Freeing Your Spirit

When we think of the words “free spirit”, the first things that come to mind are ecofriendly individuals, or we start imagining animal rights protesters, tattooed bikers or maybe women’s right activists. But what happens when you don’t really care for protesting in front of animal slaughterhouses and you like eating meat twice a day. Maybe you like to see the planet clean and green again, but not as much as to get arrested for the cause. And maybe you believe women do have equal rights as men and there is nothing to protest for. Motorbikes may not really be your thing and neither are cars. Does that mean you are not a free spirit? Does that mean you are not independent, or unconfined, or standing on your own ground?

Most of our personal traits are molded during high school. That is the period of our life when we feel the desire to experiment. We want to listen to different music than everyone else and we rebel against our parents for the most obscure reasons. This desire doesn’t come for no apparent reason. While we are kids, only then we are truly free spirits. We didn’t realize at the time, of course, but we went through life without many worries. We learnt that we can have almost everything we want. Whether we were taught to ask nicely, or we would cry or use emotional blackmail it doesn’t matter, because one way or another, our parents made sure we ended up happy. Then we grow a little older and we start wanting bigger things. And as we grow older, our parents start to realize that we need to learn boundaries. They want to teach us that not everything grows on trees and we need to earn most of our stuff. For those who ended up as animal activists, Safe the Earth advocates, world peace supporters and other outlined free spirits, boundaries come as a shock. In their minds, the world does not work as well as it’s supposed to and they want to change it.

Not everyone thinks like that and that doesn’t make them chained to the system. Maybe you are a free spirit without wanting to change the world and you love it just the way it is. Maybe you don’t even care about the rest of the world and you only want to see yourself free. And what about that nerdy guy in high school, who was always in the library, who wasn’t cool at all, but never even made an effort to care what the rest of you thought? He was probably most free spirited than most of the people you know today. Because he was free to do whatever he wanted without being slightly concerned about the opinions of the outside world. Which leads us to our conclusion.

Make a trip down memory lane, all the way back to your high school years. Be honest with yourself and answer a couple of questions. Was there something you really wanted to do, but didn’t, just because it wasn’t cool enough? Did you follow anyone’s lead, just to fit in and be seen with the popular kids? Or maybe you were passionate about something, but circumstances suggested you should do something completely different? Did you listen to your mom or dad when it was time for college, although you dreamed about becoming a ballerina, or a musician or FBI agent? If there is anything holding you back, erase those limits once and for all. Once we grow up we forget how free we really are. We are only trying to fit in, be liked and accepted, but one day, eventually, you will wake up and realize that the life you are living is not exactly the one you desired when you were just a kid. If any of this is true for you, make room for some changes.

What Exactly is a Free Spirit?

If you look at the words “free spirit” in any dictionary, the first synonym that will show up is nonconformist. If you look at the word “nonconformist” you will find the definition for a person who is unwilling to behave. Don’t think of anything bad yet, because it’s just a definition, the term has a broader meaning and a deeper perspective. Unwilling to behave means that the person refuses to believe what everyone else believes. If you think about it, it’s actually a compliment. It means that the person has the intellectual capacity to think with his or her own head, without being influenced. It means that if you see something as wrong but everyone says it’s right because it’s maybe more convenient, that doesn’t make them right. And it makes you a free spirit for thinking with your own head instead of following the crowd that “jumps off a bridge”. If you really want to feel what is like to be free spirited, make your own decisions and form your own opinions. Don’t believe what anyone else says until you form your own opinion. If your own opinion blends with the opinion of others, even better, you have a bunch of free spirited friends. If not, don’t rebel against anyone or anything.

Mother Teresa said that she would not like to be a part of any protest against anything. Whatever it is that is rubbing you the wrong way, keep in mind that it’s not worth a fight. Make your own stand by simply holding your own opinion on the matter. Fighting against an established system never worked and it never will. Whenever you think the moment has come to change the world, you are only guided by your ego. Chances are big that you will only make things worse by defending your side. Whichever side you are on, there are always people on the other side as well. They are just as determined and willing to defend their own side as you are and you are not here to start a war. If you really want people to believe in the same things you do, start a civilized conversation. Most people love an educated debate and those are the people who can also be called free spirited. If you are blinded by your own beliefs and you don’t let anyone else mess with them that would mean you are not really ready to defend them. When you strongly believe in something on the other hand, you would love a passionate debate. Why wouldn’t you?

You can always be wrong of course. You should always leave room for that option. Maybe at some point you will realize your opinions were incorrect and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Accept all changes as they come and at the end, you will feel better for it. You learn something new every day, because everyone has something to teach you. Sometimes other people’s opinions will be more correct than yours, so prepare for those times. Change is an essential part of our life and being controlled solely by your ego is the worst kind of control there is. Our egos are the wheel we use when we have nothing else to move us forward. So instead of looking for things to hate, things to protest against and things to call your own, free yourself from all restrictions, possessions and faked views. Whether they are coming from within you or they are forced upon you by your society. They are equally wrong and they are only sinking you down further.

Swimming Back and Forth Until You are Free

As we said earlier, some people free themselves in high school, while others find it more difficult. Whichever the case is with you, you know when you really want something. That something is the tool that will free you from all previous stubborn thinking patterns. At the end, feeling free is a state of the mind. You can be locked in your room for days and still feel more free than anyone, because freedom is just a feeling.

Find a job you love and makes you happier. There is nothing more pleasing than working a job you love. That way, it won’t feel like working, because you are doing everything with love. Avoid every one that brings you down, judges you or makes you feel unworthy. Once you are truly free, you won’t feel the need to judge, or point out someone’s flaws or make them feel worthless, because they are no longer your concern. You don't need more control in your life and you certainly don’t need people who will make you feel small. Wake up with the feeling that your day will be free for you to do whatever you want and then, no one can stand in your way. Engage with people and they will respond positively. Live in the moment and don’t let opportunities pass you by. You can never know what‘s just behind the corner and just when you turn around a new hobby may appear. Something that will turn your childhood dream into reality and disclose your eternal search for accomplishment. Something that will make you shout at the world and say you got something you richly deserve. When you find those things, your heart will be free.

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