Comeback Kid: the Life and Career of Bill Clinton

This book is about Bill Clinton and starts from beginning of his life and ends at when he becomes 42nd President of USA. William Jefferson Blythe lll was born in August 19; 1946.He was born in Arkansas .His real father died in a car accident when his mother was still pregnant with him. Although he assumed use of his stepfather's surname, it was not until Billy (as he was known then) turned fourteen that he got his surname Clinton as a gesture toward his stepfather. Roger Clinton was a alcoholic and beat his brother (Roger Clinton JR). Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and Hot Springs High School. He was in the chorus and played the tenor saxophone, won his first chair in the state band's saxophone tournament. In 1963 two important things happened to Bill Clinton that he said changed his life . He met with John F. Kennedy as a senator of students. The speech Dr. Martin Luther King gave called ‘I have a dream’ .

He had scholarship of Rhodes to go university of Oxford but he never finished his study there so he didn’t get any degree from it . He stop going to Oxford because he decided to go Yale. He finished at Georgetown University as a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Services. Clinton was in protests of Vietnam war and he admitted that he smoked cannabis (illegal drug) .

Clinton was working with Col. Eugene Holmes, an Army officer who was involved in Clinton's case which followed him until his presidency. He was on board list of war Vietnam but he wasn’t called for the war . He stopped his list because he was working with a Senator as a Rhodes Scholar . This was not illegal but escaping from military service during war create him a lot of problems on his way to become president. After Oxford he attended Yale Law School and meet Hillary Rodham ( Hillary Rodham Clinton after she got married with Bill Clinton).

Political Career

Bill Clinton became a professor of Law at University of Arkansas after he graduate from Yale. He became Governor of Arkansas at 1978 winning over Lynn Lowe who was a farmer . He became the youngest Governor in the history of country with 32.However he wasn’t very popular and to make funds for education he make motor vehicle taxes which was a very important deal breaker for losing his second election as a Governor of Arkansas. He lost against Republican Frank D. White. After working for his re-election for 2 years he won back his title Governor of Arkansas and stayed for 10 years.

He helped Arkansas transform its economy and significantly improve the state's educational system. He made a lot of funding for education and raised teachers wage to get better education for students who can’t afford it. Clinton made economic growth, job creation and educational improvement high priorities. For old people of Arkansas, he removed the sales tax from medications and increased the home owners tax exemption. When Clinton started Arkansas had the worst education system in nation and he make it one of the best. Which was shown as the greatest accomplishment Clinton had in his governorship.

Run for Presidency

Bill Clinton publicly announced he is running for presidency at 1991 Democrat Leadership Council. There was a lot of help his being very successful at Arkansas but he needed to become more known around all nation not to become regional candidate. Before his speech at New Hampshire he was at the bottom of the list for Democrats party leader after his speech he was known by all the nation and poll rates got high for him that he became second after Paul Tsongas a former senator. Winning around his main start point he won at places like Texas and Florida . He needed to win people from New York because there was a lot of delegates that would choose who would become Party leader . He was successful there with his talk and won a lot of delegates over to his side.He became Party Leader of Democrats with the last touch of winning in California. Clinton won against George H.W. Bush in 1992 elections with %42 of the votes. Bush’s ratings was dropped because of his Gulf War strategies and he promised things that he couldn’t handle (promising not to raise taxes was the biggest ) .Many democrats who supported Bush and Reagan now started to switch sides to Clinton. After 12 years of Republican Presidency Bill Clinton was the first Democrat President of USA. Bill Clinton had problems with having a politically influenced firm which Hilary Rodham Clinton was the partner raised conflicts . Bill Clinton answered smartly saying that (America will get 2 Presidents with a price of one ‘.


Shortly after he became president in 1993 he made an act which makes pregnant or seriously injured people getting unpaid leave without getting fired. This caused him became popular but his second act which let gay people in military was not so popular like the first one. Bill Clinton was the first president who had White House web site which allowed everyone to see agenda of Bill Clinton and go for military websites and Court system of USA . This caused a lot of people learning more then they used about their countries daily news on politics a lot quicker. Bill Clinton forbid all Death penalties for crimes that doesn’t have murder in it such as large scale drug dealing (which was a death penalty before Bill Clinton). He saw 4 executions in his life 1 with electric chair and 3 with lethal injection. People know him says he wasn’t against death penalty early in his life but switched sides about it.

The Book

The Comeback kid is a biography of Bill Clinton which is 2 terms of President in USA and it doesn’t only talks about Bill Clinton the President or Bill Clinton the governor it talks about Bill Clinton as a baby and a school kid and everything he does until he became president for the second term of presidency . Because book was published before is impeachment and afterlife of presidency we do not see anything about them but he kept helping education systems of third world countries. He was known with his charming speech giving talents and his fond on education system. Lying under oath about Lewinsky caused him disbarment .

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