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Carrie (2013) review

The year 2013 was a good one, specially in the case of films. One example of this is Carrie, a remake of the 70's movie (directed by Brian de Palma), but isn't true at all, because isn't based on the film, this version is based on the novel written by Stephen King in 1976.
Carrie White (Chlöe Grace Moretz), a very shy girl without friends is constantly bullied at her school, in one moment the things goes out of control in the shower and Carrie learns a little bit of her telekinetic nature, until the movie advances, Carrie matures a little more at the same rate she gains control over her powers, her mother Margaret White (Julianne Moore) is a religious fanatic that privates Carrie of a normal life, causing conflicts in she everyday.
At the end, Carrie tries too hard to make some friends, but she's always afraid to be cheated an bullied again, sadly, her assumptions was right and we have a great ending in the movie, maybe too predictable, but it's good enough.


  1. Stephen King considers “Carrie” his worst published novel
  2. This is the 3rd remake of the story
  3. A Broadway musical was based on this story


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