Dickie August- Baseball Player- Chapter 6- How did I Get Here?

Dickie took three steps back and tried to regroup. “Um….Ah…well”

“Cat got your tongue big boy?” Joked Lucy.

Cass sat down on one of the recliners and held his head in his hands.

Dickie shot back. “What about Martha? What are you saying about her?”

Lucy sat on the edge of the chair Cass was planted in and teasingly rubbed his head.

“Go on – I’m here listening.” Dickie started again.

Lucy stood and faced Dickie. “You don’t know when to quit, do ya? Ok- fine. I’ll paint a picture that even you two can follow.”

Lucy first pointed to Cass’ locker. “Why don’t you get dressed? I’d hate to see you cry wearing nothing but a towel.”

Cass quickly dressed and returned to the middle of the clubhouse when the door opened and one of the janitors entered with a vacuum. “Can you give us a few minutes, please?” Dickie asked.

After the janitor departed, Dickie went on the offense. “You’ve stalled long enough. Tell me exactly what you think you know.”

“Very well.” Began Lucy. “You asked for it. I’m here to tell you that I know of Martha and her little Alet.”

Dickie’s face lost all color before he collapsed in to the nearest reclining chair.

He never envisioned this happening – not so soon anyway. Cass, already with his head down, started to weep.

Lucy now spoke with a gleam in her eye. “Do you two now believe me?”

Dickie shook his head to agree. “What do you want?”

Lucy took a couple steps away before retracing her steps back. “I bet you think I’m bad, uh?”

“And why would we think that?” Dickie put forth sarcastically.

“Ok- Dickie – what do you really know about Martha?” Challenged Lucy.

Dickie thought for a moment before speaking. “She works in an auction house back home in Massachusetts and she…”

Lucy shook her head from side to side.

“No? Oh- well – I don’t know then. Why don’t you just tell me?” Dickie raised his voice at Lucy. “I’m not going to play 20 questions with you.” Lucy slowly walked to Dickie and offered her hand. “Just calm down-I’m actually here to help.”

“Are you even a reporter?” Questioned Cass, after he stopped sobbing.

“Good question Mr. Willis. Yes and no would be the answer. I do work in that area when I working with humans.”

Lucy tilted her head for affect.

“You see boys, Martha and I are not from this planet.”

Dickie went first. “But she told me she worked for some futuristic people.”

Cass went second. “What planet are you from?”

Dickie went third. “So what are you two doing with us?”

Before Cass could go fourth, Lucy inserted herself. “I’ll answer all your questions. But, for now – just know this. Martha is not a good alien, it is her goal to undermine the human race and create such turmoil that her people can then justify a takeover of earth.”

The room went dead silent.

“How can we trust you?” Dickie inquired.

Lucy shrugged her shoulders.

“You’re not giving us too much here.” Decided Cass. “How do we know what you’re telling us is the truth?”

“Boys, the bottom line is that you need to give me the Alet and go back home where you belong.”

Lucy placed her hand out to Dickie, requesting the Alet. “You see, the human race is fragile and when something is out of whack, like you two clowns playing professional baseball at an all-star level, there will be issues.”

“So you just want the Alet. I should have known.” Remarked Cass as he stood. “Let’s go Dickie; she just wants what we already have. And then what happens? Once you get the Alet, you become a world famous figure skater or something? Unreal!”

Cass moved to the door.

Dickie picked up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. “So you just wanted the Alet? That’s what this was all about?”

Dickie and Cass exited the clubhouse when the door opened behind them.

Lucy gained 4 or 5 steps to catch up with the boys. “I want to destroy the Alet, you idiots! Come to my apartment and I’ll prove to you that I’m not from this planet.”

Cass laughed and waved off Lucy. “Forget it – you are a joke.”

“What do you have to lose?” Lucy lunged for Dickie’s arm. “Just come with me? I’ll prove everything to you.”

Dickie stopped in his tracks. “I’m pitching later tonight and I need…”

“Don’t pitch tonight! That is the point – you can’t make that start.” Implored Lucy.

Cass turned and pulled Dickie’s other arm. “Let’s go – she’s nuts.”

“Dickie shook both arms to release them. “I’ll go with you Lucy – but only for 30 minutes. I’ll give you a chance to prove your story.” Lucy smiled and motioned for Dickie to follow her.

“I’ll meet you at home later, Stumps. Wait up for me and if I don’t return, you’ll know who to blame.” Dickie angled his head towards Lucy.

When Dickie and Lucy arrived at her modest apartment in West Kansas City, she offered Dickie a bottle of water. “I’m all set – thanks. Can you get to it. I’m very tired.”

Lucy agreed. ‘Wait one second.” Lucy offered Dickie a seat in her kitchen.

Lucy then disappeared in to another room only to emerge a couple minutes later, leaving the door slightly open. She handed Dickie something that looked familiar. Dickie concluded it might be another Alet. “What do you think?”

“Where did you get this?”

“I intercepted it from Martha. It was going to go to someone just like you.”

Dickie took a deep breath as he handled Lucy’s Alet.

“Let me guess. She told you she was helping you find your inner happiness by letting you do what you always wanted to do. Am I close?”

Dickie reluctantly agreed.

“It’s all a scam Dickie. She is attempting to ruin the human race and with your help, she just might do it.”

“So why are you trying to help the human race? What do you get out of it?”

“Our people are from the planet Kelgarz and we want the human race to evolve over the next thousand years and later connect with us to be our allies against the Sorlaycians. Martha is from the planet Sorlayz. And rather than befriend your people, her kind has decided to slowly destroy you and take your planet as a base to attack us from.

Dickie rose and moved towards the door, he left Lucy’s Alet on the kitchen table. “And by me and Cass playing professional baseball, when we aren’t supposed to be here, that messes with all this planet stuff?”

Lucy smiled at Dickie’s simple explanation. “Exactly. Martha has done nothing but lie to you.”

Dickie removed the Alet from his back pocket. So, if I give this to you, then you can stop her, or whatever?


Dickie went to hand over the Alet to Lucy as she quickly reached for it. Before Dickie released the Alet in her hand however, he pulled it back.

“What are you doing, Dickie? I’m your friend.”

“Who is in there?” Dickie noticed a shadow moving around in the room that Lucy came out of and pointed there. It appeared to be pacing back and forth.

“Never mind, just give me the Alet and then you can go.” Lucy made a move at Dickie.

“I’m guessing that this thing.” Dickie held up the Alet. “Has more powers than just baseball? I’m also thinking that this thing can do so much, that you need it.”

Lucy took another step closer.

“I’m also thinking you might not be my friend.”

“Give it to me Dickie!” Lucy passionately raised her voice. “I want it NOW!”

Dickie held firmly to the Alet and spoke out loud. “TAKE ME HOME!”

Dickie was instantly transported to his apartment living room.

Cass was sitting in his recliner watching TV as Dickie literally popped in. He spit up his soda and popcorn at Dickie’s improbable arrival. “Holy Crap!”

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