It's Hard To Admit How Wrong I Was About Obama

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


Dumbfounded, I Tell You

I am absolutely dumbfounded by how wrong I've been about Obama.

Yet, as shocked as I feel at my own ability to be so utterly wrong, I'm just as shocked that so many voters continue to support him. It just goes to show you the level of partisan blindness that is built into the game of politics.

Argument For Missing Bush?

When Bush Jr. was installed in the White House, I marveled at how Republicans took him seriously. To me, it was like the elephant in the room that we all pretended wasn't there. I really wondered how newscasters refrained from snickering when they'd speak his name, or why none of them wouldn't break script at some point and bring up the inappropriateness of having Eddie Haskell as the President of the United States of America. 1)

I felt embarrassed for the 99.9 percent of Republicans who did not seem to know enough to be embarrassed for their party. During his entire nightmarish reign, it never did get normal for me. I didn't get used to that level of sheer incompetence and cluelessness, blended with blatant criminality.

The fact that people went about their lives without constantly questioning how a man like that could become President really opened my eyes to the level of programming that we all have been subjected to. Yes, a lot of Democrats seemed to have understood the bizarro world we were in, but it was difficult to find any Republicans who were willing to simply be honest with themselves to admit he made his party look like an absolute joke.


At Least Bush Had Entertainment Value

It was nothing less than hilarious, watching him deal with his arch enemy, the English language. It was always a treat, hearing the things his brain would come up with, like how so many gynecologists are no longer able to practice their love with women. However, there was nothing funny about the policies of his administration.

The bureaucrats he brought in to run his administration were largely from the Project For A New American Century (founded by none other than Dick Cheney.) That think tank had projected a war laden foreign policy that would create a massive US presence in the middle east. In their report, a year before 911, they stated that, “a new Pearl Harbor,” type of event was needed to make their plan feasible.


Fortuitous Coincidence? Yeah, Right

How perfectly coincidental it was that Bush brought them in to run the show and that nine eleven, a new Pearl Harbor event, would just happen to fall into their laps. This allowed them to do everything they had dreamed about, and so much more. No bid war contracts were given to companies with ties to people in the Bush administration, including Vice (the actual) President, Dick Cheney.

It was nothing less than amazing that Republicans didn't have a problem with any of that. Then as the Bush boys started shredding the Bill of Rights, aided, no doubt, with bipartisan support that passed the (anti) Patriot Act, it should have become apparent to everybody in all parties, the level of darkness that was being perpetrated upon the nation, and subsequently, the world.

Aren't Democrats Supposed To Be Better?

Sure, a lot of Democratic party voters were incredibly upset, but the media and the Republicans had no issues at all with what was going on. During all this time, I kept thinking that the difference between Democratic and Republican voters was that if there was ever a Democratic party president who were as unabashedly anti American and harmful to the nation as Bush was, the voters would put pressure on her to clean up her act.

I even envisioned Democrats in Congress letting such a President know that if she didn't change, they would be the ones to create the articles of impeachment; not the Republicans. I really thought that Democrats were so much better, in those terms. I presumed they weren't nearly the same the level of partisan tools that Republicans are. Boy, was I wrong.

So Very Wrong

I wasn't just wrong about that. I was wrong about Obama. Not that I thought he was going to be good; not that I could ever have imagined myself voting for him, but I thought that no matter how bad he would turn out to be, he was going to be a big step in the right direction, from Bush.2)

What Happened To The Hope And Change?

From before he even took office, he started showing his true colors were 180 degrees opposite from the hope and change he was offering on the campaign trail.

For instance, he had promised to not have lobbyists in his administration, yet as he announced his key cabinet appointments it was filled with lobbyists or CEOs for whom the lobbyists had worked. Choosing Timothy Geithner, the head of Goldman Sachs as the Treasury Secretary was as direct a case as has ever been seen of putting the fox in charge of the hen house.3)

If you'll remember, it was in the midst of the financial collapse, brought on by Goldman Sachs and other too big to fail companies, selling sub prime loans and doing credit default swaps. Indeed, it was through the use of the latter that Goldman Sachs made billions while pushing AIG into bankruptcy.4)

How Do These Things Happen?

So, picking Geithner to be Secretary of the Treasury should have told us everything we would need to know about what kind of president this guy was going to be. It's totally insane. It's like Dick Cheney owning a piece of Haliburton while they got no bid contracts in the Iraq war. Not a single peep from mainstream media in either case.

Non Stop Lying

Candidate Obama said he was appalled by all the secrecy in the Bush administration. He vowed to have among the most transparent presidencies in history. Immediately upon taking office though, he demonstrated that was nothing but one of his countless campaign lies.

