Introduction To Natural Law And Becoming Debt Free By Unlocking Financial Secrets (Part 1)

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac

First Things First

NOTE: The source material from what you are about to read is from a seminar given by P. L. Chang, on the fifteenth day of February, 2015 in the library at Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. There are plenty of my own thoughts, reactions and digressions, so not everything herein is necessarily agreed with by Mr. Chang.

WARNING: You are about to be exposed to a lot of historical information that is heavy on conspiracy facts, more so than theory. There will also be data that may be best categorized as, “woo”, or metaphysical. If any of this is a problem, feel free to click out of here and don't let the virtual door hit you on the proverbial ass on your way out.

Chang is committed to doing his part to help humanity awaken from the slumber we've been in for thousands of years that has allowed us to be overtaken by people and forces that do not have the interest of greater humanity in mind. Unlike most of my other Devtome contributions, I am not interested in referencing a ton of other sources for topics that will be discussed. I love being thorough and providing readers with more than ample sources for further study, but sometimes the footnoting and linking research ends up taking several times more hours to complete than the actual writing of the article.

Besides, if you are dead set against the kind of information that is up ahead, you are not likely to click on the links in the content or footnotes. A recent post I contributed had between 100 and 150 footnotes and/or links. Such is not the case here. If you are interested in this type of material, you are certainly welcome to use your favorite search engine to find more information on any number of the topics presented here.

(I will suggest three search engines, and no; they aren't Google, Bing and Yahoo. Try StartPage, or its cousin, IXquick, and also DuckDuckGo. They all provide privacy, because it's nobody's damn business what you search for, whether it's governments searching for people to label enemies, or corporations that sell your data to other corporations to be better able to separate you from your money… And while we're at it, is a good replacement for Gmail (or any of the other free services), in terms of affording you some privacy. They operate out of Iceland, a nation that is the enemy of the globalists and lover of humanity.)

The aforementioned seminar was Mr. Chang's first. He has put on some others since then and has plans for more in the future. If you would like to be present for his live events, and you live in the Twin City area of Minnesota, you can join his Meetup group, or simply monitor the page and attend without RSVP-ing. I seriously doubt he'd kick you out for breaking the Meetup protocol.

Why This Topic Was Chang's First Seminar

Chang said he decided to start his seminar series on the topic of financial world because he's had enough with the international banksters (gangsters + bankers) stealing everybody's money, destroying lives, and ruining national economies and the global economy.

He started off by introducing himself as simply a student and a teacher, but not an expert or even a leader. Since he loves to learn as much as he loves to teach, he appreciates it when people share information with him. He asks that if he says anything that he is mistaken about, feel free to set him straight so he can fix it.

(Of course, much of what he speaks of, many people would disagree with his positions and they could argue til the proverbial cows come home. He was especially asking for corrections on more simple matters of fact that he may have gotten wrong.)

His information comes from many sources, but a lot of it is from personal experience and personal research. Doing seminars is new for him. He's the type of person who really doesn't seek or enjoy attention. He would rather be in the background, but the situation on the planet is so dire, it's important for everyone to get out of the background and start speaking up and doing something, even if it's simply trying to get a few people to meet at a library and discuss important topics.

Unique Perspective

Chang feels his seminars are unique for a number of reasons. First, he's good at communicating problems as well as solutions in a manner that is easily understandable. He's also not fearful when it comes speaking bluntly and saying things that go against the belief system of other people. He says that if we are going to make the kind of progress that is necessary to secure a sane and safe future for ourselves, let alone our future generations, things have to be said that make people feel uncomfortable and put them up against their cognitive dissonance.

The current paradigm on the planet is a giant festival of lies. It is these lies that have allowed us to create a world that is, overall, so very bleak. The lies have to be exposed in order for us to create a better future and avert massive disasters that are otherwise coming around the bend. He says if he doesn't make you uncomfortable, he's not doing his job.

His goal is to teach you empowering and esoteric knowledge that helps you to recognize who you really are; a spiritual being with tremendous amounts of vitality, courage, virtue, honor, love, and wisdom.

