Castle (TV Series)

Castle is an American criminal procedural and comedic drama. It premiered on March 9, 2009 and airs on ABC. Castle has consistently enjoyed success with audiences maintained a viewership of over 10 million individuals in each of its six seasons. In 2013 was the 9th most searched for television program on Google1). The series was created by Andrew W. Marlowe and is produced by ABC Studios in partnership with Beacon Pictures.

The eponymously named show follows the life and adventures of fictional best-selling novelist and title character Richard Castle ( Firefly star Nathan Fillion).

Episode Guide

Season One

Season Two

4)TitleAir Date5)US Viewers (millions)WriterDirectorProduction #Season #Series #
"Deep in Death"21 Sep 20099.26Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman201111
"The Double Down"28 Sep 20099.15David GraeRob Bowman204212
"Inventing the Girl"05 Oct 20099.23Moira KirlandDwight Little202313
"Fool Me Once..."12 Oct 20099.77Alexi HawleyBryan Spicer203414
"When the Bough Breaks"19 Oct 20099.69René EchevarriaJohn Terlesky205515
"Vampire Weekend"26 Oct 20099.99Terri MillerKaren Gaviola206616
"Famous Last Words"02 Nov 20099.43Jose MolinaRob Bowman207717
"Kill the Messenger"09 Nov 20099.82Terence Paul WinterJonathan Frakes208818
"Love Me Dead"16 Nov 200910.53Alexi HawleyBryan Spicer209919
"One Man's Treasure"23 Nov 200910.31Elizabeth DavisHelen Shaver2101020
"The Fifth Bullet"07 Dec 20097.8David GraeJohn Terlesky2111121
"A Rose for Everafter"11 Jan 20109.47 Alexi HawleyBryan Spicer2121222
"Sucker Punch"18 Jan 20109.45Will BeallTom Wright2131323
"The Third Man"25 Jan 201010.55Terence Paul WinterRosemary Rodriguez2141424
"Suicide Squeeze"08 Feb 20109.54Jose MolinaDavid Barrett2151525
"The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"08 Mar 20109.11Kate SargeantTom Wright2161626
"Tick,Tick,Tick"22 Mar 201012.21Moira Kirland"Bryan Spicer"2171727
"Boom!"29 Mar 201014.5Elizabeth DavisJohn Terlesky2181828
"Wrapped Up in Death"05 Apr 201011.7Alexi HawleyBill Roe2191929
"The Late Shaft"12 Apr 201012.68David GraeBryan Spicer2202030
"Den of Thieves"19 Apr 201010.39Will BeallJohn Terlesky2212131
"Food to Die For"03 May 201010.69Terri MillerRon Underwood2222232
"Overkill"10 May 201010.86René EchevarriaJohn Terlesky2232333
"A Deadly Game"17 May 201010.07Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman2242434

Season Three

6)TitleAir Date7)US Viewers (millions)WriterDirectorProduction #Season #Series #
"A Deadly Affair"20 Sep 201010.7Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman301135
""He's Dead, She's Dead"27 Sep 201011.08Moira KirlandJohn Terlesky303236
"Under the Gun"04 Oct 201010.83Alexi HawleyBryan Spicer302337
"Punked"11 Oct 201010.66David GraeRob Bowman304438
"Anatomy of a Murder"18 Oct 201010.95Terence Paul WinterJohn Terlesky305539
"3XK"25 Oct 201011.32David AmannBill Roe307640
"Almost Famous"01 Nov 201011.27Elizabeth DavisFélix Alcalá306741
"Murder Most Fowl"08 Nov 201010.83Matt PykenBryan Spicer308842
"Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind"15 Nov 20109.98Shalisha FrancisBethany Rooney309943
"Last Call"06 Dec 20107.63Scott WilliamsBryan Spicer3101044
"Nikki Heat"03 Jan 20119.61David GraeJeff Bleckner3121145
"Poof! You're Dead"10 Jan 20119.05Terri MillerMillicent Shelton3111246
"Knockdown"24 Jan 20119.08Will BeallTom Wright3131347
"Lucky Stiff"07 Feb 20119.26Alexi HawleyEmile Levisetti3141448
"The Final Nail"14 Feb 20118.75Moira KirlandJohn Terlesky3151549
"Setup"21 Feb 20118.99David AmannRob Bowman3161650
"Countdown"28 Feb 201110.11Andrew W. MarloweBill Roe3171751
"One Life to Lose"21 Mar 201112.03Elizabeth DavisDavid M. Barrett3181852
"Law & Murder"28 Mar 201112.56Terence Paul WinterJeff Bleckner3191953
"Slice of Death"04 Apr 201111.45Scott WilliamsSteve Boyum3202054
"The Dead Pool"11 Apr 201112.33Matt PykenPaul Holahan3212155
"To Love and Die in L.A."02 May 201112.11Alexi HawleyJohn Terlesky3222256
"Pretty Dead"09 May 201112.6Terri MillerJeff Bleckner3232357
"Knockout"16 May 201112.93Will BeallRob Bowman3242458

