Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 13 - Sweet Revenge for Cass

Lucy and Dickie squared off in the clubhouse. Both weaved and dodged the frozen bodies.

“You don’t know what we’re capable of Dickie. You have no idea.”

“I’m going to Kill you right here. Any last words?”

Lucy snickered at Dickie before she spit in his face.

Dickie wiped the wet goop off his face with his hand. “Tell your friends in hell that you…”

Before Dickie finished his thought, Lucy disappeared. Dickie quickly surveyed the area and there was no sign of her. “Not again!”

Dickie paused before unfreezing everyone. “Okay – here goes!”

The channel 10 cameraman asked where Lucy went?

“Who knows? – next question.” Quipped Dickie.

Dickie needed some guidance and sought Martha for a meeting. She met him in his apartment later that night. The two relaxed on Dickie and Cass’ chairs in the living room and sipped some hot chocolate. Dickie explained how Lucy appeared to have the ability to disappear at will.

“How can I know what she’s doing and when she’s doing it?” Dickie started.

“Very good question.” As she stopped drinking her hot coco to answer Dickie, she pulled the cup away from her mouth too soon and spilled it down the front of her face on to her shirt. “Damn, that’s hot!”

Dickie shook his head. “We need a game plan. She always seems one step ahead of us.”

“You mean one step ahead of you.” Clarified Martha.

“Whatever. What should we do?” Dickie blurted out.

“The obvious answer is to get her in a trap. But, she’s a smart one – so it has to seem like her idea. Otherwise, she won’t fall for it. She is only one member of their army, but an important one.”

Dickie sat quietly.

“So, what do you think?” Asked Martha. “Do you have a way to catch her?”

Dickie rubbed his eyes. “It’s hard because I don’t know what powers she has. What else can she do?”

“Never mind all that. You worry too much about that stuff. Dickie, you just need to go at her and do it swiftly. The longer you keep her around the more likely she ends up killing you too.”

“Ok- fine. How about this?”

Martha held her left ear back.

“She’s usually at the ballpark. So, what if you show up there as well. You get there early and stay out of sight. Then, when she shows up, you restrain her and I’ll finish her. Sound good?”

Martha shrugged her shoulders.

“You have a better idea?” Mocked Dickie.

“No – fine – let’s do that.”

There were only two games left on the season, both in Toronto. If Lucy was going to appear, it had to be soon.

Both Martha and Dickie set the trap for Lucy. But, she did not show for the final two games and the season ended. The team flew back to Kansas City to clear out their lockers and get started on the off season.

Dickie went back to his apartment with the disappointment of letting Lucy get away staring him right in the face.

Days went by and there was no sign of Lucy. Dickie would check her apartment almost everyday to see any signs of her return. He found nothing. Dickie eventually fell in to a deep depression and started to go days without leaving his apartment. On the days when he got out of bed and took a shower, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

One morning, in early December, the phone rang. Dickie made it a habit of not answering the phone, either his landline or his cell. Yet, on this particular day he reached over from his bed and answered.


“Hey Dickie, its Heidi - Heidi Summers.” (The team’s media person.)

“Oh- hi Heidi.”

“How are you doing? I’ve haven’t heard anything from you. Have you been in Kansas City, or did you go back home and see your family?”


Heidi paused. “What? What do you mean, yes?”

“Thanks Heidi.”

‘Dickie, what is wrong with you? You’re making no sense. I’m coming over there to see you.”

The phone went dead.

Within 30 minutes Dickie got a call from the front desk. “There is a woman here to see you, sir. She says her name is Heidi.”

“Ok- send her up.”

Dickie tried to get out of bed to meet Heidi in the living room, but did not make it. He heard the door to his apartment open.

He yelled from his bedroom. “In here Heidi.”

As Dickie waited for Heidi to reach his bedroom, he heard a scuffle break out in the kitchen. He stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen.

Heidi was sitting at the kitchen table and Lucy was seated as well, next to Heidi.

Dickie violently shook his head to try and wake himself, should he be sleeping. He was not. “What is going on here?”

Lucy went first. “I’ve missed you – so on my way over here, I ran in to this one. I guess she likes you.”

“Dickie, I’m sorry, I did not know she was crazy. I just happened to…”

Lucy screamed. “SHUT UP!”

Heidi went quiet.

“Ok- Dickie. I want the Alet. Otherwise, your girlfriend gets it – just like your fat friend did.”

Dickie tried to gain focus to address the current situation. He had literally been out of it for the past few weeks.

“Fine – and if I give it to you – you’ll leave and leave her alone?” Dickie pointed at Heidi.

Dickie retreated to his bedroom and came out with the Alet. “This is it Lucy.” He held it out for Lucy and Heidi to view it. “Before I give it to you I have one question.”

Lucy stood up. “Go ahead and ask your question.”

Heidi took a long look at the Alet.

“How are you able to disappear? I wasn’t able to figure that out and I’m a curious person.”

Lucy crossed her arms. “I told you before, we can do many things. That is just one of them.” She extended her hand to Dickie. “Now give it to me.”

Dickie started to hand over the Alet when he heard the front door open.

He pulled the Alet back and turned to see Martha slowly hobble in.

“Hi Dickie, my boy. What are you going to do with that Alet?”

Dickie started to speak when Lucy stood up. “Hello Martha.”

Martha walked over to Lucy. “Why are you here? You haven’t learned your lesson yet, I see.”

Martha clapped her hands and mumbled some words. Lucy reacted by starting to shout at Martha when Lucy simply vanished.

“What! She disappeared again. She keeps doing that to me.” Dickie kicked over one of the kitchen chairs.

Martha started laughing and only stopped when she began to choke.

Heidi jumped and touched Martha’s arm. “Are you Okay?”

Martha pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the spit, now sliding from her mouth. She then regained her composure.

“What could you be laughing at?” Vented Dickie. “She’s done this to me now three times! I have no idea what…”

Martha interrupted. “She didn’t do anything.”

“What? I just saw her disappear…what do you mean?”

Martha raised her arms to the ceiling and spoke in a thunderous voice. “I put her somewhere. She won’t bother us again!”

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