I Heard You Want To Make Money Online

Disclosure: I'm “studying” how to make money online. While I've made some money with my computer, I'm not yet the expert. My advice for making money online, is similar to my health and wellness advice, in that there is a lot of great data, but much of it is delivered in the format of, do as I say, not as I do.

Don't let that dissuade you from learning from me. I have a penchant for uncovering really good data.

Perhaps the greatest things that I can share with aspiring online money makers is to point out some classic pitfalls to avoid. I know about a lot of them because I didn't avoid them. If you can learn from my mistakes, then perhaps they were not in vain.

If you want to save time, you can stop at the end of this paragraph and simply do what I'm saying right here. There is only one really good teacher for newbies. His name is Chris Farrell. He has helped thousands of people make their first money online. He has some free entry level courses that will serve you well, so do a search for, free Chris Farrell courses, and you'll be off to a great start.

It never ceases to amaze me what bad teachers Internet marketers are. They create courses to sell to people to instruct them how to make money online, but they leave huge blocks of information out. They think everyone knows the basics, so unless you already have learned quite a bit, you will be left hopelessly confused, incredibly frustrated. After about umpteen different courses, you'll feel so utterly defeated, you're likely to be in a deep depression.

You will have spent quite a bit of money as well. That's because you will have allowed yourself to get suckered into one professionally copy-written sales letter after another. My God, those people are good.

They know just what words to say and how and when to say them. They could sell dirty diapers to a germaphobe.

Your best bet is to stay away from them, and don't go into this with expectations of making a lot of money, at least not until some time down the road. Yes, there are some people who are naturals, like Russell Brunson who marketed instructions for making a spud gun while he was a college student and made a veritable fortune (his first fortune) on his first project.

Chances are overwhelming, you are not going to be one of the exceptions. If it turns out I'm wrong, good for you. Get in touch with me later so I can pick your brain. Will you? But if I'm right, do you still want to be able to make money virtually anywhere in the world? It's definitely do-able, so don't give up if you don't start making the money you're hoping for right away. Learning the basic skills and then being persistent will pay off in time.

We all want to be Internet millionaires but it's not going to happen for all of us. Are you willing to settle for being able to make a living, setting your own hours, from almost any location in the world? Or perhaps I should ask; Would you settle for that while you're working on your millions?

Having goals will help, but starting out with attainable goals is crucial. Smaller goals that get progressively larger will work out better than just having a huge goal to start with.

Don't be one of these people who say that the only money they are going to spend is on their Internet connection. If you are totally strapped, you can start for free, but when you get some money coming in, you'll find there are some paid tools and paid training that can help you make more money in less time. Don't be silly and refuse to ever spend a dime.

On the other hand, don't come in with your money guns blazing. If I had a dollar for everybody who did that and then quit after losing their savings account, I'd have many, MANY millions of dollars.

I can't tell you how many times I got suckered into various matrices and multiplier programs where all you need to do is get 3 people a month who get 3 people a month. The math is certainly enticing. In just a few months, you could quit your job.

It doesn't sound that difficult. After all, if there is that much money to be made, it should be easy to get 3 referrals each month. Who would turn that kind of money down?

As it turns out, almost nobody gets 3 paid referrals even in the first month, let alone every month. If it was easy, we'd all be rich by now. What those programs don't tell you is that if you extrapolate that geometric mathematical progression (of three who get three) for like a year or two, everyone on earth would be in your downline and you'd be the richest person in the world. Congratulations.

If you start out with a penny and double it every day for a month, you'll be a multimillionaire by the time you're done. Now please give me $97 for that plan, showing you how to get rich.

That's the same logic behind joining a matrix program. You pay money for pie in the sky dreams. You'll quit paying your monthly fee as soon as you realize you can't recruit enough people to reimburse you; which is almost without exception, the first month.

If it's just a $10 monthly fee, you might stick around for a while, but at some point you will realize it's a wild goose chase, so please, learn from my experience and forgo that nonsense.

This is not to say you will never find a product that is sold in a multi level marketing (MLM) format that might be worth your while. Such a product and company should meet the following parameters.

1) You really want the product and would buy it anyway.

2) The price is comparable with the open market and you can afford it, even if you don't sign anyone up to buy it themselves.

3) You don't pay a monthly fee, except if it is for the product, and it's being used up each month.

4) If you pay an annual fee, it's very reasonable, which in my book is under $100. By the time year two comes around, you'll know if you want to, “re up.”

5) The emphasis is finding customers for the product, rather than finding people who are going to supposedly sell a lot of units and make you a ton of money.