Partial List Of Topics

The topics for the seminar included, but were not limited to

  • Money
  • Currency
  • Inflation
  • Debt Fraud
  • The Banksters
  • Federal Laws
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Natural Law

At this point in the presentation, he played a Mike Maloney video that is crucial background for being able to really understand the monetary system. If you want to get anywhere near the full value of this event, you need to click here now and watch the half hour documentary, unless you are already absolutely schooled on the trickery and treachery of historical banking conspiracy, and how money is debt based, and inflation is a way to rob you of your assets, and how today's fiat money is created out of thin air, and then you have to pay interest to the richest people in the world, and when they manipulate the economy so that you can't meet your debt, you lose your home, car and other valuables and are basically owned by these people and their banks.

If you already know all this and how it is done, and you realize with exact specificity how this doesn't just play out with individuals, but with nation after nation, which becomes owned by these banksters, paying back fake debt on fake money, and how the vast amount of the wealth of the world keeps getting diverted into the hands of a very small number of banksters and how they control governments and wage wars and how their goal that is already well on its way to becoming reality is to bankrupt every nation and every individual who isn't among the global elite, then perhaps, you can get by without watching this video, but it would still be a good idea to watch it.

Your job is to learn this information so that you can teach it to others. If you can't devote a half hour to watch this, how are you going to be able to help us get our world back? Dammit, you're going to make me beg you. Aren't you?

OK, please watch this video. Pretty please. Then come back here when you are done.

Inflation & The Origins Of Paper Money

The central banking system steals money from us by devaluing via inflation. That is done by printing more money. The money is not tied to anything of value, the way it used to stand for gold or silver that you could basically trade it in for.

Actually, the first banks were for gold. People would take their gold to the bank to have it stored there more securely than they could store it at home. Bankers would give receipts that would be needed when the customers would want to take out some of their gold.

A tradition started when merchants would trade gold receipts for products. The amount of gold in said receipt would then belong to the merchant, who could take out that much gold from the bank, using the receipt he got from his customer. This was more convenient than carrying gold around everywhere.

That is how the tradition of money being tied to gold, or sometimes silver, got started. Nations couldn't just print more money if they didn't have the precious metal assets on deposit with which to back it up. This basically forced government to not go on irresponsible spending sprees, and to stay within their means and budgets.

Last century, nations cut that tie to gold. Money not backed by something of value is called fiat money. Fiat money made it possible for countries to start simply printing more money and putting it into circulation, supposedly as a way to help the economy and to pay for whatever they wanted to buy. That is the cause of inflation.

The Huge Vat Of Soup Metaphor

It would be as if there were a huge vat of soup and the cook just kept adding water to make it go farther. After a while, it wouldn't taste as good or be nearly as nutritious. In time, it would basically become little more than water, but you'd be buying it as soup. You'd be getting robbed.

Similarly, as more fiat dollars are printed and put into circulation, like the watered down soup, they become worth less and less. So prices for products have to go up, in order to get the value from the money that isn't worth nearly as much as it used to be worth. Thus, you're being robbed of the value of your money by the monetary policy of the private central bank, (which in the USA is the so-called Federal Reserve. Different areas of the world have different central banks institutions which are all interrelated and owned by the same web of “elite” corporations and individuals that wield more power than any particular government. This is a staple of the multigenerational globalist agenda whose ultimate goal is an overt one world government that would be a one world dictatorship.)

When the additional fiat money is first printed and circulated, to the big businesses that initially have access to it, it's still worth a lot more though. They get better value from it. It's like they get more of the good soup before the cook adds more and more water. You and I get the watered down soup.

Collapse Is Inevitable

The current central banking system creates “money” out of thin air and is a debt-based monetary system. A debt-based monetary system needs debt to survive and has a finite life. In other words, it will eventually collapse!

It's kind of like a game of musical chairs. There become fewer and fewer chairs, as they become owned by the banksters who foreclose on your property that they sold you, while they knew full well that they were manipulating the economy through boom and bust cycles, giving out crazy credit and then tightening it up when people needed it most, making it impossible for more and more people to repay their loans.

The Horrifying Trojan Horses Of Globalist Trade Agreements

A key component of this evil strategy is through falsely named, international “free trade” agreements, that take away the rights of governments and their citizenry to govern themselves, and put the rights and the power into the hands of corporations and global trade groups. The people are told that it will ultimately help all the people of the world, but inevitably, the results are that the masses in all nations suffers. Jobs in western nations get shipped overseas, where slave labor is alive and thriving. Conditions do not improve for the slave laborers either.

