Dickie August- Baseball Player -Chapter 14 - How Can It Be?

Dickie was relieved at hearing Martha’s proclamation. Yet, he still had to know. “Can you just tell me what you did? It will help me sleep better at night.”

Martha started to laugh until she realized that Dickie wasn’t kidding. “Fair enough my boy – sure, I’ll tell you. But first”, she turned to look directly at Heidi, “I want her to leave.”

Dickie paused and then looked at Heidi. “Why does she need to leave?”

“Oh- me?” Heidi awkwardly got up from the table. “I’ll wait in the lobby.”

“Thanks, Heidi. It will only be a minute.” Encouraged Dickie.

As Heidi exited the apartment, Martha began. “I’m not 100% sure, but somewhere around 80%.”

“Sure about what?” Inquired Dickie.

“Let me finish my thought before you jump in!” Cautioned Martha.

Dickie nodded.

“That she is one of them.”

Dickie ran his hand through his hair. “Oh come on. She’s been working for the team for three years.”

“And what do you think? That all these aliens just showed up when you got here? Many of them have been positioning themselves as regular humans in regular jobs.” Admonished Martha.

Dickie dropped his head and went quiet.

“Have you seen her feet?” Martha inquired.

Dickie shook his head no. “But, then again, you told me to look for four toes and Vance only had three!”

“Well, just from that – don’t you think you could have figured out that something was off about that guy? Let me spell it out for you. If you see someone with three or four toes, be careful. Is that better?” Snapped Martha.

“Ok- fine. I’ll check Heidi’s toes later. But, where is Lucy?”

Martha moved in to the living room, further away from the front door and possibly, Heidi listening in. “I sent her to our planet for questioning. I don’t think you’ll ever see her again.”

Dickie smiled. “Good work. I’m happy.”

As Martha departed for home, Dickie invited Heidi back in from the hallway. He was cautious of what he would find. He asked her to again sit at the kitchen table.

“I’m sorry about that, Heidi. Martha isn’t sure you are who you say you are.”

Heidi briefly closed her eyes. “I don’t even know who she is. I’ve never met her before and for her to make accusations against me is just ridicules.” Explained a defiant Heidi. “What is going on here? What is that thing she wanted from you? Who are you people?”

Dickie looked away. “I can’t tell you much. Not right now anyway.”

Heidi raised her voice. “What did she say about me? Do you believe her?”

“Well, I tend not to. But, she has never lied to me – so I give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Heidi leaned over the table, closer to Dickie. “And what does that mean?”

“I need you to take off your sneakers and socks.”

Heidi quickly stood up. ‘What? Are you some sort of weirdo? My socks and sneakers. What will that prove?”

Dickie stood up and moved closer to Heidi. He put her hand in his. “I don’t know. Martha told me to do it.” Dickie was careful not to tell Heidi what he was looking to see. He wanted the element of surprise on his side. “It was something about difference color feet – some such nonsense.”

Heidi stepped back away from Dickie. “If it’s such nonsense, why ask me to do it? I thought you liked me?”

“I do like you. But, like I told you, she has never been wrong before. So, will you show me your feet?”

Heidi laughed in Dickie’s face. “No- I don’t think I will. Good bye, Dickie. And, don’t call me again.” Heidi exited the apartment and slammed the front door.

“You called me!” Shouted Dickie.

Dickie returned to his bed for some sleep and with Lucy gone, he was able to relax.

The next day Dickie woke to his cell phone buzzing. He decided to pass and let voicemail handle it. He wasn’t in the mood to speak with anybody, but now he was awake.

He finally stumbled out of bed and forced himself to shave and shower. He dressed and went to the stadium. His mind raced about Heidi – was Martha right about her? How could she be? There appeared to be some conflict there between Heidi and Lucy. Was it all a show for Dickie’s behalf?

Dickie concluded that Heidi was not one of them. He believed she was human and wanted to stay in contact with her.

As Dickie entered the offices, he ran in to team General Manager, A.J. Setters, in the lobby. “Hey Dickie, nice to see you. What are you doing here today?’

“I was going to do some lifting in the gym and thought I’d say hello.”

“Very cool. I’m leaving shortly, the skipper (team manager Barry Keeton) and I are going to Mexico to do some scouting. We’ll be gone for a week – but if you need anything, ask Heidi.”

“No worries, A.J. – have a good trip.”

Dickie made his way to Heidi’s desk. “Hello Heidi.”

“What do you want? Where is your weirdo friend? You here to look at my hands today?”

“No – I just wanted to apologize. I’m sorry you got caught up in all this.”

“All what? What are you up to, Dickie?” Questioned Heidi.

“Will you go to dinner with me tonight? I’ll explain everything and answer your questions.”

Heidi smiled at Dickie. “You better have a good explanation for me. Oh, and by the way, what did that old lady do to Lucy?”

“I’ll tell you everything tonight, Ok?”

Heidi agreed. “Meet me here at six o’clock, Okay?”

“See you then.” Waved Dickie.

Dickie left the stadium and headed home. After he arrived home, he got sick to his stomach, as Martha’s words about Heidi rang in his head.

Dickie sat on his bed, with the Alet in hand, and talked out loud. “Am I kidding myself? Martha said she was 80 percent sure that Heidi was an alien. Would she really be wrong?”

Dickie jumped up. His date was still several hours away and a light bulb went off in his head. He would harmlessly pop in Heidi’s apartment and see what he could see.

He instructed the Alet to find Heidi’s apartment, since he had never been there, he wasn’t sure where it was located. “Alet – place me in Heidi Summer’s apartment.”

Boom! He was there – well, sort of. He was in a dark, basement floor apartment. He had no benefit of natural light and flipped on the lights. Dickie walked around the modest apartment. There were only two rooms – other than the kitchen and small bathroom. He walked in the living room and then the bedroom.

He felt a bit guilty, but started to go through her things anyway. He was hoping to find something, anything, that would either implicate her in this plot or exonerate her.

Unfortunately for Dickie, he found nothing that would allow him to decide.

He sat in the chair in Heidi’s living room and was now more confused then ever. He even looked at the shoes in her closet, hoping to see something that would indicate how many toes she had on each foot. Nothing.

As Dickie stood up, he was ready to go home and get ready for his date. Before he started to speak to the Alet and get himself home, the rattle of keys hit the door. Instead, Dickie turned himself invisible. He wanted to stay in the room and see what was happening.

Heidi entered the door and dropped on the couch like a bag of potatoes. She let out a loud yawn as she located the television remote control and turned on the T.V. Dickie got closer to her, and looked at her feet. Still with her shoes on, Dickie could not see anything.

While he wondered why she was home, considering she wanted to be picked-up at the stadium, he caught a big break. She kicked off her shoes. Dickie got even closer and without touching her feet, he saw what he needed.

Dickie tried to retreat without falling over himself. Heidi had four toes on each foot-Martha was right again.

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