Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 7 This just got very real

Cass stared at Dickie and Dickie stared out to nowhere.

“What happened?” Screamed Cass.

Dickie slowly turned his head at Cass.

Cass jumped out of his chair. “What just happened? How did you just pop in here? What happened? You almost gave me a heart attack!”

Dickie slowly made his way in to his bedroom and sat on the edge of his bed. Cass was in fast pursuit.

“Dickie, tell me what happened. You went back to her place and then what?”

“You were right. She is the bad one, not Martha, I’m guessing. Or, maybe both of them are bad. I don’t know.”

“Well, what happened?”

“She just wanted the Alet – like you thought. But, not for the reason you thought?”

Cass nodded. “Okay – Okay – what does she want it for? Did you give it to her?”

“No – I still have it – that is how I got here.”

Cass slowly sat down next to Dickie. “What?’

Dickie explained everything to Cass - several times as the boys were left to consider their next move.

“I don’t know who we can trust. If anyone.” Exclaimed Dickie as he stretched out his large frame on the bed.

Cass stood and took a step to the doorway. “Let’s sleep on it for a few hours.”

Dickie caught a few winks here and there. But, mostly he ran the situation through his mind over and over. This fun ride just got very real and very serious. Dickie wondered. “How did it get to this?”

After a few hours the boys showered and headed back to the stadium for Dickie’s first starting pitching assignment. At his locker, he sat with Billy Wild going over the scouting report for Boston’s hitters.

“Do you have any questions on what we just reviewed, August?”

“I think I’m good Cap – thanks for the update.”

As Billy moved out of Dickie’s locker, Cass moved in. “Dude – what are we going to do?”

“Keep your voice down.” Dickie motioned his hand towards the floor. “After the game we need to find Martha.”

Cass lowered his voice. “We can phone her?”

“No – we are going to go see her – back in Massachusetts.”

Cass almost whispered this time. “What? We have a game tomorrow night. How are we going to…”

Dickie put his hand on Cass’ arm. “We are going to try and use the Alet. With this thing.” Dickie placed his right hand on his back pocket. “Stumps, I think we are only scratching the surface on what it can do.”

“Like pop around from place to place and almost give people heart attacks?” Offered Cass.

Dickie laughed. “Yeah – sorry about that. But, I think this thing can do a whole lot more than that.”

Cass looked around before finishing his thought. “Why don’t we try something now?”

Dickie stood and started to stretch out. “No- I want to ask Martha about it first. Who knows what it is capable of doing.”

It was game time.

As the game progressed, Dickie was breezing along. He pitched 5 innings, allowed no base hits, walked only one and struck out eight. Kansas City was winning 1 to 0 on a long Cass Willis’ homerun.

Cass was due up to hit second in the bottom of the fifth inning. Dickie made sure to carefully sneak the Alet to Cass before he went to the on-deck circle. With one out, Cass struck out and returned to the bench, sitting next to Dickie.

“What was that?” Questioned Dickie. “You looked completely over matched.”

“You can’t get a hit every time up, Dickie. You wouldn’t know anything about it, you’re a pitcher.” Cass winked at Dickie.

Manager Barry Keeton happened to be walking by and heard Dickie teasing Cass. “Don’t mess with my DH Dickie.” Keeton moved closer and started to jokingly message Cass’ shoulders. “I love this kid at the plate.”

“Oh, brother.” Remarked Dickie.

The game stood at 1-0 and Kansas City was hanging on.

In the bottom of the 8th inning Kansas City was batting and Barry Keeton approached Dickie on the bench. “You’ve thrown 94 pitches in your first start and it was better than we could have hoped for. But, I’m going to go with JA to finish.” (JA was Joaquin Alvarez – the closer.)

Dickie wanted to finish the game – but he did understand. “Ok – Skip.”

Dickie had fanned 14 and was just over powering.

The stadium was rocking and Dickie’s start drew almost ten thousand fans – a big crowd for the Kansas City Nine.

JA struggled in the bottom of the ninth inning, surrendering a double and a hit batsman. Yet, he was able to get the last out and Dickie was credited with the win.

In the clubhouse, the team celebrated and most of the players went to congratulate Dickie.

Ed Cousins gave Dickie a tight hug. “Way to mow em down, kid.”

Dickie felt great until he turned around. Lucy Grover stood 5 feet away and jammed her microphone in Dickie’s face. “Dickie, a couple questions about tonight’s game.”

The smile that was on Dickie’s face ran away as he spoke. “Yeah – go on.”

“Great effort tonight - You seemed to have all your pitches working tonight. Would you agree with that?”

Dickie removed his baseball cap and scratched his head. “I felt good. I was able to get my pitches over for strikes and was fortunate enough to get them to swing at a few outside the zone.”

“How are you this good, Dickie?”

Dickie paused. “It’s a team game and Cap” (Team captain and catcher Billy Wild) “called a great game behind the plate. I don’t think I shook him off more than a couple times.”

“But, you were the star of the game – no doubt. Right?”

Dickie closed his eyes and stayed that way for a few seconds before reopening them. “Ok- I answered your questions. Have a good night.” Dickie turned and sat in his locker hoping Lucy was gone when he turned back around.

She was – but she moved over just slightly - now over at Cass’ locker. “Cass, you are hitting like the best hitter in the league. Maybe the best hitter ever – how do you explain that?

Cass started to speak and then stopped just as fast. He turned to look at Dickie.

Lucy pounced. “Cass, you don’t need his permission to talk. What the hell is going on with you? The fans deserve to know!”

Dickie jumped in between Cass and Lucy. Her cameraman shoved the camera in Dickie’s face.

“Okay Dickie – you want to talk for both you and your friend?”

Before Dickie could say anything, Heidi Summers, media spokesperson and someone who Dickie has an interest in, walked in on this party. “Lucy, thanks for the questions. The guys are coming off of a big win and would like some time. We can answer your questions another time.” Heidi pointed to the exit. “Have a good night.”

Lucy and the cameraman retreated to the exit. But before they left, and in front of everyone, Lucy fired back. “Dickie, your teammates are going to find out you’re nothing but a fraud. You and Cass have no baseball talent and are here taking other hard working ball player’s roster spots.”

Heidi waved over a security guard to assist them out of the clubhouse.

Lucy pointed at the advancing guard. “Don’t come near us, we’re leaving. I’m going to file an official complaint against you Heidi and the ball club for this treatment.”

Heidi pointed to the exit more emphatically. “Go now – please.”

Lucy passed Billy Wild. “Billy, one question please?”

Billy did not respond.

“Ask these two players.” Lucy pointed at Dickie and Cass. “To try and play baseball without that special item in their pocket. Just ask them.”

Lucy motioned to the back pocket as she stormed out. Most of the players and coaches were left staring intently at Dickie’s back pocket.

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