Have you ever wanted to eat at the same restaurant as celebrities? Tim Allen, Frank Sinatra, and Elizabeth Taylor all have eaten at Ginopolis’. There must be something unique about this place if it is the celebrity hot spot of Farmington Hills, MI. When entering the establishment, a huge mural of the many famous people that have eaten here greets you. That alone gives the impression that this place has been tested and proven worthy to eat at.

Brothers Johnny and Peter Ginopolis co-own this restaurant. George Ginopolis, their father, has been in the restaurant business since 1948 when he owned and operated Nick’s Bar in Detroit. They have experience, loyal customers, and a wide selection of food that is world-famous.

When I asked to have a word with Peter Ginopolis he was more than happy to sit down with me. He made it very apparent from the start why people come back here: “The one thing chain restaurants don’t have is personal touch” (Peter Ginopolis). This is the one and only Ginopolis restaurant open today. Throughout the night Peter could be seen sauntering table to table chatting with his customers. He always makes it a point to ask how everything is. They really care here, “I want them to walk out of here happy…if we don’t know [what’s wrong], how can we correct it?” (Peter Ginopolis).

The appetizer that we sampled was the, oh so delectable, calamari. I have had this dish before at other Greek restaurants and it did not taste half as good as Ginopolis’. The other places’ calamari was made up of tiny, chewy, overcooked pieces. The pieces at Ginopolis’ were the plumpest I’ve ever had. I received a generous portion enough for my guest and myself. The presentation was adequate, with a slice of lemon alongside two lettuce leaves and a dish of cocktail sauce garnished the plate. The taste more than made up for what presentation lacked with the lightly battered, snappy texture.

Served next was our minestrone and stuffed green pepper soup. I had a spoonful of the greasy, hamburger laden bowl. Not recommend by my pallet; however, my guest begged to differ. The stuffed green pepper soup was sub-par health wise. I felt a heart attack coming on just having it in my mouth. I stuck with my potato, vegetable, and noodle soup. The flavoring was a mixture of many intricately combined spices to make a great comfort food that begged to slide down your throat. The noodles could have been cooked a little less, other than that no complaints.

Now, for the highly anticipated main entrée of world famous baby back Montgomery Inn ribs. They come in all the way from Cincinnati and Kentucky. The recipe for the sauce is world famous and was developed by the Ginopolis family. Part of their secret is the slow cooking process they use so the tender meat is falling off the bone. When the plate arrived I was in heaven. Three red skin potatoes, three jumbo fried shrimp, and a mini slab of ribs. What more could a girl ask for? Napkins and wet naps of course; they showed up just as the first trickle of sweet barbeque sauce was sliding down my chin. Definitely, not a first date type of food.

Next time I eat there I will get a full order of their shrimp. The moist, plump, delicate golden brown pieces begged to be savored by me. I can honestly say that the shrimp was the best shrimp I have ever eaten in my life, and I’ve eaten a lot of shrimp.

Finally, my dinner guest and I savored the mud slide that Peter recommended. I definitely would not rush back for their sub-par ice cream. It was dry and airy, not moist and creamy. The sander’s hot fudge and whipped cream made up for the ice cream folly. With any amount of chocolate a tasteless dessert can become a magnificent decadence.

The service seemed to be well trained in the art of knowing exactly when and what the customer needs and wants. With the napkins and wet naps, the timing could not have been better. At the beginning of our meal she brought us waters without even having to ask. The attention and personable nature of the staff made a pleasant experience most remarkable and memorable. Peter came to our table at least three times to make sure we were satisfied with everything. We were, completely. Everything was timed perfectly and prepared correctly.

The ambiance of Ginopolis’ is relaxed and sophisticated. There is an air of importance there. You, the customer, matter. The clientele all seem to be people who matter to the Ginopolis brothers. From the couple on a date, to the business meeting taking place in the center of the room, they all are equally important. Almost every table was filled on a Wednesday night with couples or work colleagues. This is not a child friendly atmosphere. Nor, a sweatpants and t-shirt accommodating place. Be prepared to dress up: a dress, nice slacks, and a sports coat would be expected. There is a bar area that is separate from the main dining area for those who decide that is better suited for their needs. However, proper attire is still expected.

Even though the clientele is expected to dress nicer here, the prices are not atrocious. If ribs are what you want it would be $17.95, which includes a roll, soup or coleslaw, and your choice of potato. However, if this is a little pricy, there are less expensive options available. Salads range from $5.95 to $11.95 and their sandwiches are under $11. Main entrees range from around $10 to $23.95 for a top cut of meat. The money was definitely well spent coming here, for a special night on the town.

The restaurant’s cleanliness was above average. The most that can be said is that there were a few pieces of lint on their plush green carpet. The bathrooms were freshly remodeled to give a sense of sophistication and modern times.

Ginopolis’ is the official caters for the Detroit Pistons along with a favorite of celebrities. With a restaurant so well know and respected, it would be easy to enjoy yourself there. They truly go out of their way to appease the customer. You will not be disappointed.


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