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In the new age of technology, it’s hard to say that we’re not relying on it to allow our race to become more efficient, smarter and faster. However, the use for energy, factories, jobs and money has become more persistent. In the world of the local economy, spending your money wisely and doing so as well will benefit you and the world to circulate and maintain a steady stream of products and services. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to efficiently and single out the use and need of technology versus your hard working money


Always wanted that pair of headphones? How about a new surface tablet by Microsoft? Who could ever resist on getting that new cell phone that just came out? What the device is, the functionality of it and usability are key to choosing a product that would benefit you in the long run. We would also call them priorities. Prioritizing things to buy should always come into mind when choosing something that you don’t need. Of course, the room to pay your bills, buy food and water and emergency cash should always be checked in.

The real need is what to do with your cash. You could always save it, but that’s not the point if you’re reading this. Make sure that you have the cash to fulfill all main priorities, keep new, shiny and expensive gadgets towards the end of the line. Don’t let that always keep you off from thinking it’s going to be at some point useful in your life. A new, sleek and fast tablet could make your portable life much easier rather than having a laptop with minutes to load restrain you. But with more wide array of things you could do with that laptop, depends on what your your going to do of course.

If it’s a phone, consider the pros and cons about your old phone. Assuming you already do have a smartphone, do you really need a new operating system, a bigger screen, faster processor or some dinky flashlight? Definitely consider holding off if the new features doesn’t ‘Wow’ you. A new laptop or tablet could be nice, but could it fully replace your old one? By definition, a ‘Smartphone’ is able to function almost the same as an actual personal computer. I’ve seen people that are able to hook up a bluetooth keyboard to it, so why not that? Your current smartphone and laptop should be enough to keep up with the pace of technology as long as it’s bad side isn’t to bad. As in bad, I mean crashing, lagging, poor functionality and other various problems.

You can always check if you have a warranty to replace any damaged bits of it (you could say that you got a ‘new’ laptop, hah!) or do some personal tweaking if you can take reading a few articles on how to (you’ll be surprised on how much people saved money on cleaning up their operating system rather than buying faster gadgets and parts).


A little expansion to priorities, it’s important to realise what are you going to use it for. Buying a smartphone would mean that you are probably trying to update it with more features. A new laptop would probably mean that you are trying to buy it for work, a new portable life or it’s handy to have a second computer around. This matters because how often you are going to use the device can determine if it’s worth it or not. There are going to be a lot of features you are not going to be using most likely on a 1500$ gaming laptop. I can’t stress enough on how many people buy a new smartphone and not use it to it’s fullest capabilities.

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