The current trade pact being negotiated in secret, the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, is many times worse the NAFTA and GAFTA combined, by far. Congress is not allowed to be in on the negotiations. If they even want to see what is being proposed, they have to go to a room, by themselves, (no staff), be searched for cell phones and other cameras, hand over such devices. They are allowed to see one small piece at a time, but they are monitored to assure that if they take notes, they will give them up to the security people who are monitoring them before they leave. That is a perfect example of how these global agreements usurp the power of the mightiest nations and the smallest, weakest nations alike. US Senators are subjected to pat downs and monitoring if they want to have any idea of what new international laws are being negotiated, all of which they have no part to play in, other than a final yea or nay vote when the time comes to put the agreement into effect.

And for those who think the Republicans and conservatives are the answer to the treason that Obama and the fake liberals have put us through, it should be noted that nobody in the Republican party, not even Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, has come out against the TPP. The only opposition as this point has come from a small group of Democratic party members.

People Create Monetary Value - Not Banks

The value of a currency is dependent on the people. Banks do not give money its value; the people do that. The US dollar is not nearly worth what people are valuing it as (by their continued use of it), but since we the people, still have some level of faith in it, it has yet to become worthless. It should be noted through, that all fiat money becomes worthless at some point. If it's not backed by real value, it's only a matter of time. Truth be told, it's amazing the dollar has yet to break down completely.

What is the Federal Reserve?

Chang reminds us that the Federal Reserve (Fed) is a private central bank owned and controlled by the International Banksters. He says we should never forget that the Federal Reserve is a CRIMINAL banking system created for the purpose of enslaving the American people with debt and destroying the US economy. (Of course, that's just the central bank for the US. Each part of the globe is under the control of the corporate cousins of the Federal Reserve.)

I strongly urge you to devote a little more time and listen to G. Edward Griffin's, The Creature From Jekyll Island. It's the story of how the bankers got a handful of politicians to sneak the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913, a day of infamy, when everything slowly started changing.

Two Illuminating Quotations

One of the Rothschild family banksters is purported to have said in the 1800s, “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws.” Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

No More Federal Than FedEx

Chang wants everyone to know that the Federal Reserve is NOT federal and has little reserve. It is a private corporation controlled by the International Banksters. Here is a quote from about the FederalReserve banking system: “The 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by the Congress as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system, are organized similarly to private corporations…”

Who Own the Federal Reserve?

There are believed to be over 300 people or banks that are stockholders of the Federal Reserve. According to Thomas D. Schauf, author of America's Hope: To Cancel Your Bank Loans Without Going to Court, the top owners of the Federal Reserve are:

  • The Rothschild Bank of London
  • The Warburg Bank of Hamburg
  • The Rothschild Bank of Berlin
  • The Lehman Brothers of New York
  • The Lazard Brothers of Paris
  • The Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
  • The Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
  • The Goldman Sachs of New York
  • The Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
  • The Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Who are the International Banksters?

According to Chang and may other people, the International Banksters are wealthy criminal bankers who control most of the Western banks and some Eastern banks. He says to never forget that when you add a banker and a gangster together, you get a bankster (banker + gangster). Don't let their professional looks and $10,000 suits fool you.

The International Banksters are often members of secret/secretive societies (i.e., the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Nazis, the Knights Templar, the Skull & Bones).

Chang tells us that we need to always keep in nind the distinction between something being legal and something being lawful.


In accordance with the law of the land; according to the law; permitted, sanctioned, or justified by law. “Lawful” properly implies a thing conformable to or enjoined by law; (A Dictionary of Law 1893)

Latin legalis… Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the practice of law: as, the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper. Implied or imputed in law. Opposed to actual.

“Legal” looks more to the letter, and “Lawful” to the spirit, of the law. “Legal” is more appropriate for conformity to positive rules of law; “Lawful” for accord with ethical principle. … 2 Abbott's Law Dict. 24. (A Dictionary of Law 1893)

God Given Versus Government Granted

In simple terms, something that is lawful is above something that is legal. If something is legal, it does not necessarily mean that it is lawful.For example, killing someone is unlawful but can be legal. Lawful is more about natural rights – God given rights – and legal is more about rights given by man or the government.

