Every Atom is Procedural - Chapter 2: And Yet 1've Still Managed

The flat line from the EKG comes to a pulse as the doctor finishes to massaging the patient's heart. He looks back at the nurse with heavy sweat, mindful of not to get some drops into the open patient as they disconnect from his chin.

“We have a pulse, how long was he out for!?”

“24 Seconds on the dot.”

“Brain Waves nominal, blood supply should be flowing in any second now”

“Alright, let's get these fragments out of the way before he flat lines again.”

“The X-ray came in, conclusive reports of damage to the upper frontal lobe. We need to do something about it.”

“The patient doesn't have a PID-chip, so we'll just extract out the damage tissue regardless of the psychological after effect.”

Ya know, there's something bizarre about watching yourself coming back from the dead. I never really had an option, if I did ever want to get a chip, it'd have a special note for the doctors saying “LEAVE ME TO DIE PLEASE!!!”. Hey, it's not suicide! Don't judge me! But you know what, maybe I will keep the footage. It’ll be great evidence supporting my story of how I came back from the dead. So here I lay in a sterilized hospital gown, at some location where I have no idea how I’ve gotten here, and all I can think about is the bill… So then I performed a simple map search at my current location and… No results? That’s weird, let's try these locational settings… And the GPS was off, that’s weird, huh?

My location reads: “PHIBOS SECTOR 25A-821L - ANTIGRES HOSPITAL”

My home sector… I can’t say for sure, now’s the time a Chip would’ve been helpful, huh? After some researching and screwing around on the current news around the sector, seems like there’s been headlines about an “UNKNOWN SHIP FOUND FLOATING NEAR BORDER. NEAR DEATH BODY FOUND”. A glance at the articles tells me that apparently a certain someone was found recently dead inside a cryostasis body casket, only alive because of the nutrients provided by the thing. But wait, only the most complex pods can really only support, lets say if Cardiac Arrest was involved, 5 minutes of the machine taking over the heart’s functions before it would tap out. This tells me that somebody was on the same ship I was on when they took me out. But then again, there could be a magnitude of things that might have happened, and the only reasonable step forward is to gain more information on what happened. I need to get my ship back, which might be held by this station’s customs. I check the article one last time, the date reads “July 5th, 21xx”…

A couple of months in a coma? Oddly enough I should be hysterical at this point, but maybe the fact that it could have been years puts me at ease. I checked over the details of my operation, they extracted the upper portion of my frontal lobe in order to prevent the rest of my brain from being affected from severe nerve damage and bone shards. They said they had to reconstruct portions of my face, that it was bloodied and unrecognizable. Whoever wanted me dead wanted to make sure of it. But then how did I get into a pod? It’s hard to remember, maybe the memories will kick in later on, maybe they will never come back. For now, I’ll have to rest. My muscles deformed from the lack of movement, it’s extremely hard to walk. I’ll probably have to exercise with the assistance of Bionic Leg when I finally get out of this damn bed.

~~~ 1 WEEK LATER ~~~

Apparently my recovery was quicker than I expected, the staff finally let me walk after they were satisfied the stitches would hold the mended wounds together. I am now building back my muscle density and hopefully this won’t take long. In the meanwhile I think i've went through most of my datapad, a portable device that includes a flexible touch screen built into a retractable cylinder, pretty standard technology during these days. I've actually managed to find quite an extensive amount of logs from the ship I was on. It sounds like we were a cargo ship that worked for some kind of supplier company. We were a crew consisting of 5 personnel, I read further than that since the Nurses really wanted me to focus on healing. I was never the athletic type, so I hope recovering my muscle density won't be some kind of superhero feat.

