don't Cry,” for which the episode is named. It plays in the background of Artie's restaurant, and it is thematically significant because of the emotions at play here, particularly with Christopher's acting class.


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