Foot Reflexology To Diagnose And Cure What Ails Ya

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


If I told you that I could massage your feet and not only tell you what parts of your body are ailing you, but help them to heal, would you call me crazy? Well, I'm used to it, so no offense is taken (even if it were intended.)

NOTE: If I were actively giving people reflexology sessions, I could possibly be given free and mandatory accommodations in the crossbar hotel 1) in my country, the US of A, if I dared to use the D word and/or the C word, both of which are in the title to this post. The medical establishment doesn't allow anyone without one of their licenses to be diagnosing anybody, and they sure as hell don't want anyone, licensed or not, to go around curing people.

They will let their licensed doctors TREAT you, but if the doctors start curing and healing, (or more correctly stated, helping people to get to the space where their bodies heal themselves), then those practitioners are likely to have a problem.

Healing Is A Bad Business Model

The sooner you understand one simple fact, the sooner you'll be able to make sense of the medical establishment. They make money off of people being sick. It's not in their interest for their clients to be healthy. Got it?

If someone discovered a way for everyone to be instantly cured of health problems tomorrow, forces within the medical establishment would have her killed before she could get the word out.

Then Again, They Wouldn't Need To Kill Her

Actually, she would find it impossible to get the word out, as the media and everyone in positions to confirm and publicize her discovery would ignore her. If she started making enough headway in her effort to tell the world, despite the media blackout, she could find herself imprisoned on trumped up charges or even dead of multiple shotgun wounds to the back of her head and body, with her hands bound, in the trunk of a car. The police and coroner would rule her death a suicide. An army of online blog commenters would call anyone who questioned the ruling, “tin foil hatters.”

The truth is, there are all kinds of modalities that have a great track record for helping people heal themselves, much to the chagrin of the medical establishment that loses money every time that happens. One of those modalities is reflexology.

It's Also Done In The Hands

Reflexology can be done in the hands as well as the feet, but for some reason, foot reflexology seems to be at least 100 times more popular. I think the diagnosis aspect is better in the feet, but since I have such little hand reflexology experience, don't quote me on that.

Although I'll be referring to the feet, just keep in mind that the principles are the same for the hands. Diagnosing trouble areas of and in one's body using reflexology has to do with feeling pain in your foot when you press down firmly on any particular part of it.

It's About The Nerves And Nerve Endings


Your body is said to have 45 miles of nerves. Depending on your source of data, that is 45 miles throughout your entire body, or 45 miles in your skin, and a lot more throughout your body. Sorry for the discrepancy, but it gets the idea across. There are a ridiculous amount of nerves running through us.

All nerves go to the feet. Those puppies are jammed packed with nerve endings. Every part of each foot has nerve endings that go to a particular part of, or organ in, your body. By stimulating a nerve ending, through massaging that part of your foot, you are indirectly stimulating the corresponding body part or organ.

Reflexology Massage Method

Reflexology is a very specific type of protocol. Use the tip of your thumb or index finger. Press firmly, unless the area is so painful you'd be hurting yourself badly, (or whomever you are working on.)

Then make a circular motion with your hand, without actually moving your thumb (or finger, if you are using your finger tip. I almost always use my thumb.) Sometimes, you may find it better to use the end of a pencil. This is especially effective for pinpointing the nerve ending to the pituitary gland in the big toes.

A reflexology session can be rather brutal. A good way to make the experience more pleasurable is to start off with what I call, the candy. That is the traditional kind of massage that everyone loves.

What's great is when you are done with one foot, notice the difference in the way your feet feel. Trying walking several steps. It's a hoot. Of course, it's better when someone else is doing it for you, so find a partner you can swap with.

Bone Displacement And Reduced Blood Circulation

If you press firmly at many different spots on your feet, you might find an area or two or more, which hurts, while all the other areas don't hurt. It seems to have to do with bone displacement caused by crystal and/or calcium build up between the many bones in your feet. (Each foot has 26 bones. More than a quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet.)

Reflexologists say that when a part of your body is not getting enough blood circulated to it, deposits start to accumulate in the part of foot that has corresponding nerve endings. The longer this goes on, the more the bones are displaced and the more it hurts when pressure is applied.

By consistently and firmly massaging that point in your foot, you will begin to dissolve the build up that is displacing the bones and causing the pain. Sometimes, you need to keep doing it for days or weeks to achieve results. Other times, results are noticed from the first session. If you don't get quick results, though, do not give up.