~~~ 12 DAYS LATER ~~~

And there you go, through boring days and boring nights, I've actually started walking, It's nothing impressive, I'd still have trouble running for even at least a minute, but the Doctors says the my progress has been impressive, as expected with the human body of course. I would very much like answers at this point. Reading through logs of literally years of our mission progress from my former crew, it sounds like we had a real team going on, and yet here I am without any memory of them, memory of my homelife, memory of what happened right before the incident that brought me here. From what I know so far, the ship the sector found was intercepted and brought to an investigation team who works all for you know it, the Federation. As a former member of the crew, I should be entitled to know exactly what they know with what happened to us and the ship. They would definitely have a much better idea with the ship than my me and my amnesiac mind. I've really been looking through the logs so far and apparently an oddball person named Maiko has been mentioned throughout for what I can assume would be my logs. You would think I'd have my name somewhere plastered on the journal and device, but all I got was usernames, codenames and 'Dear Journal, Hey You', I definitely know now that I hated my name.

~~~ 15 DAYS LATER ~~~

And today is the day where I finally get off. Actually that was poor wording, I'm sorry for those of you who had their mind in the gutter. Anyhow, the doctor's and nurses once again, for the millionth time, said that I had impressively recovered with gold stars attached! The reward here is that I can actually checkout of the hospital, and that's really exciting because a month in a hospital is hell for me. Now I feel bad everyone else who had to stay here for years. I thank Dr. Schneider and Nurses Helen and Kailey for my spectacular new, upcomming movie featuring me recovering in a bed, cleaning me up every time I pissed and crapped myself. Nevertheless, I leave at 7am and that's the end of it. Thank G…

And then two, black military grade spacecraft with top of the line air to ground missiles and EBW guns started firing right outside the window I was standing at starting shooting. I duck down instinctively, shuffling around the floor maintaining my cover with hands over my heads and ears to shield from the deafening, discharging plasma from the spacecraft's turrets. For a good 3 seconds, everything went black, I had thought I really died then and there, but no, I started seeing black and white, then grey, and then color of the floor in front of me. I had to shuffle rubble out of my face to crawl towards somewhere. Now, I know for a fact that I did not get hit by that Plasma Discharge or else I would've been ashes by now.

I rolled into the nearest room that had it's door opened. I did a quick status check on myself, making sure that any pieces of rubble didn't damage me in any way possible. I stood back up quickly, but made sure that I wasn't visible to any windows. I could still hear the spacecraft still hovering outside. I guess I should be thankful that they can't confirm that i'm dead even if they did hit me considering how I'd be vaporized to mere ashes. I stuck myself to the wall, making my way to the room next door which happened to be a Doctor's office. Figuring that there had to be something useful, I scavenged through wardrobes, shelves, and eventually his desk. Bingo, got myself an EBW.

Energy Based Weapons. Created during the Great War during 20xx. It consisted of a highly reactive, energetic core that's compatible with a magnitude of other EBWs. Depending on what model cartridges you can get your hands on, the specific cartridge I had in this Pistol oriented EBW was just standard capacity, 50 shots. I placed the cartridge into the gun's core, emanating a blue glow and then back to normal. The EBW is now armed, a quick shot to an unarmored personnel's chest and it'll vaporize them in an instant. I set my body up in a combatant stance, my left hand resting on the grip of the Pistol, pointing it forward as I make my way through. I could hear heavy boots running down the hall, yelling. And then I hear screaming along with shots from their own EBWs. It's a massacre. I peaked out of the doorway, looking at the incoming soldiers.

“Target not yet confirmed, continuing search.” One of them yelled while speaking into their headset. They began to make their way towards me. There's no doubt that they'll check this room, so I have to take them on. I hid behind one of the sofas as they neared the door. My plan was to take one out and then the other assuming that they'll have their attention elsewhere. Pointing their EBW rifles into the room, they cleared corners and advanced into the room.

“I'll take point, check the other room.”

“Rodger,” the one with a Submachine EBW advanced towards the Doctor's office, there's not much there so he'll only look at it for a second. I have to make this fast. As the guy in the room with me came closer to the couch. I did a agile roundabout to the other side of the couch just before he checked the back of it. My chance was now. I slightly popped out from the side and pointed the Pistol at his side armor. Squeezed the trigger and gone he was. I adjusted my aim towards the Doctor's Officer just a fraction of a second after.

“What's Going On!?” I squeeze off another shot. The sheer force of the plasma eating into the soldier's armor blasted him back into the Office. I ran over to the small room and quickly disarmed the grunt before he could figure out what's going on.

“What's your mission, who are you after!?” I yelled, grabbing at his BDUs, slapping him a couple of times when he wouldn't look at me.

“You… You're the target….” spitting out a couple of shots of blood from his mouth, he stopped responding afterwards.

And with that. He expired and I let go of him to his peace. Apparently, i'm a target? I looked over his BDUs, there weren't any patches, I don't even recognize which military would even use this specific pattern of night operations camouflage. Why would anyone label me as a target opinion coma for about while now and I know I did. Whatever happened on the ship might not be good. Could be just federation why would they hunt me down. They have the ship after all and I need to go to them to shed some light. I Need more answers. For now, I can only think about getting out of this god damned hospital, even with the soldiers crawling all over the place. I walked over to the first soldier, with his armor mostly in tact. Their Body armor seems to be of a fibreglass composite, suitable for protection against EBWs. Only for a shot though, then that's vaporized, completely exposing the wearer. Because of the intense heat and energy being put off, it's hard to develop anything that would protect against such a weapon. Even if I happen to encounter another vest, wearing more than one is out of the question since they're so goddamn heavy, I'd say about 30 pounds each.

With that, I sneakily stealthed my way out into the hospital corridors, outside the room I was in. It didn't sound like anyone was generally close to me. Perhaps they diverted their manpower to different areas of the hospital. It is humongous. Judging from the piles of ash on the floor as I make my way along, it seems that they're not just on a manhunt, but a massacre. Could a secret, complex government conspiracy being going underway right at this very instant!? Maybe, I just wanna get the hell out. Every once in a little while, the very same spacecraft that nearly took me out by surprise would do a complete round-a-bout, I wanna say about 4 minutes. I set the timer on my digital watch to 4 minutes as soon as it passed through my side of the wing. I have about 360 seconds to do whatever the hell I want until either that spacecraft gets close or their team realizes that two of their guys aren't reporting in. I didn't bother getting the radio, I'm already 35 pounds heavy from the equipment.

