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During the second week of October, my wife, Annelle and I went to the wake of our friend's son, who just died due to a lingering bout with lieukemia. Everyone was busy either praying or chatting in low whispers with one another. Suddenly there was a commotion. My friend excitedly stood up from his seat and darted towards where the commotion was. We found out that his mother had just fainted. They propped her up and had her sit, at the same time several ladies started reviving her.

From where I was seated, she looked weak and pale. I stood up to see what help I could extend. Once beside her, I noticed that she was trembling. She was actually chilling. One of the guests was saying to my friend that his mother looked bad and that he better take her home or better yet take her to a doctor.

Just like anyone wanting to help her, with one deep breath I immediately went to my level and using Glove Anaesthesia Technique I visualized both of my hands to be warm and emitting warm, healing, calming, white energy and at the same time I bathed her whole body with warm, white light. I placed my left hand at her back, directly at the heart while my right hand held her right arm to prop her up. I could feel her whole body shaking.

While this was going on, I used the ESP Technique (Effective Sensory Projection) and mentally scanned her internal organs. I immediately noticed that her heart was beating with much difficulty. I then mentally massaged her heart until it regained strength and was beating naturally.

Lastly, using the MOM Technique (Mirror of the Mind), I visualized her on the blue frame, as looking weak and pale and on the white frame I visualized her as being healthy, strong, smiling and happy. Sensing that her body had stopped shaking, I thanked the Holy Spirit, who is also my counselor, for using me as an instrument of His healing love and then opened my eyes and looked at her. She also opened her eyes and looked at me quizzically, “Are you a doctor?” Her son butted in and joked, “No, arbulario.” I told her that I just prayed over her.

The whole procedure took only less than a minute. After which I noticed that my hands were very cold, as if they had absorbed the coldness from her body. I shook my hands to remove the cold feeling and bring back the warmth in them.

When I saw her the next morning, I asked her how she was and she said she felt fine and well-rested. That night was the first night she ever slept early and soundly as she had been sleeping at 3AM for the past several days.

The mind control has really helped me apply all the techniques that were taught as “for the betterment of mankind”. The most important thing to remember in order to make these techniques more effective is to always PRACTICE and to have a strong BELIEF, Desire and Expectancy that you will get what you programmed for. Bobby Monroy

3F locates lost frames

I usually do laundry or shopping or attend to the requests of my sisters on a Monday. It's my day off.

One recent Monday, I really had lots of things to do for my sisters. I had to prioritize everything so that I would be able to finish all before 11:30 a.m. for my next appointment at 12:00 noon with my officemate.

I went to a photo studio and got the two 12“ x 10” framed pictures of Sto. Nino for my sisters. I paid almost a thousand for the two frames. I just brought them with me when I went to the shoe repair shop, to the fruit stands, and then to two department stores.

I prepared myself for the party and just took a slice of bread to ease my hunger.

It was already 12:00 noon when I went back to all the places I had been. The heat of the sun did not bother me. While I was walking, I used the Three Fingers technique. Oh! thank God, I was able to find the two frames in the fruit stand. The vendor explained that she displayed them purposely so that the owner would recognize them easily.

It was a beautiful and fulfilling experience. Knowing, learning and practicing Stress Management is really worthwhile, wonderful and enlightening.

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