The Pain May Worsen

It is not unusual for the part or parts of your feet that you are working on to become more painful, with each succeeding session for the first few, or even several, times you administer the firm, pinpoint massage that is required in reflexology. This, in and of itself, is not a bad sign.

Obviously, if the pain is extreme and you are having trouble walking, you may have something else going on. You would be wise to go to a foot doctor who will x-ray your footsies to see what exactly is going on.

When I talk about a firm massage, I am, in no way advocating squeezing your foot so hard you could break bones. Think of the tortoise, in the story of the tortoise and the hare. Be happy with steady, consistent progress in your continual effort to dissolve the deposits that are causing the pain in your feet.

Not Everyone Agrees


Within the reflexology community, not everyone agrees about the deposits building up between the bones, causing the pain. Those who don't subscribe to the notion, don't have an alternative hypothesis, the last I had heard, though. They admit it seems like that is what is going on, but they say they have never seen it proven, so, to them, the way it works remains a mystery, even though they know that it does work.

I believe the deposit theory, due to personal experience. I first studied reflexology, by reading a dozen or so books. Interestingly, most were written by little old women who had spent decades helping thousands upon thousands of people – many with miraculous stories that included lives being saved and surgery after surgery being canceled. In the course of reading those books, I went through a period of a few weeks where I spent hours each night and morning, in bed, pressing my feet against the round pipe-like bed frame at the end of my old Murphy bed, that went across the foot of the bed, just above the mattress.

One morning I woke up and was stunned by what I saw. Not only on both feet, but both hands as well. There were hundreds, probably thousands of tiny little points, bumps, under the skin. They were all over the bottom of my feet, and even the sides, toward the top, and my toes. They were on my palms and the outsides of my hands, (what could be called, the karate chop area.)

It was a freak show; a wild and wonderful freak show. If I had that as a birth defect, I think I would have gone through my entire life and never met a person who would tell me that they had met anyone else with the same defect. I mean, it was something that you just don't see on a human being. I wasn't worried, though. I knew exactly what it was.

From weeks of pressing my feet firmly against that horizontal, rounded metal bed post, I had broken up the calcium/crystal deposits, not only in my feet, but also in my hands

How Did The Hands Get Involved?

I had not been doing reflexology on my hands, yet the bumps were almost as pronounced on them as they were on my feet. How is that possible? All I can figure is that the stimulus sent through the nerves from the rubbing of my feet, manifested the breakup of the deposits between the bones of my hands. Everything really is connected, just like all those little old ladies told me.

I continued to rub my feet on the bed frame, but also with hands, and I massaged my hands, with each other. Within a couple days, all the bumps were gone.

All these years later, like close to 40, after a decades of massively abusing food and soda, and alcohol and other drugs – and being obese,I should add – I have not suffered from any debilitating illnesses and people often tell me I look 10 to 15 years younger than I am. I can't help but think that something special happened to me that has lasted all these years. 2)

The Pain Subsides

Even though the pain may increase with your first few sessions, do not worry, because after a number of sessions and a number of days, although sometimes weeks, the pain will progressively subside, and go away. At that point, you will be totally surprised how hard you are able to press, and remain pain free, on those parts of your feet, that you formerly could only put a slight amount of pressure before feeling lots of pain.

This is a major surprise for a lot of people. At first, they are convinced that it is normal to feel pain in that area of the foot when direct pressure is applied. If someone is giving them a reflexology diagnosis, they may feel such pain in a certain area, that they are sure that the person is pressing many times harder in that area, than everywhere else she presses on her feet.

The reflexologist will promise her that she isn't pressing any harder than she is pressing on all the other areas, but the person receiving the diagnosis will find it difficult to fathom.

Or, the individual will say, “Well, obviously, there is something wrong with my foot. I must have stepped on something, or it must be injured, or perhaps there is a cut there.” Conversely, the person will assume that everyone is just as sensitive on that spot of their feet. She will then be surprised, when she asks other people to let her press hard on that some spot on their feet, and the others don't feel pain there.

Indeed, in any given roomful of people, most everyone will have an area, or multiple areas, on their feet that is painful when direct pressure in applied. However, they vary from person to person, and in degree of sensitivity, as well.

