If You Have An Intense Itch 48 Hours After Sunburn You Must READ THIS

It's rather usual these days to experience something happening to your physical body that people don't know about. If you have a really sore throat, people may think you have strep or just a really bad sore throat. Either way, they understand the pain and can sympathize or empathize with you. If you slip and fall on your head and experience vomiting, headache, and dizziness/drowsiness, they may suspect you've injured your head more than just a little bump and they would take you to a doctor to see if you have a concussion. They may not know what the pain feels like as they haven't had a concussion, but they understand that its painful and something to be cautious of when it happens.

But few will give more than a sympathetic nod to someone having itching after a sunburn. Pay close attention when this happens, however, as there are actually **two different kinds of sunburn itch**. The first one is the one all people are familiar with if they have been out in the sun too long and receive a sunburn. As the redness fades and the pain subsides, the skin starts to peel. Usually itchiness accompanies the peeling process for a couple of days.

The second one know one seems to know about, but you should. It's called **Hell's Itch** or **Insanity Causing Itch**, and for good reason.

A quick google search of “hell's itch” will yield post after post of people scrambling onto the internet in a desperate search for the cure to this crazy itch. Military men, fully grown adults, and people with high tolerances for pain **all concur that this is very difficult to deal with**. If you don't know how to treat it, the next 12 to 72 hours might be the worst experience of your life.


In case you are one of those people, without further ado…**use Benedryl or some anti histamine medicine**! Oral anti histamine works great. You can try the benedryl lotion if you want, but a word of caution….

Numerous folks describe anti itch creams like cortizone as NOT working for this. Natural remedies are also almost completely out of the loop. Baking soda paste and most natural creams do not work. Some report that oatmeal bath (hot) helps soothe the pain. Applying peppermint oil to the affected area has shown some pain/itch relief. Applying large amounts of aloe vera has also shown some mixed results, with some people saying it works and some not.

Surprisingly, some also report that extremely hot showers help deaden the pain/itch for a couple of hours. Others report that the hot shower deadens the pain for 15 or 30 minutes.

How Does It Happen?

Nearly all people affected by this report that it doesn't happen for every sunburn. Only the occasional sunburn does this happen, and people are even reporting that the sunburn wasn't that bad. However, right around the 48 hour mark from the time your skin got burned (not the time that you noticed it) an itch chould start to form. The more you itch it, the worse it gets. It comes out of the blue and people who are unaware of hell's itch will continue to scratch in vain not knowing that it is only making it worse.

When your body receives sunburn damage, it can send out histamine as an inflammatory response 2). This is why the benedryl works, as it is an anti histamine. Incredibly, the medical literature is lacking in the description and treatment of this kind of unusual response to sunburn. Obviously, not everyone is effected by this and even the people who are cannot know when they will get a dose of hell's itch. The sooner you take benedryl, however, the sooner the itching and the pain subsides.

Depending on how late you are to discovering the anti histamine treatment, you can also take an OTC pain medication if you have accidentally given yourself scratch induced pain.

This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the sudden experience of witnessing a family member experience Hell's Itch. You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. Spread the news that benedryl or any anti histamine medicine will do the trick!

You will have to take and wait and see when the itching subsides…although you could just read the package and take the medication right on the hourly limit the first couple of times. This authot hasn't even experienced the itch, he only witnessed it, but he would most definitely take the benedryl on the minute he was allowed to as per the bottle's instructions, that's how difficult it was to watch.


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