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I am in the process of researching into efficient ways to create an online CryptoCoin earning platform, using either Ruby on Rails or PHP. It will be like a general GPT site but it will offer uniqueness compared to current sites. The standard coins that could be utilised are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Devcoin and CaliforniaCoin.

The project is currently underway and will be released as an open source so other people can contribute and create such sites too.

First steps

Currently, a team is being created to handily with this project. The team ideally will either have BSc Computer Science or related subject, or be a student currently studying such qualification in the subject or related subject. The template will be made with BootStrap 3 due to flexibility and it is easy to use and modify. The script language would most likely be PHP although a decent amount of consideration for Ruby on Rails has been taken. At the moment, it seems to be easier to implement the communication between the script and the wallet using PHP.

Free or Paid?

At the moment there will be a free version ONLY. Once a free version has been created, a paid version will be though about which will contain more themes including a template changer. Also it would contain CPA post backs and more features that will be well worth the money, even though it will be sold for less than $15.


The brand will gain recognition and will also allow the brand to offer custom services. E.g other scripts or modifications.

Computer Science

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