Furthermore, those areas of pain may change within a few days. A common example of this is women who are menstruating will often feel pain on the corresponding nerve endings to the reproductive organs – primarily between the ankles and the heels on both sides of both feet. Then when they are no longer menstruating, the pain will have vanished.

It Hurts So Good

The good news is that, by massaging the points that hurt on your feet, you are able to deal with the problems and hasten the natural healing that your body is programmed to do. Thus, women can ease their cramps by massaging their feet in those precise points where the corresponding nerves come to an end.

It's interesting in that it hurts, but it seems to feel good at the same time. It's as if your body is telling you that you are giving it what it needs, and it's urging you to keep doing it.

Sometimes, if the problem is acute, pressing hard will be absolutely unbearable. Don't do it. This isn't about trying to get everything done in one session or one day. If it hurts that bad, then just barely press, and don't do it that long. Get back to it later in the day, and do it again.

Each day, continue to see how it feels, and give it more pressure, and massage for longer time periods, only as you are able. Remember the tortoise.

You Don't Even Have To Remember The Chart Or Know How The Organs Work In Tandem

If you read up on reflexology, you will see how reflexologists know how the various parts of the body, organs and glands work together. If you keep studying, you will begin to remember it, as well as know what each part of the foot is related to what part of the body.

However, if you never get into it to that degree, it really hardly matters. The bottom line is,if it hurts, massage it. Keep doing it every day until it hurts less, and finally, stops hurting at all. It couldn't be easier.

My Feet Hurt But I'm Not Sick

I have checked out some individuals who hurt in lots of places on their feet. The pain was rather severe, and I had to be delicate and patient. Usually in such cases, the person will tell you of various maladies, but there are exceptions.

Their systems have not deteriorated to the point where symptoms had manifested. They were likely on the cusp of having a lot of different symptoms, or perhaps having cancer or another serious disease prognosis.

The pain in your feet will be a predecessor to manifested symptoms. It is possible to prevent the symptoms and the disease from ever manifesting, by making reflexology a part of your daily routine.

I have massaged the feet of hundreds of people. For the most part, I quit doing it on others after a few years, but have continued to practice it on myself. If I had kept it up, at the same clip I was going at back in the day, I would have surely massaged your feet by now. Heh heh.

Seriously though, it would be many thousands and thousands of people. I pretty much told everyone about it and offered to demonstrate. Most people took me up on it. I got so many confirmations in the diagnosis aspect alone, I knew it was real.

So many times, I would tell people that their kidneys, for example, had an issue, and they would tell me that, yes indeed, they had been seeing doctors about that for years. It played out that way so many times, there was no way for me to be in denial. A lot of skeptics were won over by my accuracy.

Moreover, people I was close to, who were in my daily or weekly orbit, I could continue to work on their issues, until they got better. Everyone else, I could only hope, followed my advise and worked on their own feet.

You Probably Do It Without Thinking About It

I've noticed that people tend to do reflexology without even realizing it. I'll see someone rubbing a particular point on their foot and I'll ask them what they are doing. Some say that didn't even realize they were doing it, and others will say their foot hurt and they were massaging it. Sometimes people will have their foot out of their shoe and press their foot on part of a table or chair that is near the floor. They subconsciously know what to do.

Before humans wore shoes or sandals, we got reflexology treatments just by walking. If you want to give yourself a nice natural reflexology session, go to the beach and walk barefoot.3)

Junk Science - Horse Feathers - An Embarrassment - Pity The Fool


No doubt, there are people reading this who are going apoplectic. They are offended at the simple minded nonsense they are reading. (…At least, as far as they are concerned.)

They would gladly respond to this by saying how embarrassing it is that anyone would believe it. Some of them would delight in name calling, while others wouldn't be quite as rude, but they'd share the same spirit of superiority as their rude counterparts.

They will tell me that none of this drivel I have proffered here has ever been shown to true in any official study, let alone replicated in other official studies, and then published in established, respected, official, peer reviewed medical journals.

To people with that mindset, I could write a book's worth of response, but it would do no good, but for those who might be swayed by their swagger and their confidence and superior, condescending attitudes, let me say the following:

Two Types Of Detractors

You can divide the detractors into two groups. Actually, almost three groups, because the first group has two sections.