6) They aren't trying to get you to believe you're going to become rich on their product. Rather, the product (or service) is truly good for the buyers. It makes a difference in their lives. You are doing anyone a favor who shares in this product experience with you.

(That will disqualify most MLM “opportunities”. Good riddance. If you find any that fit the bill though, good luck.)

Whenever you end up finding a way you have proven to yourself the ability to make money on, consider hiring others to do, at least parts of it, for you. Spend some of the money you're making on finding and training a virtual assistant to help you, “scale it up, ” as they say.

Hire more as you become more profitable. The great thing is, there are people around the world who will work cheap because the cost of living is much less in their country than it is in the United States and many other developed nations. Every time you do this, the process is the same. It starts with you learning some skills, and then you teach others how to duplicate what you do.

You might wonder why anyone would want to work for you, when you are going to be teaching them what you are doing that is making you money. There are a number of reasons.

Many people just want a sure thing. They know that what works online one year, or even one month, may not work the next. A lot of people don't want to take any risks. You will be taking some (hopefully limited) risks, and lots of people would rather you do that, while they help you become successful.

Other times, you may outsource projects, but do it in such a compartmentalized way, that people don't know how what they are doing is going to make you money. That's a good idea if the strategy is one that can get saturated quickly, and then have decreasing return until it is no longer viable.

Some people who are willing to do work for you on an outsource basis, do plan on becoming an entrepreneur in the future. They are freelancing in order to save up money so they can invest in their project sometime down the road.

A lot of people just don't see themselves as entrepreneurs. They are happy to work for someone else. You really don't need to feel bad that others are willing to help you attain a level of success they may never have in this lifetime. It's not just their fate. It's their choice. Be willing to reward good work. Pay bonuses and increase their pay when you are making more.

Don't put the cart before the horse. First learn to make money with the strategy yourself, before you pay anyone to do it for you. You could end up paying money for something you're not actually able to make money on. Don't assume that just because someone else made money with it (or says they made money with it), that you're going to make money with it.

Also, your virtual assistant may have questions that you'll only know the answer to if you went through the process yourself. Don't ever trust a course you purchased to have all the details. It's almost guaranteed that it will have missing gaps, so that's another reason you need to first prove that there is money to be made before you find your first outsourcer.

When you are ready, you can Google terms like, hire an outsourcer, or, where to find a virtual assistant. You will find websites like Elance, where you can post a job or a position and have people bid on it. They will outbid each other by seeing who can give the lowest price.

You don't have to hire the lowest bidder, and indeed, may not ever care to do so. Workers will have rating from past employers, so that will be a part of your hiring decision, as opposed to whomever has the lowest price. If, by chance, someone has a lot of experience, great ratings and the lowest price, that is what you would call a no-brainer. It rarely happens, so don't expect it.

Generally speaking, the way you'll make money is by selling something. It can be physical products or digital (virtual/non physical) products. Digital products include information (or for that matter, even entertainment) products, in written, audio or video formats, as well as software.

Whether physical or non physical, you can either sell your own product(s), and keep all the money (exclusive of taxes, of course, but that goes without saying), or you can sell someone else's product(s), for a commission. The latter is known as affiliate marketing. It's a great way to break the ice.

After learning to make money as an affiliate marketer, the smart move is to create your own digital product, which in most cases will be an information product (unless you have software creation skills, or the ability to outsource software creation).

No matter what you sell, market research is important. You first should document that people are already spending money on the niche you are going to get into. Sell what people are demanding; not necessarily what you want or are interested in. If there is enough of a demand for what you want to sell or what you already know about, then that's okay, but don't try to force it.

It would be like you've been hired as a deejay at a nightclub. You would not want to play your favorite music if the crowd is fond of a different kind of music. Give the people what they want.

You can search for, free affiliate marketing training, to get started. Clickbank products are a good place to start selling as an affiliate. They are all digital products, and, as such, come with commissions of 50% or more. Later you can create your first information product where you teach something where there are already people paying money to learn. Never mind the competition, except to learn from them, that is.

Don't believe that since they have experience and expertise, you can't compete. You don't have to outsell them. You just need a little of the market, and you will have researched the market to prove there is a enough to go around. The people you will sell to will not know as much as you about the topic of your product, so don't worry if you don't know as much as your competition.

Chances are, if they bought your competition's product, that will not even be looking for your product. You should give a money back guarantee. That will help you be less nervous about potential unsatisfied customers. It also will help you sell your product.

