Cold Sore – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Precaution

What Are Cold Sores?

Cold sore is a problem you must have faced many a times but probably not know what is called. They are actually small blisters filled with a sticky kind of liquid that might appear anywhere like nose, mouth, lips and cause you a lot of discomfort. The reason behind cold sore is virus, but unlike other viral infections which can be completely cured out of your body with the help of proper medication, a cold sore virus doesn’t budge.

You can reduce the symptoms and effects but cannot remove it completely. This is why they keep occurring frequently and cause a lot of irritation. The area surrounding the blisters turns red and is very sensitive and prickly. Cold sore is also called as herpes or oral herpes and spreads or occurs due to herpes simplex virus. You get infected by this virus if you come physically or intimately in contact with a person suffering from them. This is one reason you are also advised not to use personal belongings like towel, razors, napkins etc since there is a probability that you might catch infection from them.

Symptoms Of Cold Sores

The virus spreading cold sores enters the human body by breaking the skin. This happens when you come in close contact with a person who is already infected by the herpes virus. The usual modes by which it is spread are by a person’s saliva, used eating utensils, kissing or touching his sore spot. Initially, you will feel feverish; develop a headache, a sore throat and a little dizziness.

Blisters will start developing in a few days and you will find a sticky liquid filled in these blisters. They become swelled and fill with liquid and it is advisable not to prick them because if the liquid spreads anywhere on your skin, you will again develop painful blisters and the process will go on and on. They also might leave nasty marks on your skin which is quite difficult to remove. Usually the cold sores last for about two weeks.

Treating Cold Sores

Treatment of cold sores is not a difficult process. You just need to follow the instructions given by the doctor and take your medication properly. These are usually anti-viral medicines which help in killing the virus that is in your body which regulates the cold sores. You should wash the area on which you have blisters with warm water and an anti septic soap. Pat the area dry with a soft towel and don’t let anybody else use that towel.

This will help in controlling the virus and stop you from spreading it to people around you. Leave the area open and do not wear tight clothes over the area. If you are suffering from cold sores, it is better if you avoid hot, spicy and salty food or fruits that contain citrus. They have negative effect and will reduce the speed of your recovery from these cold sores.


One word of precaution to all those who suffer from oral herpes is that you should avoid oral sex during such time or else the virus will be spread to your partner’s body and give rise to genital herpes which is an even more serious problem.

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