Devcoin on Android Galaxy S III

1. Root your Device 2. Install Complete Linux Installer 3. Compile and run Devcoin

To start off, you will be needing an app called, Ubuntu Installer Complete Linux Installer developed by zackthespack. This app once launched, will allow you to download and install 3 more apps that are required to get Ubuntu up and running on the device:

   VNC Viewer
   Android Terminal Emulator

Needless to say your device needs to be rooted for this app to function properly. If you haven’t already done so, view our rooting guide for the Galaxy S III here. That done, to avoid any issues, install the Omega ROM featured here. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on the device. Now run the app and download the Ubuntu file.

You will now need to run a script that was originally written by zacthespack (download). Once this is downloaded, copy this script ( and the ubuntu file downloaded via Ubuntu Installer onto the internal memory of the phone in a folder named Ubuntu.

Ok so using doublec version of Devcoin from the github here

Assuming u have git installed on Ubuntu use the command in the terminal: Code:

sudo git clone

Once the download has finished change directory into the src folder: Code:

cd ./devcoin/src

I got a few error message during installing as i did not have curl installed and a few other dependencies, so install the following using the commands: Code:

sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libglibmm-2.4-dev

You may need to run the following line in the terminal for some other dependencies (I did not do this as I had already installed them when building the bitcoin client) Code:

sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev

Now just compile in the terminal using the makefile command, I did the compile without UPNP activated Code:

make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=1 devcoind

You have now created the devcoind.exe which you can start by typing Code:

sudo ./devcoind

You will need to set a username and password in the config file located in your home directory .devcoin (this directory may be hidden) so open that directory and set a username and passwords. I had to create a file which i called devcoin.conf and is identical to the bitcoin conf i have for this test purpose, though i changed port to 6333.

I also had to create a folder called “receiver” in the .devcoin folder and downloaded the receiver_0.csv to receiver_20.csv files to the .devcoin/receiver directory from here (thank you for the link Icoin)

Restart the devcoin server again and this time it should start downloading the blockchain, and boom that's it Cool

open another terminal and cd into the src directory again.. Code:

cd ./devcoin/src

or right click in the terminal and open new tab (opens in same directory Smiley)

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