He said he was concerned about the loss of freedoms in the so-called Patriot Act, but that Bush was responsible for even worse attacks on liberty by his abuse of executive orders. He promised to not only, not follow in Bush' example, but to use his pen to undo a lot of the harm that Bush did to the country. In both instances, he proved to be lying.

There were even hints of going after Bush and/or some of his aids, criminally, for various breaches of power. We now realize that was perhaps the biggest con of all. Not only did Obama not do anything to make anyone responsible for any of the crimes that went down in the Bush era, he and his team have continued on in the crime spree. In fact, they have out-Bushed Bush, and out-Republicaned the Republicans.

Much Worse The Second Time Around

As bad as Obama was in his first term, it paled in comparison to what he's done in less than two years, since. At this point, it seems like he is literally trying his damnedest to get impeached. He must be marveling in how it appears like there is nothing he can do that will get him trouble.

Votescam, The Book


Incidentally, after reading the book, Votescam, published in the early 90s, but almost immediately banned from big bookstores, I have been aware that US presidents are selected, rather than elected. The votes actually aren't counted. It's an eye opening book that comes highly recommended by many liberty activists. You can get the first several chapters online here.

The shadow government installs as president whomever they have chosen. The election is all one big dog and pony show. The anticipation people should have on presidential election nights should never be a matter of wondering who the people will vote for. The mystery is, which of the two puppets will the the ruling cabal, (the trillionaire elite), choose? The answer will be, whomever they have decided will do more to advance their world government agenda.

For a number of reasons, I hoped that they were going to give Obama a second term, because as bad as he was, his first term, I felt that Romney would be even worse. Keep in mind, Obama wasn't nearly the level of treasonous traitor back then that he has showed himself to be now.

At the time, the Bush years were worse than the Obama years. After all, the inside job known as nine eleven happened with the help of many Bush administration members. The equally evil (probably more so) reaction to nine eleven was also a product led by the Republicans doing the bidding of the New World Order.

Wrong Again

I felt that if the cabal decided to go with Obama for a second term, it would be a sign that they were slowing down on their one world government program, that had been going at full steam when they committed nine eleven and the subsequent wars in the aftermath.

As bad as it was to have Obama come back for more, I was definitely very relieved that Romney did not get in. However, what has happened since, has shown me that Romney could not have been any worse, even if he tried.

Obama doubled and tripled down on the tyranny.5) Almost anything Bush had done wrong, Obama since has done worse. True, he didn't take part in a nine eleven level terror event yet, but he's done everything else he could do to hurt the country. Plus, he still has plenty of time to take part in his own nine eleven level “false flag” event.

Do The Trillionaire Elite Intend To Nuke Manhattan?

The fact that he has publicly mused about worrying over the possibility of a nuclear bomb going off in Manhattan, makes me think that his puppet masters are contemplating the possibility.6) The question would be, who would they (the shadow government, powers that be) blame it on?

The signals the government has been putting out for years now is that they are going to set up patriot groups. Yes, it's sick and ironic. The very people who are blowing the whistle on the New World Order for events like nine eleven, are being set up to be the patsy for their potential upcoming terror events.

Obama, being the good globalist puppet all presidents are paid to be, is playing right into it. He is speaking about it to spread the seeds of fear, when he says he's having trouble sleeping, worrying about nuclear bombs in Manhattan.



I realize this is my opinion piece on Obama, but this needs to be stated. Nobody has the right to take the position that the government would never be a part of domestic terrorism. The reason I say that is because the FBI has admitted to giving the people who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, not only the idea to do it, but they supervised the building of the bomb through their special informant. They allowed the bombing to happen, much to the the chagrin of the informant, who believed he was part of the FBI team that was entrapping the suspects, who would get arrested before ever getting the chance to detonate the bomb.7) Six people lost their lives and more than 1,000 were injured; many of them, seriously.

If you don't believe it, just do a search for, “FBI admits 1993 World Trade Center bombing.” Don't ever let anyone question your patriotism when you tell them that big, centralized governments are not trustworthy. That one example is everything you need to tell anyone who would attempt to do so.

The only reason we know about this is because the informant began to get suspicious that the FBI was really going to let the bombing happen. He felt he might be being set up to take the blame, so he recorded some of his conversations with his FBI handler.

If not for that, we would never have known. We only have a small portion of their conversations, so we don't know the entire extent of the FBI's involvement. It is possible that rather than simply helping them know where to get bomb making supplies, they actually supplied everything required.

