Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 10 - We Got You!

Barry Keeton thanked Dickie for his willingness to comply with the team’s request and exited the clubhouse.

Dickie, with the Alet firmly positioned in his sock, spoke first. “Where’s you cameraman?”

Lucy looked around to make sure no one could hear her before she spoke. “Cut the crap. Are you going to give me the Alet or should I ruin you?”

Dickie inched closer to Lucy and whispered. “I tell you what.” Dickie quickly surveyed the room and players were coming and going. Any attempt to use the Alet now against Lucy would likely be noticed.

“Let’s meet later, after the game and settle this.” Continued Dickie. “Why don’t you come to our apartment for 1am. We should be back by then.”

“Very well. I think that works for me. Because of the late hour, I’ll bring a friend with me, if that’s Okay?”

Dickie laughed and again whispered. “Oh yeah- I’m sure an alien like you is very worried about being out after midnight.”

Lucy stepped back and moved to the door as she blew Dickie a kiss. “See you at 1:00 am.”

The game was a close, back and forth affair. Boston was ahead 7 to 6 in the bottom of the ninth inning when Cass came to the plate with 2 men on base and 2 outs. Dickie watched from the dugout as Cass came to bat.

Cass had already hit two homeruns and Dickie watched Boston intentionally walk Cass to load the bases. They were not prepared to let Cass beat them. The next batter harmlessly grounded to the shortstop to end the game. Kansas City’s three game winning streak was over.

As the boys sat in the clubhouse, Dickie came up with an idea. “Cass, I’m afraid that teams are just going to walk you from now on – especially in the late innings.”

“I know – they took the game out of my hands tonight.”

“What if…” Added Dickie. “I talk Barry in to putting me in to the lineup when I’m not pitching and I bat behind you. I’d be your protection should the other team walk you.”

Cass nodded his head. ‘That would be awesome.”

“I’ll talk to skip about it tomorrow. In the mean time, we need to get showered and head home to meet our guest.”

By the time the boys made it back to their apartment, it was almost 1:00 am and they sat in the living room waiting and discussing strategy.

“What is your plan?” Queried Cass.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Dickie closed his eyes. “I’m pretty nervous about this. Just be ready for anything.”

After about 10 minutes there was a knock at the door.

The boys jumped up and Cass opened the door. Lucy and a man entered. The man was short, bald and looked to be in his sixty’s.

“Hello boys.” Bellowed Lucy. “This is my friend and bodyguard, Mozz.”

“How did you get past the doorman? This is a secure building with cameras and security guards.” Detailed Dickie.

Lucy mocked the suggestion.

Cass, who is a height challenged individual, looked down at the smaller Mozz. “Come on in and have a seat.” Cass pointed to the kitchen table.

As everyone settled in around the large kitchen table, Lucy spoke with an aggressive tone. “Listen boys, if you give me the Alet, right now, no one gets hurt. I just want you two to leave the team, go back to where you came from and leave the Alet with me.”

Mozz grunted his agreement.

“Does he speak?” Joked Dickie.

“Never mind about him. He’ll do whatever he needs to do. That’s all you need to know. So, what is your answer?”

Dickie leaned back and folded his arms. “Lucy, what happens if we say no?”

Lucy slammed her hand on the table. “You don’t have a choice. You either give it up now or we take it by force and if we take it by force, you two idiots will get hurt. You need to understand, Dickie, I’m done playing.”

Dickie leaned in closer to Lucy. “I get that. But, how can we be sure if we give the Alet, you will just leave us alone?”

“I guess you can’t be sure about that. But, one thing is for sure – if you don’t – Mozz and I will mess you up.”

Dickie nervously moved his leg under the table. “Okay – I guess you can have it under one condition.”

Lucy jumped to her feet and raised her voice. “What condition?”

“You let me and Cass quietly leave the team tomorrow?”

“Fine- I don’t care. Give me the Alet and I won’t ask the team another word about you two frauds. Deal?”

Dickie raised and walked around the table towards Lucy. He extended his right hand, which presented with a slight tremor. “Very good. Let’s shake on it.”

As Lucy went to shake, she pulled her hand back. “Why is your hand shaking? And where is the Alet?”

Dickie stepped back two steps. He firmly pressed his foot down on the Alet, in his sock. “PUT LUCY AND MOZZ IN SUITABLE RESTRAINTS, SO THEY CAN’T MOVE.”

They two space aliens were immediately tied and bound, right in the living the room. The each had a handkerchief inserted in their mouths so they could not speak. Dickie did not know what these two were capable of and losing the ability to speak meant that they could not recite any incantations against the boys.

“We got you!” Celebrated Dickie.

Cass went over and teased the two. He rubbed each of their heads and started to sing.

“So what do we do with them, Dickie?’

“We need to take them out – just like Martha said. But how?” Asked Dickie.

“If the security cameras caught them coming up here, and they go missing, won’t we be prime suspects?” Thought Cass.

Lucy mumbled her agreement through her handkerchief.

“I don’t know about that, Stumps. I’m guessing that they somehow bypassed the lobby and got to our door.”

Cass thought out loud. “Yeah – that is true. Want me to go ask Vance, the doorman, if they came through?”

Dickie agreed. “But, don’t tell him they are here. Just asked if anyone came in looking for us. We don’t want to confirm anything.” Cass understood and left the apartment for the lobby. Dickie sat in the living room, next to his two restrained enemies.

5 minutes lingered to 20 minutes and Cass had not returned. Dickie began pacing around the apartment.

After 30 minutes Dickie decided to call Vance, in the lobby. As he dialed the phone, Lucy started to make muffled noises and Mozz was again grunting.

The phone rang and rang in the lobby – Vance did not answer – no one did.

Dickie decided to leave and go search for Cass.

Before he left, he looked back at Lucy. She eerily opened and closed her eyes and rocked her head back and forth. Dickie started to sweat with anticipation. Leaving these two alone did not seem like the right move. He was now unsure if he should go find his friend, or stay and watch these two.

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