Dickie August - Baseball Player -Chapter 8 – Will you Help?

Complete silence fell upon the clubhouse as more and more eyes focused on Dickie and what he had, or did not have, in his pocket.

Dickie knew that he need to quickly defuse whatever crap storm that Lucy had just conjured up.

Dickie laughed in front of the crowd and while doing so, pulled out the inside of his back pocket. He did a small pirouette to show everyone his pocket was empty. The room erupted with laughter and Lucy’s name soon became the butt of jokes.

Dickie returned to his locker and sat down.

Cass approached, out of ear shot of others. “Good thing you got pulled in the 8th inning and I ended up with the Alet.” Cass lightly patted his back pocket and smiled.

Dickie hung his head. “No kidding!”

“Dude, that could have been bad.” Insisted Cass. “Now what?’

Before Dickie could reply to Cass, Heidi Summers moved over to the boys. “Sorry about that guys. She is fishing for something. But, I have no idea what she’s looking for.”

“Thanks Heidi. You were great.” Encouraged Dickie.

Heidi gave Dickie a warm smile and left.

Dickie watched Heidi exit and turned to Cass. “Stumps, that is one pretty lady.”

Cass agreed before remembering the task at hand. “Okay – so what now?”

Dickie shook his head to narrow his focus. “Oh- right. Let’s get showered and changed and head back to the apartment. I have a plan.”

Back at the apartment Dickie explained his plan to Cass at the kitchen table. “When I used to Alet to get away from Lucy, and transported here, I simply told it what I wanted to do. I think that’s how powerful this thing is.”

“You mean about anything?”

Dickie looked out of one of the giant glass windows. He fixated on the lights in the street dancing with the darkness. “I really think so. See, we got so focused on this thing as it relates just to baseball. But, when I saw how bad Lucy wanted it and what she will go through to get it. I decided to try something different.”

“And you just told it to leave her apartment?” Offered Cass.

“Well, sort of. I told it to take me home. And it did – instantly – or it seemed instantly anyway.”

“So you’re thinking of telling it to go to Martha’s place?”

“Yeah- again – sort of. I don’t know where she lives – only where her auction house is. So, we have to start there and see what happens. Because the Alet came from her, I would have to assume that it can get back to her.”

Cass liked the idea. “Ok- let’s try it.”

The boys stood in the center of the living room.

“Should we both hold it?” Suggested Cass.

“Let me try it alone first and see what happens.”

Dickie placed the Alet in his back right pocket in his jeans. “Alet- take me and Cass to Martha’s Auction House in Massachusetts.”

There was no flash of light or loud clash of thunder, but almost instantly, both boys were in Martha’s auction house in Massachusetts.

“Dickie – it worked!” Whispered Cass.

Dickie motioned for Cass to follow him as he advanced around. No one was there, as it was well after hours, but Dickie took out his cell phone and dialed.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“Martha – it’s Dickie.”

“What’s wrong now, Dickie?”

“Oh- I need to speak with you. I’m at the auction house with Cass and some strange things have…”

Before Dickie finished his comment, Martha physically appeared in front of him.

“Holy Crap!” Exclaimed Cass.

Martha spoke loudly. “What the hell are you two doing here?”

Dickie pointed to several chairs that were for sale. “Can we sit down?” Martha put on the lights and sat down first.

The boys followed her lead and Cass spoke.

“Listen Martha, there have been some crazy things…”

Martha held her hand up for Cass to stop. He did.

“I don’t care to hear from you. You don’t matter to me.” Martha calmly chastised Cass before looking at Dickie.

“You talk, Dickie.”

“Do you know Lucy Grover?”

Martha tapped her finger in her mouth and struck them against her remaining teeth. “She works fast. What did she tell you?”

“She told me that you were an alien, like her, and that your planets were fighting. She also said that you were the bad one and that you and your people were going to hurt the human race.”

Martha nodded. “And?”

“And, that I should give her the Alet.”

Martha stood and raised her voice. “AND – DID YOU?”

Dickie stood, about 6 feet from Martha, and took the Alet out of his back pocket to show her.

“Very good, Dickie. How did you know she was evil?”

“I just figured that while she really wanted the Alet, you were the one who gave it to me. That you didn’t have to give it to me.”

Martha sat back down and smiled. “You’re not as dumb as you look!”

Martha then laughed out loud and spit out phlegm in to a paper towel.

Cass looked away. “That is Nasty.”

Martha waved her hand at Cass. “You want to be turned in to a toad?”

Dickie sat down and put the Alet away. “Let’s all calm down. Fighting like this is not going to help anyone.”

Martha leaned closer to the boys. “Has Lucy returned?”

“Yeah. She showed up at the clubhouse earlier. She is a local sports reporter in Kansas City and she accused me of being a fraud in front of the team. She asked the players to check my back pocket.”

Martha narrowed her focus to just Dickie. “Oh – no. Did they see the Alet?”

“No – me and Cass share the thing and he had it at the time.” Dickie winked at Martha. “She left and then we came here.”

“You can bet she’ll be back. Her goal will be to get that from you. She will use any means necessary.” Explained Martha.

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth up front? This Alet is obviously about much more than baseball. I never signed up for some war between planets or whatever you got going on. I just wanted to play professional baseball. You tricked me.”

Martha stood and approached Dickie. She bent down and took his hand. “Do you want out? I’ll let you out now if you want.”

“And my baseball career?”

“Dead in the water. Don’t you remember, you can’t play pro baseball.” Lectured Martha.

“So what is this about? What do you want from me?”

Martha stood tall and walked a few steps away before turning around. “You’re right – this is about much more than baseball and I was going to explain things to you once you got used to your new life.”

Dickie leaned back in his chair. “And – what do you want?”

“Lucy was partially right – except she and her people are the ones looking to colonize the earth. Her people want to take over the earth and use it as a base against us. Our people are here to help you. Dickie, you can help your fellow humans and prevent the take over. Will you help?”

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