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I know, nobody was so brave… or so dumb to take in consideration such a currency. Butt, ehm … sorry. But someone has do it.

Just for anybody thinking this is joke:

I was wondering how english expression could change in case such a currency accidentally gets a bright future. - Give a buck, no sorry, a butt! - It cost me a arm and a butt. - He earns big butts for doing almost nothing.

What is this coin? Well, it is peer to peer butt. The goal is to recall in your mind Bitcoins, but in a funny way. There is no central authority.

Is it right to invest in buttcoins?

The website says “Don't”.

So, let's consider it a joke. Today we can see a new coin every week. Are they worthy our attention?

I can give yo a free advice. Go at the bottom right on this website

Can you see the Network GH/sec of every coin? Which coins are mined? Probably that ones have a hope, not great maybe, but still hope.

So, do not waste your money on some kind of “butt” coin. Get informed, then buy Devcoin, the only ethically oriented coin.

Here you can find info on how you can buy devcoin for a good price




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