In earlier tape recordings, the informant was told he would be given fake explosives for the bomb. We only know, that plan did not go through. It seems logical that the FBI, then, actually supplied real explosives, but that data is not on the recordings made public. Really, it hardly matters. Either way, the FBI is guilty as hell.

The FBI also admits that virtually all of the so-called foiled terror plots that we here about in the media, which the FBI is so proud of, are cases that they, or some other intelligence agency, recruited the people and helped them to plan the attacks. The agencies then arrest their (usually mentally debilitated) suspects, who only planned the attacks due to the instigation of the agency.8)

Do a search for, “FBI entraps terror suspects.” With these admissions from the government, it's more than likely that other actual terror events are also instigated by these agencies. Nobody has the intellectual or moral high ground to call you crazy for believing or suspecting that 911 or any other events are inside jobs.

In fact, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently tell them that they are the ones being intellectually dishonest to not believe that governments can take part in such atrocities.

Obama Brags About Killing People

The Washington Post published a story that said Obama was overheard, in a discussion with aids on the topic of the drone program, saying, “I'm really good at killing people.” It seems that Obama takes much pleasure in having the power of life and death over people. The quote is discussed in a book about the 2012 presidential campaign, Double Down: Game Change 2012.9)

Bush was criticized by Democrats for using drones to kill targeted individuals in and around the war zones. Obama is closing in on ten times the number of drone strikes as Bush, and the Democrats just can't get enough. He supervises the kill list that comes into his office, often on a daily basis.

You may have heard about entire buildings full of people dying because the United States was trying to kill an alleged terrorist who may or may not have been in attendance. Countless children are killed, quite regularly with these drone strikes.10) How is that not terror activity?


Not A Word From The "Liberals"

If it was Bush doing this, there is no doubt the Democrats would be ranting and raving, calling him out for first, or at least second degree murder. Yet, because the nature of partisan politics is to be a political tool, Democrats have no problem when their guy is the one doing the murdering.

Right To A Trial Wiped Out With Obama's Signature

There are so many scandals going on in Obama's presidency, you forget about past ones, to make space for the latest ones. He lobbied for the provision in the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bill that allows him, as president, to have the military arrest anybody accused of giving aid to any groups the government deems as terrorists, and have them taken from their homes, whether it's abroad or not even just abroad or in the States. Then they can be, “disappeared.” 11)

He Can Even Kill You

No charges need to ever be filed. Nobody gets to know where the person is. She can't defend herself in court. She may even be executed, per his orders.12) George W. Bush is probably embarrassed for Obama, proving how outright mad with a lust for power he must have.

Dick Cheney is probably jealous. Cheney is said to have taken part in those kinds of activities for years – (Do a search for, “Cathy O'Brien + Dick Cheney) – but he doesn't get to do it under the guise of law.13)

For his part in the NDAA alone, Obama should be impeached, as well as tried as a traitor. The problem is, every member of Congress who voted for it, should also get the same treatment.

Bestiality Provision

As much as the mainstream media chooses not to deal with the fact that the White House can now use the military to disappear and/or kill Americans and others on command, they are even quieter about the fact that the same bill signed by Obama, allows military members to have sex with animals.14) Perhaps in his world he thinks that means that no one can say that he isn't looking out for military members. Maybe he views that as quite an incentive to get people to sign up.

Shoot The Messenger

Do you recall how Democrats were outraged when the news came out about warrantless wiretapping of certain individuals during the Bush years? Yet, when Edward Snowden revealed that everybody's phone calls are being recorded, (as well as so many other illegal invasions of privacy), Obama's reaction has only been to try his best to arrest and punish the messenger, Snowden. Democratic voters are actually siding with Obama. Obama, showing incredible hubris, basically forced down the plane of the president of Bolivia to search for Snowden.15)

What if the Snowden affair had happened under Bush? Democrats would be outraged that Bush would be upset at Snowden but have no concern about all the wrong doing by the government that Snowden has uncovered. They'd be calling Bush a traitor for siding with the intelligence agencies who are treating us all like we are guilty until proven innocent.

Wrong Yet Again

I was completely wrong in my judgement of Democratic voters being more refined or open minded than Republican voters. If Charles Manson was somehow installed as president, I suspect that he would have the support of the majority of either the Republicans or the Democrats, depending on which party he was in.

There's a citizen journalist named Mark Dice who does some amazing man on the street type videos. He poses as a canvasser trying to get signatures for various (fake) Obama-backed plans. Just by saying Obama's name, Democrats sign up for the most outrageous things.

What Kind Of Things?