Traveling Versus Driving

Chang went on to say that the word “traveling” is a lawful term and the word “driving” is a legal term. Traveling is a natural right and therefore you cannot be arrested for traveling. On the other hand, driving is said to be a legal privilege.

If a cop pulls you over and you consent to be “driving,” the cop can legally arrest you for breaking traffic statutes. With such distinctions in mind, Chang said we should turn our attention back to how banks create and lend money.

No Longer As Good As Gold

In the 20th century the banksters made sure that the only money available would be fiat money. To do that, they manipulated politicians to quit linking their paper money to gold or silver. Before that, governments would not print more money than they had gold to back it. Now the only thing that backs money is the faith of the people who are using it. That was the beginning of making everyone a slave, of sorts.

Now, banks don't lend actual money. The so-called money they lend is nothing more than notes or checks that are backed by promises to pay. Before you are lent these notes from banks, you have to sign documents with the terms and price tag of the money you agree to pay back, which, of course, is significantly more than what you are borrowing.

The documents are called different names. They are referred to as loan agreements, promissory notes or negotiable contracts. Your sigature legally binds you to the terms of the contract.

Chang says that when you sign the promissory note to the bank, it, in effect, becomes a form of money, based on your promise to pay. For contracts to be legally binding, they must have mutual agreement as well as full disclosure. That means that bank loans are techinically fraudulant agreements. They aren't mutual agreements because the full disclousre aspect is missing.

Fractional Reserve Banking

There are so many jaw dropping protocols going on in the banking industry, if everyone actually understood, they would likely get their pitchforks and torches and show up en masse at their bank president's office. Fractional reserve banking is one of those.

Banks are legally allowed to loan out ten times the amount of money than they actually have. When people put their money in the bank for safe keeping, banks are allowed to loan it out to other people who sign the promissory notes to pay it back. But they don't just loan out that money, They loan out up to 10 times the amount.

Say you put a thousand dollars in the bank. That gives the bank the legal right to make loans of $10,000. How can they do that? People don't usually take out the actual paper money. They have it placed onto their accounts.

Today, that's blips on a computer screen. Before computers it was numbers written and typed on ledgers. Today the blip money is transferred via debit cards and online transactions. Before computers it was transferred through checks.

All this money goes back and forth, but most of it doesn't even exist, yet that doesn't stop the bank from making you pay it back. You usually do this paper money or blips you got from your employer for the value of your time and work. And don't forget, you paid back considerably more than the actual blips they loaned you.

That's Just The Beginning Of This Rabbit Hole

Mr. Chang wants everyone to understand that isn't the full extent of the fraud.

He says that once you sign a loan agreement, it becomes a valid promissory note. The local bank then deposits your promissory note into its account as money, which is actually your money.

The local bank uses your promissory note to exchange for credits in your transaction account, and thereby creating new money. After the transaction, the local bank turns around and lends you that same money as a bank loan. Did the bank tell you ahead of time that it was going to lend you your own money?

Did you agree to allow the bank to lend you your own money? If your honest answer is “no,” then it was not a mutual agreement based upon full disclosure.

Chang says that what the local bank did is fraud because it is lending you your own money. By lending you your own money, the local bank is making 100 percent profit every time you pay your monthly payment.

If you add the interest into the equation, the local bank is making more than 100 percent profit. This is how banks are stealing your money without your knowledge.

Chang's Evidence

Chang says to find evidence of this, you should, read page 6-7 of Modern Money Mechanics, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. On page 6-7, you will find a sentence that reads “What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers' transaction accounts.”

When the sentence above refers to “they,” Chang tells us that it is referring to banks. He says that according to Thomas D. Schauf, the sentence in quotations in the above paragraph reads, “credits in the borrower's transaction account” instead of “credits to the borrowers' transaction accounts.” He warns us that the book Modern Money Mechanics has gone through a few revisions since it was published in 1961, so the original words may have been changed.

Two Things You Should Realize About Bank Deposits

1) When you deposit cash in a bank, you are depositing money that you earned in the past, which then gets magically multiplied and get loaned out to other people, many times over. 2) When you deposit a promissory note, you are depositing the value of your future earnings and having it returned to you as a bank loan. This means that the bank is receiving your promissory note and future payment for free.

