The company DigitalOcean provides cloud computing and hosting solutions for its customers. It is an American company based in New York City. It provides Virtual Private Servers for as low as $5 a month. Unfortunately, it does not take bitcoin as a payment option.

History of DigitalOcean

Ben Uretsky, the founder of DigitalOcean, first thought of the idea in 2007 and launched the company in 2011. He launched it with the help of TechStars, a startup accelerator which helps entrepreneurs launch technology businesses.


What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is a machine akin to a dedicated physical server, except that the machine is hosted on the cloud. Users of a VPS have superuser rights on the VPS, so they can install any programs or applications they wish. Most of the time a VPS is a virtual machine on a server, and multiple VPSs are hosted on one server, and each VPS is a different instance of an OS. For that reason, performance on VPSs may be sub-optimal. For a dedicated server on the cloud, one would have to pay much more money per month. Dedicated servers on the cloud are usually referred to as cloud servers or virtual dedicated servers.

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