~~~ 2 Hours Later ~~~

From open shelves, to other doctor's desks. From medical storage cabinets to even a small security room. I think i'm set on executing my escape. I had enough time to think through with my plan. Right now on my person, I have the same fibreglass vest, the same EBW pistol along with another cartridge. I could've gone for a akimbo styled gunslinger with the other pistol back at the security office, but I let it since I'm not going in guns blazing. I manage to get myself a few nutrition bars and some bottles of water inside one of the Doctor's backpack i've managed to find, considering I'd have to camp out a bit when I do manage to escape. Antibiotics, medical wrap, antiseptics, water purification tablets, a couple of glow sticks too was neatly tucked inside the same backpack. Thank god for… lets see the tag, Dr. Sanchez for being a prepper. I just had to ditch a lot of stuff though so that I wouldn't weight 45 pounds over.

As I made my way down to the entrance hall, I can expect at least some manpower there to watch over anyone from getting in or out. But what I didn't expect four to be there. Taking the flares from my backpack, I lit one up and threw them into the left direction. Some chatter among them took a few seconds, and decided to send 2 of them towards it, not good. My best bet at this point is to hold one up. I slowly crept towards one towards the right, since the one of the left was watching the other guys. With one swift motion, I kicked him in the knees down and pointed the EBW pistol into the vulnerable part of their mask.

“Put your guns down, i'll shoot!” Holding him up, the three men instinctively pointed their guns up towards me, but very hesitant to do anything when they realised their commander was being held up at gunpoint.

“Commander!” a couple of them shouted,

“Stand down men! Let's see what he wants,”

“I'm going to have to borrow one of those carrier ships, if you don't mind,” And with that, a small, robotic voice echoed off of all of the men's helmets saying, Voice Recognition Matched with Suspect,

“Men, Fire!” And so with that, they pulled the triggers on me.

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