A great way to scale up your digital product business is by finding affiliates to sell it for you. You can submit it to network's like Clickbank. You'll give 50% commissions, or more, if you want to. That is not too much, because they will find customers that you would not have found, for the most part. The more people selling your product, the more money you will make.

You can even outsource large parts of the product's creation for as little as a hundred dollars. Don't go wild and spend much more than that, at least to begin with. You want to limit your risk in case you don't make sales or get affiliates.

Making money online involves the risk of losing money or time. Don't spend six months making a product, because you might lose your investment; six months of your time. One strategy that some successful marketers do is they first promote a product, and then when they make sales, they actually make the product.

If you aren't ready to risk your time or money, you can make some money online helping those who are ready. You can hire yourself out as an assistant. In this case, you will be among the bidders at freelance websites, getting into a bidding war to see who is willing to work for less money.

It's a tough way to go, because there are people who are living in places where they don't need to make much to survive. To get started, you generally have to work for almost nothing. Once you start getting experience and ratings, you won't have to always bid so low.

There are sites like Fiverr where you can post a set job you offer for a set fee. Depending on the type of job, you can often do better starting there, than a site where you get into bidding wars, seeing how low you can go.

Another way to assist others and make a little money is by writing content. Online content is crucial. There will always be people paying for content writers. Again, you usually won't make much, especially starting out, but if you want, or need, to make at least a little money while not having to take a step outside your door, writing for others is an immediate option. There are sites like iwriter, and you can do a search for freelance writing websites.

Some people have gotten started by making the pitiful money that comes from starting out doing writing and/or other virtual assistant jobs, and then investing that money into software and training programs for their other online pursuits.

If you don't need immediate money, you are better off writing for yourself. You can buy a domain name for about $10 a year and website hosting for about $10 a month. If you have a website on a topic people are interested in and you keep adding content daily, you will be able to generate organic (search engine) traffic.

Once you have traffic there are different ways to monetize it. You can have ads for affiliate products (or your own product.) You can run Google Adsense ads, where Google will pay you every time someone clicks on one of the ads. They charge people to show their ads on your site, and share the money with you.

When Adsense first got started, there was good money to be made, even by novices. It's much harder now, but people who still do well, start with one website and keep adding more.

Google has a lot of rules about what websites they will run ads on. If they perceive a violation, whether or not its true, they won't hesitate to ban you for life. Many people who were doing quite well lost everything when they got banned, so if you go this route, be sure to monetize your sites in more ways than Adsense, but be careful. How you monetize your sites, besides Adsense, is one of the ways people get banned. Google allows certain things but not others.

You can make Adsense money without having a website. There are sites like Xomba which let you create your own content on their platform. You can't promote any commercial offers, though. However, as long as you are writing pure (non commercial) content, they will rotate your Adsense links with their own, on pages where your content appears.

Of course the down side, is you are giving half your money to them, basically. The upside is, they are popular in Google search results, and so you get a lot more visitors than if you were publishing on a little website of your own.

It's not a lot of money, but after a year of writing daily, you could begin to realize the power of doing something consistently, day in and day out. After a several years you might even have enough of an automated income to live a frugal lifestyle.

The single greatest online marketing skill you can learn is lead generation and email marketing. It doesn't matter your niche or your strategy. This can always come in handy. A business needs leads in order to thrive. The Internet is perfect for this. The classic strategy is to create an information product that answers crucial questions, and/or helps people to an solve important problem. Your product, (report or eBook) should be so good, you could sell it and have a lot of takers.

Instead of selling it, you will trade it for the prospect's email address. This will be done with the help of an autoresponder, a service that allows you to send out pre written, as well as fresh, emails to lists of people.

It uses a double opt-in process. You have probably signed up for a lot of email lists using the double opt in. It requires you to verify that you requested to be put on the list, so that any spam complaints you may falsely make thereafter, will fall on deaf ears, and not get the marketer in any kind of trouble. It also allows for subscribers to easily opt out of receiving any more emails.

So, the first email they get is the verification confirmation. Once your prospects click the link, they will immediately be sent the valuable report they requested. Since you made sure it really does have so much value, they are likely to be open to the idea of getting more emails from you.

Do not just start trying to sell them stuff, in your future emails. Instead, keep sending valuable information and no offers to separate them from their money, for a few or even, several, emails.

This will really build up trust when they see that you aren't just about taking, but instead are a true giver. Then you can start making offers for products or services that you really believe will serve them well. However you should always continue to provide plenty of free valuable information.

Encourage your list members to communicate with you. Read their emails and answer them individually. When appropriate, mention some of their replies to you in future emails. This is adding magnetic marketing, aka relationship marketing, to your email marketing strategy.

