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It might be said that picking a topic might be the hardest thing to do when it comes to writing. Picking a topic from logic might be one of the hardest things to accomplish for myself, however when it comes to writing about a topic I am passionate about, the writing just flows. However, when it comes to writing about something passionate that the entire world may read, such as a simple wiki article such as this one, I seem to freeze. This doesn't seem to be an issue only with me, but amongst many writers and people of all trades that I have come across. This issue stems from an idea that there are rigid rules that must be followed in order to meet with success. Most writers have been cramped with formats and stylings such as the MLA format taught to them in traditional United States public education systems. Repetitive conditioning to rigid styles of formatting have dampened creativity amongst certain creative folks that are stunted by structure.

In breaking free from this structure, I have found sources of untapped creativity within myself by following an unconventional form of writing. I have named this myself, freestyle writing, a form of writing that proposes that there be absolutely no guidelines or topic thought about before writing begins. Rather, you take in from the current moment of your writing, and expound on topics and ideas as freely as you want. Rather than getting caught up in organizing your words and ideas in a formal outline, you are caught up in your own emotions and the words will seem to write themselves after a while. Creativity seems to flow within those who are carefree, when there are no limitations to what they should write about. Even if your paper or article springs forth with one idea and ends up to another, the very act and process of writing within itself is the joy to the writer when they follow freestyle writing. The process becomes the result that the writer was looking for, and thus the lust for the result triumphs the result for anything else that the writing might stand for.

Since a writing style known as freestyle writing is unconventional, and by it's very core essence, free, that does not mean that the writing itself is meant to confuse the audience. The audience rather is captivated by how passionate the writer is with his chosen vocabulary, which by means of creativity not bounded to limitations of a rigid structural format, or any other elements chosen by the writer including but not limited to: metaphors, similes, hyperboles, personifications, the basic elements of writings, and much more being integrated to form a piece of art. Very often a writer will be stunted in his own developed by getting tied up in how they are writing papers for their educational institution. A psychology major who is required to write paper after paper for completion of his degree, might no longer consider themselves a writer because of the subject content of their writings upon graduation. They rather consider themselves to be just a psychologist, burdened with a label as pesky as the scarlet letter itself. Certain Western education systems like giving people jobs that they must conform to, and they will then find that their talents are lost in the industry or degree they have entered upon. The talent they have cultivated through their years of education is no longer focused on, but the result of their talent, their degree and all of the things associated with the piece of paper they obtained by endlessly writing pieces of paper.

Freestyle writing enables a person who might believe their creative spark is lost to find it again, by the simplest means possible. The very act of writing itself provides the creativity necessary. It is almost as if getting on a bike after not riding it for many years. The creativity necessary to write great articles lies dormant and waiting to be tapped by those ready to begin the process. By beginning the process itself, it's almost as if the dammed up creativity within will spurt out by itself if you just let it. Many topics covered within this article itself were never pre-planned but rather born into fruition by myself beginning the process of writing this article on freestyle writing. The logic here is that you create the topic of whatever you want to write about, as you go along, rather than picking a topic from the beginning and then writing something strictly following the topic at hand. The former promotes creativity while the latter will stunt it by not allowing you to think outside the box. For example, if you knew you wanted to write something on hip-hop artists and their influencing each other, it would be much easier to start writing about how one of your favorite artists inspired another, and following any possible topics that come by (as one artist may have inspired another artist and so on), than choosing 2Pac and then being limited to only topics that are related to 2Pac.

Certain communities and guidelines may have rules that inhibit you from writing what it is that you truly desire. However, falling into the notion that your writing is right or wrong, is a horrible trap for your creativity. By labeling what you think is acceptable or not acceptable by others or yourself, you are limiting your creativity once again as a writer. Your journey as a writer does not end with one article judged inappropriate by yourself or others. Your journey as a writer is stimulated by everything you ever right, and if a piece of writing at the time does not seem to be doing you any good, or getting you the recognition that you would like, it is only helping pave the road to the reality that you are seeking with your talents. The avenues that open once your creativity is springing forth from you can only be denied by extremists and zealots.


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