The folks in the first group know this is for real, and they are playing you for a fool. They're are financially invested in the medical establishment and they know that the more people who take simple measures to ensure their health, the less money they will make.

The sub part of this group, are paid shills. They probably have figured out this is for real, though, otherwise, why are they getting paid to act obnoxious and superior?

The other group, actually believe what they are saying. A lot of them are also financially invested, especially in terms of employment, but unlike the others, they don't realize that these alternative modalities are massive threats to their continued financial success. They just think they are full of shit, and potentially dangerous.

Others in this same group, are not connected to the medical establishment in any fiduciary manner, but they believe in it just as much. They consider themselves scientists, or scientific minded, and they view alternative health practices as junk science.

They don't understand that the scientific system they hold in such reverence has been corrupted beyond their wildest imaginations. They are intellectually and emotionally invested in their world view to such a point, that they refuse to look at the evidence that what they call science is science for hire.

So when pharmaceutical scandals happen, they sweep them under the proverbial rug in the recess of their minds. They don't dwell on the billions of dollars in fines that these corporate, so called bastions of science keep having to pay, when one fraud after another is exposed.

They refuse to acknowledge that the system is set up to keep the truth from being known about the real efficacy of modern medicine verses alternative health modalities. For instance, these studies that they remind us that have never been done proving the claims of people who practice things like reflexology, cost tens or scores or millions of dollars.

That is done precisely to ensure the only institutions whose words they would accept as to the reality of the effectiveness of these alternative practices, never get the chance to study them. Thus, if they never get studied by these “official” sources, it allows the detractors to continue chanting their mantra that the proponents have never been shown reflexology (or fill in the blank) to achieve a single claim.

Let's be clear. You hardly ever hear the detractors say that studies have proven that such and such doesn't work. They say that the people who believe in it have not ever proven their claims. Yet, by proof, they mean the paid for science, official process that costs $50 million dollars.

In the meantime, the proponents can cite thousands, or tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people who have gotten results, but guess what? To detractors, none of those people and their real life experiences count. It's “anecdotal”, not official. To them, it's worthless.

Moreover, if anyone got results, it's either placebo or coincidence. Yet, whenever someone goes to their doctor and reports subsequent success, it's NEVER coincidence and it's NEVER placebo. See how that works?

You know what? Here's what we should tell these people. As Christian Bale would say, "Oh, good for you!

They have it all figured out. They are so superior to the rest of us idiots, we don't deserve to be in their orbit, or even blips on their radar. We're not worthy.

Let them live in their world where they turn down disease prevention and simple solutions. Let them have their vaccines that are filled with top secret toxins. Let them take the drugs that don't address the cause of the problem, but only suppress the symptom, drive the disease deeper into the body and create side effects.

Let them have their coke and pepsi and GMOs and sugar and corn syrup and processed foods. Let them have their better living through chemistry.

Let them have needless surgeries and die on operating tables. Let them stay in hospitals with super bugs, resistant to antibiotics. Let them laugh at us, or feel sorry for us, or cuss at us. Meh.

We don't need them, (although they seem to need to chop us down to feel like mack daddies.) There is no need to waste time arguing with them. If they don't want to try things that can't possibly be harmful, like massaging their feet, or eating organic food, or drinking ionized water, or jumping on a mini trampoline or getting some daily sunshine, that's their call.

What Do You Say?


If you are okay with knowing that a large portion of the world is going to think you are stupid and gullible, then welcome to the survivors. Have a seat. Take your shoes off and start rubbing.


No doubt, I'll be accused of saying that no one should ever take a pharmaceutical or ever have a surgery, or stay in the hospital. My best guesstimate is those things are only helpful five percent of the time. Furthermore, when people are practicing holistic health and disease prevention, that five percent figure can go down to almost never.

When it comes to trauma care, establishment medicine is king, though. Give allopathy it's due, and use it when it's appropriate. More times than not, it does more harm than good. Word to your mother.

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I have continued to practice reflexology on myself to some degree or another, including wearing sandals that have those bumps on certain parts of the soles, and I have often taken part in other modalities as well. I don't mean to say it was a one and done health event and then everything in my life has been unhealthy for my body, but nonetheless, I do think that was a watershed event for my state of health.
There is so much health to be found in a beach lifestyle, it's amazing. Sun exposure is massively important. The salt water is great for you. The reflexology walks are awesome, as are the negative ions in the air.

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