Invite subscribers to interact with you on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Gain a reputation for giving out such great information that's so helpful, that people go out of their way to get on your email list and follow you on social sites. Many people make a six figure income with this strategy. Some people are making seven figures.

When you have a list of qualified prospects who are happy with your content, you will definitely want to start doing webinar presentations. Again, give great free information first, but at the end, offer a product or service which helps your attendees do more of what you taught them to do in the first part of the webinar.

A lot of people, including yours truly, have found the best way to get started making money via the Web, and to actually make a living using the Internet is by helping local business owners get more business online. The first thing you have to do is learn search engine optimization skills. In recent years Google has made it a lot harder to get things you publish to show up on the first page of search results, but when your competition is local, rather than national or international, it's often infinitely easier.

In large cities and competitive niches it can be extremely difficult, so you will want to stay away from those and go for the lower hanging fruit. For instance a lawyer in any large city is going to be really tough. Don't bother trying to sell a big city lawyer on your ability to get them new clients.

Reach out to businesses in less than huge markets. Instead of the biggest city in the county, try some medium sized cities. You might even be able to “rank” a lawyer in a medium city. (Rank means get a web property to the first page of search results.)

A good strategy to get clients is to show them what you can do. Call or go into businesses and tell them you own a small online business that helps local business owners get on the first page of Google. Tell them that you are willing to do that for them for free, if they promise to give you a statement you can put on your website confirming that you got them on the first page of Google.

When you accomplish this, the least you are going to walk away with a real endorsement from a business owner that is going to give you social proof for your business. Imagine when you have 10 of these real endorsements, how good that will look on your website.

Now think about having 50 or even 100 such reviews and endorsement. Anyone coming to your website because they need business will be blown away by all the endorsements. Since you are publishing real business names along with the owners names (for which they will love the free publicity, by the way), your site visitors will know the reviews are not made up. You will get paying clients out of those endorsements.

You will also get paying clients from some of those business owners who gave you the endorsements. When people you are responsible for, start coming through their doors and spending money, they will be interested in finding out if you can make it happen more. You will get clients who pay you monthly.

The quickest way to get a local business to the front page of Google is with a YouTube video. Do a search for, free slideshow video maker. My favorite is Animoto, but you might like something else better.

All you need is some images, which you can take with your phone camera if you don't have a separate digital camera, or, with permission, take photos of the business website. Ask the business owner the main points she wishes to highlight in the 60 second video presentation, and write down the notes.

Then at the slideshow maker website, you'll upload the photos and add the text between photos and click a button to have the presentation made for you. Then create a separate YouTube account in the name of the city and niche; for instance, BakeryFlagstaff.

Upload the video and have that same name in the title of the video and in the description as well as the tags. Usually, that is enough to get on the first page. If not, there are some other things you can do to help it get there.

You will be studying search engine optimization, because you need to have skills to market to the business owners. You will learn how to rank videos when you study SEO, but since you are competing locally, most times, following the above advice is going to get you on page one in very short order.

It's a good idea to put the phone number in the title so that it shows up on the search results page and people don't even need to click through to YouTube to be able to call the business. Have the business owners agree to ask new customers how they heard about them. Many do it anyway, but it's crucial that they track their new prospect and customers, so that they know you are the one who brought them in.

Since they probably don't have a YouTube video, when the customer tells them they discovered them from their video, you will get the credit. Once they get a few sales from people who discovered them thanks to your efforts, they are going to be open to the idea of hearing about what you can do for them, month in and month out for a fee.

Many will call you, if you leave your card with them, but just in case they lost the card or are so busy, they haven't gotten a chance to call you back, you should check in with everyone you made a video for. When you call, make sure they are asking all new prospects how they heard about their business.

Be sure to track, and keep it in your notes for that business, all the first page search results you can find for them. For instance, you ranked a video for a bakery in Flagstaff for the keyword, (search term), bakery Flagstaff. There is a good chance it also appears on page one for, Flagstaff bakery, and bakery in Flagstaff. Try it for the plural, Flagstaff bakeries, bakeries Flagstaff, etc.

When you contact the business owner to get your official, promised endorsement, be sure to let them know all the search terms you have them on the first page for. This can lead to a strong endorsement. It seems, and very well could be, extremely impressive.

Of course, in time, those first page results need to translate into sales, or they lose their impressiveness. Sometimes one video is enough. Sometimes it's not enough.

Sometimes it is enough, but the business' employees are not tracking their customers, so you don't get the credit. That's why you need to get your endorsement as soon as you get them on the first page of Google.

