How to Earn More Money as a Writer

Being a writer is an enjoyable and fulfilling profession, with many great benefits to offer. Unfortunately lots of people agree with that sentiment, meaning there is a hell of a lot of competition for the attention of readers and publishers. Although it is reasonably easy for anybody to start publishing their work on the internet and earning a little bit of extra cash - like by publishing articles here on Devtome for example, it is actually quite hard to earn reach a position where writing can provide you with your main source of income. When I first started publishing articles on the internet, it took me around 18 months to get to the stage where I could go full time, and even then I was struggling to earn the equivalent of the minimum wage here in my home country of England for a while after that.

But there are a few simple steps that you can take which will help you to increase your earnings as a writer and get a step closer to making it a profession rather than just a hobby.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to find a range of different outlets for publishing your work - don't put all of your eggs in one basket. I really feel that this is important even if you are gaining a significant amount of success with a particular publisher. I found that out when I lost almost half of my income overnight. I had been publishing articles on Hubpages, and including product recommendations with affiliate links - and making a good amount of money from sales commissions. Then, following Google's 'Panda' update, Hubpages changed their terms of service and banned the use of the affiliate links which had been making me most of my money.

Whether you are a fiction writer or an article writer, publishing books or online content, diversification is important. Not only does it give you greater security, it also allows you to develop a voice which fits with the audience of a particular publisher. You will begin to learn what works on one site, or in one medium, and therefore make the most of your ideas by publishing them all in the place where they will get the best reception. Writing in a range of different formats can also be a very good way to increase your earnings. If you usually write novels to be sold as books, then publishing a few short stories for people to read for free on the internet can be a great way to build your audience and reach new readers who would never have thought to buy one of your books otherwise. On the other side of the coin, an article writer can often compile and edit a series of articles on a particular topic to create an eBook that they can sell.

One of the hardest things about being a writer is often coming up with enough good ideas of things to write about. Publishing your work in a variety of different places often gives you the opportunity to 'recycle' your ideas to some extent, which can make you a lot more productive. That doesn't mean that you can simply copy and paste and publish the exact same article or story, but you can often use the same topic idea, and a lot of the same research, to produce similar but still unique pieces of work for different publishers. This would be particularly easy if you write for a site like Devtome which uses a creative commons license, as you could publish here first and then perhaps just rewrite your article a bit for a different audience and publish it elsewhere with a link back to the original article.

Being patient is also very important. If you are publishing articles on the internet then, whilst some websites will pay you in advance for your work, most will simply pay you a percentage of the advertising revenue that your work brings in. This will seem really tiny at first, and many people give up because of that. If three or four hours working on an article, for example, and after three months it has only made a couple of dollars you may think that this simply isn't worth your time. But think of it like this - after a year that article may well have made you $8; after five years it may have made you $40 - a reasonable return on your three or four hours - and may still be bringing in that couple of dollars every three months. Of course this is simplifying the situation a little, but my point is that if you stick with it you almost certainly will see your earnings going up over time.

Don't be afraid to give your work away for free. That might mean putting some effort into writing high quality tweets and facebook posts to built up following on social media (not something I've tried myself, as I'm inherently anti-social, but I know it works well for some people). It could also mean starting a blog, but leaving out the advertising (or keeping it to a minimum) at least until you have built up an audience.

Since we are now in the age of digital currency, which enables people to easily make micro-payments (very small 'tips') without the problem of fees usually associated with doing this via Paypal or credit cards, you might also consider explicitly asking for donations. You may be surprised at the response you get. I generally only use this for how to articles about digital currency, but when I have done that in the past I actually have received a few donations. If you know your audience uses a particular digital currency then it is probably well worth adding your public address at the end of your post just in case someone appreciates it enough to want to reward the author.

My final tip is simply to make sure that you aren't wasting your time on projects that aren't worth it. There are thousands of jobs out there for freelance writers, but the vast majority of them pay an absolute pittance. Many new writers let their enthusiasm and excitement about making money from writing get the better of them, and end up spending a lot of time churning out work for very little reward. If you are spending your time earning pennies, you just won't have the time it takes to earn pounds (or dollars) - so it is very important to be clear in your own mind what you are and are not willing to work for, and do not sell yourself short, otherwise you will find that there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of your eagerness.

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