Even if you either can't wrap your head around what Mr. Chang is saying, here, or you simply reject it, you can not argue with the fact that banks create money that doesn't exist, simply by making loans and playing accounting tricks, formerly with physical ledgers and now with virtual ledgers. They are loaning things that don't own, let alone that that don't even hold for safe keeping for their savings customers. They make you pay it back with a lot of interest. They don't allow you to pay down the balance of the loan first. The payments they get from you, first go to the actual interest, which makes it take much longer to pay off the loan, and creates more interest.

And mind you, we aren't even talking about how the Federal Reserve prints money on paper that is hardly worth anything, which then floods the market and makes prices go higher. Furthermore, we haven't even touched upon how the Federal Reserve creates money by making bonds that it sells to other nations like China that end up owning large parts of our economy) when the government wants to increase the debt and spend more money. The rabbit hole is massive!

Then the Federal Reserve creates cycles of boom, by opening up credit, and loaning out massive amounts of money, or should I say, blips, which helps to get people into serious debt, and then they purposefully manipulate the economy to create bust cycles, so that people can't repay their blips, and due to the terms of their agreements, they lose the collateral that the banks forced them to put up, in order to loan them the blips on the computer screen, so they end up losing their homes and other assets, which is all part of the master plan.

To get back to Chang's point, he says that banks cannot lawfully take a promissory note from us, deposit it, and claim it as their property without our permission, authorization, and knowledge. To commit this action is a violation of contract law. The banks of today are nothing more than CRIMINAL organizations he says, and I find it hard to disagree… Especially when you realize that the largest banks are routinely caught laundering billions of dollars in illicit drug money… And all the while, nobody ever goes to prison, let alone, jail, but if you get caught with a remnant of a joint in your pocket, there are forces in effect to try to assure that you will do time, and become part of the privatized slave prison work force.

Fight The Banks When They Foreclosure Upon You

When it comes to a mortgage loan, banks will often securitize it. That is, they sell it as a security on the stock exchange, but they do it in bundles of hundreds of others, if not thousands. The specific term for these mortgage loans is mortgage-backed securities, which are securities that are secured by mortgages. They would make horrible loans to people who they had no business giving the mortgages to because it was obvious they would be unable to pay it back.

Then they passed off the bad loans as investments to unsuspecting investors. They have paid billions of dollars in fines for this and other criminal behavior, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the profits they have made, as well as to the bailouts the government has given them from taxpayer funds.

One silver lining to all this bullcrap is the fact that when your house gets foreclosed upon, chances are good the entity doing the foreclosing doesn't actually have the paperwork to prove they own your mortgage. Millions of people have fought it in court and have been able to live rent free for years, or be able to renegotiate their debt to more equitable numbers, simply because they were willing to call the bank's bluff in court.

Either Way The Bank Wins

Banks also purchase an insurance policy for most of their loans, so that if borrowers default on these loans, banks can collect even more money from the insurance company. When it comes to the masses, it's often a matter of damned if we do or damned if we don't, but when it comes to banks, the rules are set so they win no matter what, and they do so at our expense.

Chang says that the banking system revolves around deception and trickery of every kind. I remember when I figured out that Bank Of America was manipulating the time logs when I would have a debit card overdraft, so that they could create more overdraft fees.

For instance, I would have made two small purchases; one for 79 cents and another for a buck twenty five. Then an automatic monthly payment would drop that I thought wasn't due for 2 days, so I didn't have the money in the account to cover it. Bank of America would make it look like the big payment came first, and then that I made those 2 paltry purchases, so that I ended up owing three overdraft fees of $35, when, in fact, I only should have been charged the one fee for $35.

I would go in and explain it to the bank officers. They were trained to say that even though I may have made those small purchases first, the businesses in question did not post them until later. The problem is, I had verified in real time, that the businesses posted them virtually instantaneously. Those bank people thought I was crazy to believe that a “legitimate bank” would do something like that. I said they make many millions of dollars every year doing that, and they are naive as to how the world works.

Turns out, years after I left them and went to a credit union that's open to the public, I got two small checks in the mail as part of some legal action based on Bank of America getting caught doing that. I think I only got $35, when in reality, they had gotten me for several hundred dollars over the few years I had stupidly stayed with them.