Season Four

8)TitleAir Date9)US Viewers (millions)WriterDirectorProduction #Season #Series #
"Rise"19 Sep 201113.28Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman401159
"Heroes & Villains"26 Sep 201111.67David AmannJeff Bleckner402260
"Head Case"03 Oct 201111.18David GraeHolly Dale403361
"Kick the Ballistics"10 Oct 201110.23Moira KirlandRob Bowman404462
"Eye of the Beholder"17 Oct 201111.23Shalisha FrancisJohn Terlesky405563
"Demons"24 Oct 201110.81Rob HanningBill Roe406664
"Cops & Robbers"31 Oct 201112.58Terence Paul WinterBryan Spicer407765
"Heartbreak Hotel"07 Nov 201111.07Elizabeth DavisBill Roe408866
"Kill Shot"21 Nov 201110.85Alexi HawleyDavid M. Barrett409967
"Cuffed"05 Dec 20118.12Terri Miller & Andrew W. MarloweJohn Terlesky4101068
"Till Death Do Us Part"09 Jan 20129.76David GraeJeff Bleckner4111169
"Dial M for Mayor"16 Jan 20129.41Christine BoylanKate Woods4121270
"An Embarrassment of Bitches"23 Jan 201210.05Rob HanningTom Wright4131371
"The Blue Butterfly"06 Feb 20128.7Terence Paul WinterChuck Bowman4141472
"Pandora"13 Feb 20128.86David AmannBryan Spicer4151573
"Linchpin"20 Feb 20129.73Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman4161674
"Once Upon a Crime"27 Feb 20129.1Kate SargeantJeff Bleckner4171775
"A Dance with Death"19 Mar 201211.52Moira KirlandKevin Hooks4181876
"47 Seconds"26 Mar 201211.87Shalisha FrancisPaul Holahan4191977
"The Limey"02 Apr 201211.69Elizabeth DavisBill Roe4202078
"Headhunters"16 Apr 201211.23Alexi HawleyJohn Terlesky4212179
"Undead Again"30 Apr 201211.08Christine BoylanBill Roe4222280
"Always"07 May 201212.36Terri Miller & Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman4232381

Season Five

Season five originally ran from September 2012 to May 2013. This season's primary arc focused on the deepening maturation of Castle and Beckett's relation which culminating with a long anticipated proposal of marriage. Will she say yes?

10)TitleAir Date11)US Viewers (millions)WriterDirectorProduction #Season #Series #
"After the Storm"24 Sep 201210.45David AmannRob Bowman501182
"Cloudy with a Chance of Murder"01 Oct 201210.35Elizabeth BeallKate Woods503283
"Secret's Safe with Me"08 Oct 201210.61Terence Paul WinterJohn Terlesky502384
""Murder,He Wrote"15 Oct 201210.94David GraeRob Bowman505485
"Probable Cause"29 Oct 201210.84Andrew W. MarloweJohn Terlesky506586
"The Final Frontier"05 Nov 201210.02Kate SargeantJonathan Frakes507687
"Swan Song"12 Nov 201210.07Rob HanningDavid M. Barrett504788
"After Hours"19 Nov 201210.48Shalisha FrancisDavid M. Barrett508889
"Secret Santa"03 Dec 20128.5Christine RoumPaul Holahan509990
"Significant Others"07 Jan 20138.66Terence Paul WinterHolly Dale5101091
"Under the Influence"14 Jan 20139.14Elizabeth BeallJohn Terlesky5121192
"Death Gone Crazy"21 Jan 20138.82Jason WilbornBill Roe5111293
"Recoil"04 Feb 20138.89 Rob HanningTom Wright5131394
"Reality Star Struck"11 Feb 20138.97David GraeLarry Shaw5141495
"Target"18 Feb 20139.85David AmannBill Roe5151596
"Hunt"25 Feb 201310.77Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman5161697
"Scared to Death"18 Mar 201311.26Shalisha FrancisRon Underwood5171798
"The Wild Rover"25 Mar 201310.57Terence Paul WinterRob Hardy5181899
"The Lives of Others"01 Apr 201311.79Terri Miller & Andrew W. MarloweLarry Shaw51919100
"The Fast and the Furriest"15 Apr 201310.18Christine RoumJonathan Frakes52020101
"The Squab and the Quail"22 Apr 201311.76 Jason WilbornPaul Holohan52121102
"Still"29 Apr 201310.53Rob HanningBill Roe52422103
"The Human Factor"06 May 201310.84David AmannBill Roe52223104
"Watershed"13 May 201311.16Andrew W. MarloweJohn Terlesky52324105

Season Six

12)TitleAir Date13)US Viewers (millions)WriterDirectorProduction #Season #Series #
Valkyrie23 Sep 201311.46Rob HanningJohn Terlesky6011106
Dreamworld30 Sep 201310.88David GraeTom Wright6022107
Need to Know"07 Oct 201310.51Elizabeth BeallLarry Shaw6033108
Number One Fan"14 Oct 201311.11Terence Paul WinterJohn Terlesky6044109
Time Will Tell21 Oct 201310.59Terri Miller & Andrew W. MarloweRob Bowman6055110
Get a Clue28 Oct 201310.69Christine RoumHolly Dale6066111
Like Father,Like Daughter04 Nov 201310.87Marc DubePaul Holohan6077112
A Murder is Forever11 Nov 201310.05Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik CreaseyBill Roe6088113
Disciple_castle18 Nov 201310.93David AmannRob Bowman6099114
The Good, the Bad and the Baby"25 Nov 201311.41Terri MillerJohn Terlesky61010115
Under Fire"06 Jan 20148.83Andrew W. Marlowe & David AmannPaul Holahan61111116
Deep Cover"13 Jan 20149.03Terence Paul WinterTom Wright61212117
Limelight20 Jan 20148.96Rob HanningBill Roe61313118
Dressed to Kill03 Feb 201410.02Elizabeth BeallJeannot Szwarc61414119
Smells Like Teen Spirit"17 Feb 20147.75Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik CreaseyKevin Hooks61515120
Room 147"24 Feb 2014TBDTBDTBD61616121
In the Belly of the Beast"03 Mar 2014TBDTBDTBD61717122
The Way of the Ninja17 Mar 2014TBDTBDTBD61818123
The Greater Good24 Mar 2014TBDTBDTBD61919124


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