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Bust Out is the 10th episode from the second season of the intriguing and thrilling TV drama series The Sopranos. This episode, which was first aired in March 19, 2000, was originally named “Deux Ex Machina” until a last-minute modification change the title to Bust Out. And the title Bust Out perfectly fits the storyline of this episode.

Many of the characters in this episode have found themselves in tight corners and are trying to wriggle out – I did rather say they were trying to bust out – of their tight situations. The crime family is about to go down because of a witness who saw Tony Soprano in the neighborhood where the treacherous mob boss Matthew Bevilaqua was murdered.

Episode Recap


Possible Prison Time Reveals the Caring Side of Tony Soprano

After taking out the double-crossing mob boss Matthew Bevilaqua for trying to take out Christopher, Tony discovered that not only did a witness saw him in the murder scene but the witness could also identify him. Thus, Tony has suddenly found himself in a tight spot that could land him in jail. For the first time in the Sopranos, Tony displayed an emotion no one thought he possessed: fear.

So Tony Soprano, the dreaded mob boss, has a ‘panic bone’ in his body? I believe that will be the question on the mind of a lot of viewers. Well, he is human just like you and I. Since all humans have a soft spot, Tony will definitely have one too.

Interestingly, Tony is not worried about himself; he is concerned about his kids. Although some of the decisions Tony has taken in the past have made us question his commitment to his family, we really know what is truly important to Tony Soprano in this episode. Forget about the hard posture Tony the mob boss! Deep down in his heart, Tony really cares about his family as shown by his actions in this episode.

With a possible prison time staring Tony in the face, he made preparations to ensure that his family is well taken care of in the event that he ends up in jail. He gave his lawyer money to give to his wife, Carmella, whenever she is in need of cash.

Tony and Dr. Melfi

Dr. Melfi, Tony’s Psychiatrist, seems to be getting more comfortable with Tony in this episode. She has probably realized that Tony wouldn’t hurt her. Because she is now at ease with Tony, Dr. Melfi is now making her stance on Tony’s life more glaring as the drama progresses. It will be nice to know what was going on Dr. Melfi’s head when she discovered that Tony might go to prison? Too bad we can’t get inside her head to find out her feelings for Tony in this episode.

More Home Trouble for Tony

Facing a possible jail time, Tony is not having a nice on the homefront. He would have made things a lot easier on himself if he had told Carmella about his predicament, but he refused. Carmella seems to be fed up with Tony, and he can’t get AJ to spend quality time with him.

To worsen Tony’s situation, Carmella develops a strong attraction for Vic, the brother of the wife of Dave Santino, at their first meeting. Tony has cheated on Carmella on a number of occasions, so maybe Carmella is trying to get back at him. In this episode, we found out that Carmella is not perfect after all.

Poor Davey Santino

In this episode, everything seems to be falling apart in the life of Davey Santino. In fact, he is near suicidal. Because of Davey Santino’s gambling debts to Tony, Tony has taken over his business, using it for a money operation fraud. At the end of the episode, Davey files for bankruptcy. You just have to feel sorry for poor Davey as his life is now in shambles.

Pussy and Richie Plan to Take out Tony

After being manipulated by Janice, Pussy and Richie want to get rid of Tony. Richie goes to seek Uncle Junior’s support for plan to take out Tony. However, Uncle Junior gave him a coy answer; nobody knows Uncle Junior true stand on this matter. We will definitely find out in later in the drama. In this episode, just like her mother, Janice shows that she is capable of manipulating men easily.

With Pussy and Richie after Tony Soprano, it is expected that the next couple of episodes will focus more on the plot to take out Tony. Episode 10 of season 2 seems to be one of the best episodes of The Sopranos in terms of the quality of the script, scenes and acting. Kudos to the cast and crew of The Sopranos for doing a great job entertaining us.


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