Well, like for a referendum to take away the bill of rights, or for a petition to allow fourth trimester abortions. There was the petition to not allow Tea party members to own guns, as well as the petition to ban black backpacks, (since the Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombs were said to be in black backpacks. Note: Backpacks of any other color were not included in the petition.)

There was the petition for mandatory euthanasia for senior citizens, and the petition to ban petitions. Dice also got people to sign petitions to raise inflation to 100% and to add carcinogens to the water supply.16)

He found that as long as he prefaced it with, “for Obama,” he had no problem finding people to sign on the proverbial dotted line. This all goes to drive home the point that I could not have been more wrong to think that Democratic party voters would quit supporting a president who turned out to be as bad as Bush.

Makes Tricky Dick Nixon Look Like An Angel


The amazing thing about Obama's scandals is that any number of them are worse than anything that Nixon was going to be impeached for, before he resigned.17) However, to be fair, Obama wasn't the first President to commit worse crimes in the White House than Nixon.

In all likelihood, everyone since Nixon has done so, with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, but don't even hold me to that exception. Reagan certainly did much worse and got away with it.

Reagan's and Pappy Bush's Impeachable Offenses

After repeating the mantra of not negotiating with terrorists, his Iran Contra scandal was based on sending arms to Iran, in violation of the embargo law against Iran, for their terrorist activities. Indeed, it was an arms for hostage deal.

Of course, Reagan started negotiating with terrorists before he was even elected. He sent negotiators on his behalf to speak with representatives in Iran who were holding the American hostages. The word was that they were ready to release the hostages. Reagan believed he would be sure to win as long as Carter could not claim victory for the release of the hostages, so a deal was struck for them to delay the release until after the elections, in exchange for the sale of arms at a later date.

Iran actually started releasing them on the day Reagan was inaugurated. This caused people to believe it was because they were afraid of him. Little did the public know it was because of an illegal and secret deal that actually delayed their release, and guaranteed that Iran would be able to procure weapons.18)

The hostages involved in the Iran Contra scandal were a different set of Americans who were being held hostage in the Iran contra scandal. They were held in Egypt, under Tehran control. They were released when they got the arms from the Reagan administration.

It was all to no avail though, because shortly thereafter, three more Americans were taken hostage in Egypt, to replace three that were released. Included in the Iran Contra was shipping guns to the right wing terrorists in Nicaragua attempting to overthrow the left wing Sandinista government, as well as an arrangement that resulted in bringing in large amounts of cocaine to be sold on the streets of the USA. That is when the American crack epidemic started.19) 20)

Then there was the cover up. There was shredding of documents and lying to Congress and other investigators, all of which were additional crimes, added on to this sordid affair.

There were definitely grounds for impeachment and imprisonment of Reagan, his vice president, Bush, Senior and many other members of the administration. So Obama is not the only one getting away with murder.

The thing about Obama, though, is that there are so many different violations of office he could be impeached for if the congress took their jobs seriously, he probably is record setting, in that regard.

The IRS Scandal


The New York Post published the photoshopped image you see above, of the embattled former high ranking IRS official whose frequent testimony before Congress has seemed to many congresspersons that she was giving them the finger. The changing narratives and dubious stories of missing emails helped her earn a contempt of congress charge, as well as to be placed on administrative leave.

One of the main articles of impeachment for Richard Nixon was his attempted use of the IRS against people he considered his enemies. The number of people and the amount of harassment absolutely pales in comparison to the number of groups and activists that have been harassed by the IRS that are opposed to Obama. It's not even close.21)

In fact, it is believed that Nixon was wholly unsuccessful due to, as one staffer complained on the Nixon tapes, Democrats having control of the IRS. Be that as it may, the mere intention and plan, with a list of targeted enemies in the White House safe, was enough for that IRS unfulfilled scandal to be listed second in the House articles of impeachment that were being prepared for Nixon, before he resigned.

The question about the current IRS scandal is, did this come from the White House. It seems extremely likely, despite Obama's initial claim that nobody did anything wrong. He said there was not even, “a smidgeon of corruption,” by anyone.

As a columnist for the New York Post points out, that is a rather curious statement. How could he have possibly known that? He might be on a bit more solid ground if he was denying any personal wrongdoing, but no one with less than omniscient powers could possibly make the guarantee Obama made.

With all the hearings since then, he has changed the claim. Now he is saying that any impropriety was simply the matter of a rogue operation in a single IRS office. Depending on how far the investigation gets, it will be interesting to hear him walk that one back.

Wouldn't it be interesting if that was some kind of trail that proved the White House was involved? Well, it seems that there are two years worth of emails, that have disappeared, in a series of the most unlikeliest of events.