The best place I have found to learn some marketable skills you can sell to local businesses is Power3Marketing. You'll learn how to edit or even create a website. How to rank a website. How to create other properties like the YouTube videos, to get businesses multiple listings on the same first page.

You'll also learn about Google Places (Google + For Businesses) and their Bing and Yahoo counterpart, which is again, for more, multiple listings. You'll discover the importance of reviews, reputation management as well as citations – getting a business listed in a lot of business directories.

You'll also learn about running an Adwords campaign, which is paid ads that are in the search results. It's extremely powerful. If businesses are willing to pay by the click, they can start getting new prospects the first day Google accepts them. You could earn a living, doing nothing other than managing Adwords accounts.

I'm not sure if they teach anything about Facebook or other social media sites, but that is another tool you will want to add to your arsenal at some point. By getting the videos on the first page, you will have your foot in the door and be able to make appointments with business owners, who will want to have you come in and learn about your services. The more you can do, the more you will make.

If an owner says, do you do Facebook?, you don't want to have to tell them, sorry, no. That's why it's a good idea to always keep learning.

This strategy absolutely works. It is as painless a way that exists to get business owners to want to know what you have to offer. Sure, a lot of them are going to be too suspicious to know an amazing offer when you offer it to them. There will likely be times when most of the business owners you contact will turn your offer down to get them on the first page of Google for free.

So what? It's their loss. I can't stand sales or rejection, but this is offering something for free, and it's so fast, the rejection is fairly painless. It's a quick, no thanks, and then you just go on to the next business.

You can do it in person, over the phone, or even by email. Keep making the offer and you will get takers. There will probably be other times where most prospects take you up on your offer.

That means you are going to get endorsements and that is a major win for you each time. As long as you persist, you can't, not, make money with this strategy, if you have the marketable skills.

It's even possible to make money this way if all you do is make YouTube videos and you don't acquire any other skills. You can charge by the month, using PayPal links you can create in your account and send to customers via email. If they get it one month, but don't want it a second month, you can offer it to a competitor.

In that case, your videos will be generic. They won't have pictures of individual businesses. You'll use stock images. You can make annotations in YouTube videos that customize it to your current customer. When you change customers, you simply change the annotations.

So here's an example. In this case you are not asking business owners if they would like a free video. You already have a video made. For instance, COMPUTER REPAIR IN MACON GEORGIA.

You use stock images of computers, maybe some with technicians working on computers. You'll mention various problems people have with computers for which they take them to repair shops. You could write generic things like; Great Service and Prices. Call Now.

When you get the video to rank on some search terms, COMPUTER REPAIR MACON and some variations, then you start contacting computer repair shops in Macon and tell them you have a video on the first page of Google for all those search terms.

Let them know you can personalize it with annotations, so it has the business name and phone numbers and anything else that will want to include. Have a set amount per month and mention it's less than a Yellow Pages ad.

If they ask what happens if it slips off the first page, tell them they don't have to keep paying, but that you are going to try to keep in on the first page. They have the right to pay or pass on a monthly basis.

You might want to start with $25 a month, but depending on the niche, you might want to go higher. There are all kinds of ways to work it. You could say that just as they have the right to cancel each month, you have the right to tell them if the price is going to go up each month.

You could say if they pay three months up front, the price is locked, but if not, you might choose to increase the price next month. It's up to you. Ideally, it's best to learn more skills because some of your clients will ask if you do other things.

You can even start off with friends, either for free or at a really reduced price. Agree that if they start making sales, they can start paying you, or paying you more. Get them to give you the same endorsement you're asking from others, when you get their video you make for them on the first page.

When you have happy clients, ask them if they know anyone who could use your services. You could even offer a finder fees once you get your first check from their referral. You could even make it an ongoing fee, to entice them to keep getting more clients for you. They may get so many, you don't even charge them anything.

When you get a few to several clients, you'll definitely be looking for good virtual assistants you can outsource tasks to. You might even hire people to do all the work, while you concentrate on getting new clients and communicating with existing ones. Who knows? You might hire someone else to get you the new clients. There is no telling how successful you will become. The sky is the limit because businesses need help.

When you prove to them you can help them, that puts you in a tremendously enhanced position, compared to simply calling people up and asking them to trust you, and give you money before you have proven yourself.

In either one of these two strategies, you are in a position of power. The first one, you are giving away free videos, with the goal of Google page one. With the second strategy, you already have Google page one videos, and you're giving businesses the opportunity to pay for instant access.

This will work. It requires consistency. It requires work. You probably won't get rich from this alone. If you do, it will take time and scaling up in a big way.

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