So yes, I concur with Mr. Chang when he says that banks are built upon crime in every way you can imagine and many ways you can't. He says that every time a bank loans money they're committing fraud since they're actually lending you your own money without telling you and that by not being open (full disclosure), they nullify the contract they entered with you and you do not actually owe them the money.

(Of course, getting them or the courts to see it that way may be another thing altogether.)

All Debts Are Fraudulent As Well As Prepaid

If what you have read so far isn't controversial enough for you, don't worry, because Chang's getting ready to ramp it up now. Plus he's going to venture into the woo world of metaphysics. You are likely to scoff at some, or even much of what you are about to read. Just try to keep an open mind.

Chang tells us next that our debts are already paid. My metaphor for this, is imagine you are an indentured servant; a slave, basically. You toil 12 to 16 hours a day for years on end, but you owe the company store money because you are charged more for your pitiful housing and food than you get from your meager wages.

Not entirely unlike a member of the “church” of Scientology, you are trying to work your way to freedom, but the more time passes, the more you owe. Yet, something happens. There is a change in the law of the land. The word comes down that the accounting that has undervalued your work and overcharged your room and board is to be no more.

Not only that, but it is being re-tabulated, and instead of owing hundreds of thousands before you can become free, you are actually owed that amount of money from your employer, your former master, if you will. So now, instead of being in debt and not free, but you are free and you are the one who has money coming to you because of all the years of value you have given in your labor.

Well, Chang says that you may think you are in debt, and legally you may be in debt, but lawfully, and in the greater reality, your debt has been paid already. It is an unlawful system that put you and held you in bondage to begin with.

The Secret Of Birth Certificates

Mr. Chang wants you to know that your birth certificate has been used to enslave you. That ties in to the reason that bank debts are fraudalant and already paid in full. He says our birth certificates are actually bonds that have been traded in the stock market as securities. This, he says, is why virtually any debts we may have, are already prepaid.

First, the government converts the certificates into public trusts as a way to securitize them. He says the DTC (Depository Trust Company) is the name of the agency that securitizes everyone's' birth certificates. There is something called the cusid number, ( which stands for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures), which is assigned to the birth certificate before they get sold to the Federal Reserve. (aka, the fed.)

The fed is said to use our birth certificates as a form of collateral for not only our future debts, but for the national debt. This, Chang says, adds to the list of reasons why bank debts are fraudulent.

This is what the government is said to use to legally (but not lawfully) claim each of us as property. As such, anything we create, generate or produce is said to technically be owned by the government. However, there as said to be largely hidden ways we can dispute the system and claim our personal rights.

NOTE: Since the scope of this article is becoming to large to get it done in a single installment, and since Chang doesn't get into those instructions until later in the seminar, I am linking to this page which deals with the topic and has more links for further study.

Don't Believe It? Find A Stock Broker Who Knows About Cusid Numbers

Chang says you probably aren't going to believe this, so he urges you to track down a stock broker who knows a thing or two about cusid numbers. He should be able to convert the letters & numbers that are on your birth certificate into your cusid number. He says that once you find the cusid number, you will be able to find the value of your birth certificate on the stock market.

He says this is all part of a spell and a ritual to be able to energetically bind you. These people don't just want to own your body and your life. They want your soul under their control. As far as they are concerned, having that kind of total control over you, gives them the right to consider you a product which they can sell for profit.

Chang says our birth certificates are primarily profit share statements for the controllers. These profit statements come to us in the form of utility bills, water, electricity. They are not bills so much as they are statements.

Chang cites Judge Dale, the author of The Great American Adventure: The Secrets of America, as the source for much of this data. Dale says that monthly bank bills are also statements, and that statements show the amount that is due and paid, while actual bills only show what is due.

So, the theory goes, that when we pay such bills, we are actually paying for things that have already been paid by our trusts. The formal name for the trust is, Cestui Que Trust. Chang tells us that Dale says that utility companies as well as banks have access to our Cestui Que Trust, but they need to add our signatures and social security numbers to them.

My Take On This Data

Now, I'll add here that most of the banking information regarding how money is created and the economy is manipulated by the private corporation, the Federal Reserve in such a way to suck the wealth from the people to the few, is entirely a matter of fact. However, a lot of this bizarre sounding data can seem rather speculative.

