How to be a Prolific Writer

I have often been asked over the years how I manage to write so many damned articles all the time. I must admit that I can be quite prolific when I really set my mind to it. For example, here are the articles I have published on Devtome today:

I’ve also published one on Hubpages today:

So to provide an answer to the number one question on my own personal FAQ’s list, I decided to write yet another article. In my personal experience, you only need five things to be a truly prolific writer:

  • A child-like wonder at the world which invokes within you a deep fascination with all things, and causes you to see the best in everything around you.
  • Enough coffee to cause heart palpitations, and sufficient cigarettes to cope with the stress of feeling like your heart is trying to break out of your chest is some kind of crazy, suicidal bid for freedom.
  • An unflinching willingness to forego even the most basic personal hygiene on work days, even though you work seven days per week.
  • A large (and beautiful) African live-in girlfriend, willing to take care of all domestic chores, who happens to have spent most of her formative years in a genuine guerrilla warzone and who you strongly suspect will resort to actual physical violence if you don’t buy her that new Nokia Lumia camera phone very, very soon…
  • Peanut butter. And bacon. Preferably in sandwich format for convenient storage on the edge of your laptop.

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