Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 12 - What To Do?

Dickie collapsed at the news – Cass was dead.

From the floor of the lobby in his apartment building, Dickie dispatched of Vance. “Have fun in Florida! Alet.” Commanded Dickie. “Send him to a Florida swamp to feed a couple crocodiles.”

Vance was suddenly gone.

Dickie, from his knees, looked up to observe the surveillance camera tilted downward. He slowly got to his feet and walked to the elevator, holding back tears. Before he entered the elevator, he directed the Alet to remove all camera footage from the lobby. He also had Mozz removed from his apartment and deposited in the same warm spot were Vance was sent.

Dickie crawled in to his bed and did not move for hours. The shock of losing Cass was overwhelming. He left the team for a couple days to return home to Massachusetts to be with Cass’ family and give him a proper burial. His body was recovered at the Kansas City Memorial Zoo. Dickie was first to claim the body and thankfully, the Alet was still in Cass’ sock. Dickie took possession of it.

Had Lucy known that Cass had also been given an Alet, she would have it right now and be much more of a threat to Martha and Dickie. Safety concerns had Dickie return Cass’ Alet to Martha for safe keeping.

Dickie could not help but feel responsible over what happened. After all, this was his battle and Cass was not supposed to be involved. The guilt drove Dickie in to a depression.

Dickie finally returned to the baseball team and could only think about one thing. He wanted revenge against Lucy for what she did. He NEEDED revenge to get some type of closure. He did not speak much at first and the team offered him access to a grief counselor.

More importantly, Lucy was no where to be found – and Dickie looked – he really looked.

Channel 10 posted the following update on their website: Sports Reporter Lucy Grover is taking some time off for personal reasons. We expect her back to work sometime in the next four weeks.

Dickie had not played for about a week when a meeting was called in Team Manager Barry Keeton’s office. General Manager A.J. Setters sat down with Dickie and Barry to discuss the situation.

“Dickie this tragedy is just awful.” Began A.J. “Barry and I don’t even know what to say. You’ve been close friends with Cass for many years and we can only imagine the pain you are dealing with on a daily basis. Therefore, Barry suggested that we talk to you about going on the D.L. (Disabled List) and take some time away from the team. Do you think doing that would help you?”

Dickie stood and addressed both men. “I was just thinking that I’m ready to play again. Throwing myself in to my work is what I want. But, I do have one request.”

Barry raised his eye brows for Dickie to continue.

“When I’m not pitching, I want to bat DH and play everyday, in memory of Cass.”

Barry leaned forward and looked up at Dickie. “Nice idea. But, my only concern is that we’ve never seen you hit. I mean can you hit professional pitching?”

Barry looked at A.J. for help. “Dickie, I think what Barry means is, sure we would love to do that for you. However, let’s try it for one game and then see how it goes. Is that fair?”

Dickie shook hands with both men and returned to the clubhouse.

During Dickie’s absence, (and Cass’ absence), Kansas City fell out of the playoff race and were simply playing for pride and finishing out their schedule. Nevertheless, Dickie wanted to put on a show for his deceased friend.

Dickie went 4 for 4 in his first game batting. He smacked 2 homeruns and 2 doubles. Barry Keeton was again excited with his offense.

With only four games left, the team finished up the season in Toronto. Dickie had blossomed in to one of the best players in the league. He took great strides to fail here and there, just to make his hitting look more believable.

Kansas City lost game one of the series, 8 to 2. Back in the clubhouse a bit of news had reached Dickie. His cell phone rang and it was Heidi Summers on the other end. “Hey Dickie, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing Okay – just missing Stumps. But, you know the saying, life goes on.”

“Well, hang in there. Hey, just a heads-up for you. The word here on the local news is that Lucy Grover is back to work.”

“Ok- thanks for the warning.”

“Just be nice, Dickie. Remember, you are a representative of the team.”

“Be nice? Is she here now, in Toronto?”

“From what I understand, she is. She’s writing a long piece about the team and each player. You know, giving each player and coach a grade and then if each one should be back next season.”

“Wonderful. I’m happy to speak to her. Thanks for the call.”

Dickie searched around and around, but did not see Lucy. He gave up finally and went back to his hotel room.

Dickie pitched the next day and tossed a one-hitter for a 3 to 0 win. He struck out 15 and he did not allow a runner to even get to second base. The Kansas City and Toronto media circled him in the clubhouse.

“Dickie – you’re ERA (Earned Run Average) is 1.04 – if you had enough innings pitched you would win every award.” A Toronto sports reported said.

“Is there a question in there anywhere?” Teased Dickie.

And then it happened. Finally.

Lucy stepped up from behind another reporter. “Hi Dickie – did you miss me?”

Dickie stepped back in shock, his foot caught a bag on the floor and he fell back over.

Lucy laughed loudly before shoving the microphone down in his face. “Oh- are you Okay?”

“I’m fine.” Dickie pushed aside the microphone from his face and quickly jumped up. He wanted her to explode in to one thousand pieces, before he looked around and saw all the witnesses gazing in his direction. “Where have you been?”

“Dickie, I’m grading all the players on this season and wanted to chat with you. My grade for you is a C minus. What is your reaction? Any thoughts?”

“I have a thought. Where have you been?” Asked Dickie again.

“That is a personal issue – none of your concern. Anyway, Ok- let’s talk about your friend, Cass, shall we? What happened there?”

Dickie’s face turned beat red as he stared at Lucy. Unconsciously, he made a fist with his right hand and started to raise it.

Lucy sensed Dickie was about to crack and kept going. “Dickie – I’ve been away and missed some things. What happened to poor old Cass? I know I miss him.”

Dickie, quickly and without warning, used the Alet to freeze everyone in the room, other than him and Lucy. “It’s time for you to pay for what you did.”

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