I would like to major in computer science as it is something that interests me and it has more job opportunities with pay higher than other fields of interest, such as chemistry or biology. The high demand for a worker with a degree in computer science is the reason a person with a degree in computer science can make significantly more than one would get paid with relatively the same number of years of schooling in another field. The salary range of a person with a bachelor’s degree in computer science ranges from 40 thousand to 120 thousand, while a bachelor’s degree in chemistry ranges from 30 thousand to 100 thousand. However the average chemist makes a salary of 60 thousand while a computer scientist makes approximately 75 thousand. That difference makes getting a degree in computer science very appealing, though actual income obviously depends on a lot of variables.

If I am to major in computer science and be successful at the career opportunities it offers, I will need to develop a wide set of skills. These skills include the obvious; ability to program in different languages, an understanding of the capabilities of the software and hardware available, a good understanding of mathematics, good reasoning, logic and problem solving skills, but I will also have to have the skills that allow me to effectively work with others on team projects, which means I need to have the ability to listen, understand, and convey my ideas to others properly and efficiently. Another incentive for me to major in computer science is not only the salary but the job security. It seems that the demand for computer scientists has been increasing. Additionally, technology is constantly changing so programmers and developers will always be needed to bring the software up to speed with the hardware. According to network world, Computer scientists’ jobs are also recession proof.

The work schedules are a bonus for the job as well, depending on what your job is, however. You may be able to work from home, or have very regular shifts. You maybe also have jobs where you are on call, and would need to do work at various times in the early morning. An example of a job that could result in hectic work schedules would be if you were the server administrator for an important website. If the site goes down, it would be your responsibility to get it started and back onto the Internet as fast as possible. So the pros of becoming a computer scientist are that you have flexible work hours, high salary, job security, and it is a field I am genuinely interested in, so that would make the job enjoyable. Additionally, you are not always isolated in a cubicle, a lot of the jobs require that you work as a team, travel, and talk to clientèle; all to get a better understanding of your part in the project and duties as a computer scientists. However, there are also a few cons to majoring in computer science and becoming a computer scientist. One of the biggest turn offs is the sad reality that you must take high level math courses, and pass them. Math is not enjoyable, and it is very hard to retain, understand, and apply appropriately. Other issues are that you have to work with people. This could make your tasks significantly more stressful as your team mates will at some point have significant disagreements, you will run into scope creeps, and your team may not be pleasant to work with based on their personalities. A much larger con to being a computer scientist is you can be held liable, under certain circumstances, if your software fails. You may end up causing significant loses in profits, if your program corrupts a database, or you could create a program that leads to deaths. An example of a program that could result in deaths is if you were to write a program for medical equipment that miscalculates drug dosages or robotic-aided surgeries. An additional thing to consider about computer science, which is not technically a skill set, is ethics. Ethics play a hugely important role when working with computers. Having little or no ethics can lead one into producing malicious back-doors that breech the security of classified and personal information. Lives can be affected greatly by the actions of computer programmers. The ethics may seem like something to lightly consider as an over the shoulder acknowledgement, but in reality it is one of the most important aspects to consider as a computer scientist. The reason for this is employability. If you cannot be trustworthy, keep your word, and all together be ethical you will not be able to keep a job or run a business effectively. If you are an honest computer scientist, however, you have a world of job opportunities. Another con about computer science is that you have to constantly pay attention with the changing world of computers. Unlike some professions, you do not learn it in college, than apply it for the rest of your life. Computer science is something you must constantly be reviewing, and researching to stay ahead of the game. Programs often change, modifications to languages occur, and hardware is advancing, allowing for fewer limitations for software developers and thus making new things possible or practical, which at one time were not. Understanding hardware is very important as a computer scientist as you need to know the capabilities of the hardware to know the boundaries of the software. Knowing how the hardware functions, allows you to make the most efficient program and properly employ the resources available to you during any set of projects you may be assigned to do. limitations as well as the part it plays within the machine is extremely important and can dictate how one should go about writing programs for a particular device. Some of the many job opportunities include website administration, network engineer, programmer, computer software engineer, and many others from a huge selection of various employers. This ranges from being hired for a single task for a relatively small business, or you could play an important part in designing and programming systems for the military, universities, or medical research. A booming market for employment in this field is creating applications for smart phones. Application for smart phone development may be trickier than creating software for laptops or desktops as smart phones currently have limited computing ability due to their current hardware, a prime example of why it is important to not only understand programing languages, but also the hardware within computers and how they work. Software engineering plays an important roll Software engineering is creating, applying, examining and modifying software to become cheaper to create, use, maintain, and improve efficiency for the end user. There are many tactics to go about improving software in general, and they all relate back to what has already been mentioned. A software engineer must understand the needs of the end user, to find these they must talk with the user, watch them, and figure out exactly what it is they need the program to offer and not to offer. Than they must go about programming it. They may want to use the waterfall model, or the Agile software development model to create the program. Many programs will use databases to improve efficiency and practicality. Databases are a tool used to place, store, and retrieve information. They are perhaps one of the most useful tools the computer scientist has at their hands. They find their place at work in some of the biggest companies, such as Google, amazon, as well as in small things such as open-source forum software. Databases have different data structures, and often use the SQL as the database language. There are a few derivatives to the SQL language however, such as MySQL, which is often employed on websites that use PHP, such as forum software, or retail websites. Databases are also essential for many of the operating systems in use today, such as windows, mac, and UNIX. They aid in finding files by organizing them in a hierarchal They are perhaps one of the most important inventions relating to computer software. However, there have been many hugely important advancements in computer software and hardware. Databases are extremely useful, as they often contain large amounts of useful data. This makes them a target for crackers. Crackers are black hat hackers, which means they break into computers, databases, and networks without permission, often to obtain valuable information, knowledge about people, or to damage the systems to cause a loss in profits. Hacker is significantly different than cracker, as a hacker is not always bad, and often has very legitimate purposes, mostly to make sure that a system is secure from unwanted intruders. However, it is important to note that there is no such thing as total security when it comes to computers. The goal of a white hat hacker is to make it so the investment of resources and time spent hacking into the system is not worth the return of getting the data, or disabling the system.

Hacking in general is a very controversial issue that has helped shape the history of computers, and employment opportunities. A significant amount of individuals are pro-hacking and believe it does more good than harm, there is even a hackers manifesto which has a following in the thousands of people, and has lead hacking to become a form of political activism termed as 'hacktism' which believes hacking can be ethical under the right circumstances. In order to prevent criminal hackers, or in other words; to improve computer security, one must have on a good understanding of hardware, as well as software. A computer can be extremely secure software wise, but if it has a disk drive one could simply reboot the computer with a live disk and possibly take all of the information. One might have a physically secure computer, but leave unnecessary ports open that make it much more vulnerable to having the computers security breached.

In conclusion, computer science is a huge field that covers more than what this essay can in detail, it has huge job opportunities, high demand, it seems to be ever changing, advancing, and finding new uses in different places. Computers in general have lead to many new possibilities to help save lives, win wars, and steal money from others. It has raised serious ethical issues, and has been effectively employed to make political statements.


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