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 =Currency= =Currency=
 [[:Bitcoin provides Basic Income without government]] [[:Bitcoin provides Basic Income without government]]
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 [[category:​E-Currency]] [[category:​E-Currency]]
 +[[:​ema-volatility_trading_algorithm_for_bots|EMA-Volatility Trading Algorithm (for bots)]]
 +[[:A Future Money]]
 +[[:A Future Money Part 2]]
 [[:Game Currency]] [[:Game Currency]]
 [[:Gold]] [[:Gold]]
 +[[:Gold In Short]]
 [[:The History of Money - from Cattle to Bitcoins]] [[:The History of Money - from Cattle to Bitcoins]]
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 [[:The Coming Crypto Currency Revolution]] [[:The Coming Crypto Currency Revolution]]
 +[[:The Crypto Future of Shares]]
 +[[:The Gold Standard]]
 [[:The Japan Premium]] [[:The Japan Premium]]

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