That said, you should know that many people, armed with this type of data, have won court cases and have gotten free from debt and even government harassment. They say things to judges in court, which cause the judge to leave the room and then their case, many times, simply gets dropped. That type of activity, and other head scratching events like the IRS no longer seeking to collect taxes from quite a few people who acted on this type of knowledge – or cops refusing to arrest people who drive without licenses, etc., etc, have demonstrated to me that there absolutely is something to this kind of, down-the-rabbit-hole strangeness. It has been shown to work with a number of people who have tried it, so it's impossible for me to dismiss all this mysterious data, whole cloth. I don't think it's easy or guaranteed, though.

In fact, I believe many people have been spectacularly crashed and burned when trying to apply this knowledge in their actions with authorities. I can believe there are people behind bars who probably would not be if they had not chosen to go down that road.

My advice is to keep your mind open and do not outright reject this information. Record into your consciousness and save it for later. It may make more sense later on when you get other pieces of the puzzle. It may come in very handy, when normal channels have gotten you nowhere.

For instance, I've heard of stories where people who were about to get sentenced to prison would say to the judge, “Is there no hope for the widow's son?,” and then the judge would change his sentence to no prison or jail time. (That, at one time, at least, was a secret saying for masons to use when seeking help. Thus, a judge who is a mason might hear those words from a defendant and go easy on her.)

This world we live in is more bizarre and outlandish than we have any idea of. It is not foolish to read and be open to this type of information. Be in the spirit of seeking truth, and be willing to admit that you've been fooled about so much in life, that you know you can't afford to say you know for a fact there is nothing to any of this outlandish sounding stuff.

I don't want to leave you hanging regarding information on how to stop credit card and other debt collectors, so I'll direct you to this video by truther babe Sonia, which deals with some of what Chang talks about.

What About The Morality?

I'm sure many people would say that even if it works, it is immoral to not pay back debts. If that is your fixed position, then simply don't use this information to help you get out of debt and attain more personal freedom. However, I would like to provide some counterpoints to that argument.

What about a case of a drug dealer who had made large amounts of money off of keeping you supplied – who, in fact, got your started by giving you all kinds of free samples while you were a minor, and then once you were addicted, quit giving you samples? Every time you tried to stop, he would be there with with “generous” amounts of drugs to be repaid later. This dealer has been a key element in the sabotage of your life and has made huge profits off your misery.

Many people would say that it is not immoral to refuse to pay him back if you have quit doing drugs and have got your life back. Can you see a difference in a case like this? How about, if you also know that he is a brutal rapist, whose favorite victims are children?

Well, that is very much the situation when you have debt to the financial/banking/credit industry. At the top, they have the system set up to take your assets. They are very much involved in the financing of drug operations, human (slave) trafficking and child pornography. They create needless wars as a way to maintain control and generate more profit. They have their tentacles in the ritual torture and murder of infants, children, adults & animals.

This is not to say that you should live above your means and have an indebted lifestyle. However, if you are looking to turn your life around, and want to let go of debts to these institutions, I, for one, find nothing immoral out of not paying these dirty rotten scoundrels back.

All Capital Letters - Whassup With That?

Chang speaks about how your name is usually put in upper case (all capital letters) on your birth certificate and other legal documents and that is supposed to symbolically be you. I've read many other sources who say that is your “ straw man”. The legal system wants you to submit to the notion that such a legal fiction is you.

It is probably how the term, “identity theft”, came into parlance. Your identity can not be stolen. People can steal some of your data that is used to identify you, but your identity, who you are, can never actually be stolen. Don't think and speak in the way the system is programming us to accept.

Federal Reserve Note (Currency) Versus Money

Federal reserve notes are IOUs. They are liabilities. Banks add debt to the economy every time they lend money or issue checks back by these Federal Reserve notes. The interest on the debt is assigned to the people. It can never be paid back, but the wealth of individuals can be usurped by the debt.

If you look at the image of the dollar, you will see, Federal Reserve Note. Below that, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is written in all capital letters. That is code, meaning it is referring to the corporation, the Unite States, not the country.

To Be Continued

When the next installment of this recap and reworking of PL Chang's first seminar is completed, it will be linked here. In the meantime, if you don't want to wait to get more from P.L. Chang, you can visit his websites, Omni Thought & Energy Fanatics.

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