Dead Poet’s Society

A Book By Kleinbaum

The last scene in the movie is both symbolic and inspirational. At the end of the movie all of the students stood up on the desks silently in respect for the teacher that was being fired. By the students standing on the desks symbolized that he showed them a whole different world and gave them a whole different view on everything. His students greatly respected him and did this as a way to symbolize gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for them. This last scene was also very inspirational because all of the students now learned to view things differently and there is a lot more to what they are learning and can go far with it.

Also it is very inspirational because it allowed kids to step out of their shells. For example, the student that was always nervous and shy in class was the first person to stand up on the desk. This is very inspirational because he was always shy and would never want to stand out for something he believes in and he was taught by this teacher to do that and it will take him far.


O Captain! My Captain! Connects to how Mr. wanted to be respected. Being called this would give respect because it is about Abe Lincon who was greatly respected. The cat sat on the mat connects to how even simple poems can have deeper meanings than you would think. The introduction in textbook shows how literature can’t be done in a format and its about writing about from in.

The irony of Todd’s birthday present is that it’s the same present that his parents got him last year so it shows they really don’t care enough to realize that they got him the same gift themes of the movie include, coming of age, defining moments, you can only be you, and sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone. The dead poet society is so important to the boys because they use it express feelings and read real literature and not learn by the way the school thinks they have to teach them. To them it represented their freedom to speak out about what they believe in and be who they really are.

Connections between DPS and To Kill A Mockingbird

They are both about standing up for what you believe in by doing what you think is best. They both involve unfair treating like how in DPS they are on lockdown in school and cant do things they want and in TKAM Tom Robinson is treated unfairly. Both involve maturing like how in DPS all the boys learn to do what they think is right and stand up for Mr. keying at the end and in TKAM Jem and Scout become more mature to learn what’s right and wrong in their town.


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