There are a number of hard drives that are supposed to have crashed as well as backup system failures that amount to rather astounding odds. There is also a lot of changing testimony and withholding of information that has happened in dozens of hearings.22)

When 18 minutes of Nixon's oval office tapes went missing, it was for a reason. You can bet your bottom dollar, the same thing applies here. Anybody who is looking at this with an open mind, can't help but come to the conclusion that abuse of power has taken place. It's also obvious that a large scale cover up is ongoing.

The Benghazi Raid and Cover Up


The US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was killed in a raid on the anniversary of nine eleven at his compound. He had been requesting increased security for quite some time, and was turned down each time.23) If that was all there was to the story, it would be pretty bad. It might not be an impeachable offense, but it should make the president look bad. The thing is, there is so much more to the story.24)

First of all, there was that 13 minute “movie”, that may have been a piece of a larger, 2 hour video, or might have been the complete show, depending on what you read and which report you choose to believe. What is known for sure is that the actors were told it was an “Arabian adventure movie”, not an anti Islamic production. In post production, the producer brought in some other actors to dub in lines of dialogue that are highly offensive to Muslims.

The video had been posted without the sacrilege and in English in July of 2012, but it is believed that on the morning of September 11th, a new version, the one with an overdubbed soundtrack in Arabic, including the offensive remarks, was published on YouTube. This version went on to cause rioting in a number of countries, with 50 deaths and hundreds of injuries attributed to it.

It also was originally said to be the cause of the attack on the Libyan ambassador's compound. The White House and the State Department has said that was the information they had, so that is what the news they released. There is evidence to indicate they are being dishonest about this.

Of course, it turned out that the inflammatory video had nothing to do with the attack, and many people believe that the whole thing was a ruse. However, the mainstream media has steered clear of dealing with connecting the very likely dots, that the movie was created for the express purpose of providing cover for the terrorist attack.

The idea being that the video was planned to cause rioting in a number of countries around the world, so the planned attack on the compound could be blamed on the video, to boot. If that is the case, the crucial question is, who all knew about the attack, in advance? Who planned it? How many players allowed it to happen, even if they weren't the ones who planned it?

Some conspiracy researchers say that Obama's people were behind the attack, and that Mitt Romney knew it was going to happen, due to his high level Morman CIA connections. At this point, that data should be considered to be in the realm of specuation.

Since Obama's White House has put out false information, saying that the attack was due to the video when investigations have revealed that they knew that wasn't the case, there is a lot of suspicion directed at the Obama administration. They have done pretty much nothing to help investigators clear up their confusion.

Further investigations have revealed that Stevens was helping Islamic rebels get arms that they would use to go into Syria and kill people, as a way of destabilizing the government. This common destabilization strategy, though done under the watch of every president, is definitely grounds for impeachment.

The Obama administration and a number of US intelligence agencies have been trying to overthrow Syria's leader, Assad for a few years now. Obama supporters might argue that since every president commonly takes part in these kinds of geopolitical impeachable offenses, he should get a free pass.

That is missing the point entirely, and simply creates a system where the rule of law is a thing of the past. At some point, politicians must be stopped. Then, and only then, will there be a chance to right this wayward ship.

A number of independent investigators believe that someone wanted Stevens dead to prevent him from being a threat. As the saying goes, dead men tell no tales. He is said to have known too much. What most of the media does not tell us is that there were two attacks that day.25)

About a mile away was a compound that stored weapons. Perhaps the attackers were supposed to kill Stevens and then go to the compound which was expected to be unsecured, and take the rest of the arms. It's also possible that it was two different groups.

Two former Navy Seal who were working as private security contractors were there, and they put up a heroic, Alamo-like fight that made the attack take much longer then planned. There are reports that there was time to bring in reinforcements that would have not only saved the lives of the two heroes, but would have kept the arms out of the hands of the jihadi terrorists, but that nobody made the calls for help, reminiscent of stand down orders on nine eleven.

In the ongoing Benghazi investigations, Obama administration members have been stonewalling the proceedings and obfuscating the facts. It is rather obvious that this is another case of nefarious activity with people being less than honest about what really happened and what Obama's level of involvement was.

One thing is certain. It's not the, “nothing,” that Democrats keep saying it is. The problem for Republicans is that if all the truth comes out, it could very well implicate a number of high level politicians on their side of the aisle as well.

After all, Republicans and Democrats are simply two divisions of the same ruling class party. They work together behind the scenes all the time, and they serve the same globalist masters.

Teaming Up With Al Qaeda

In foreign policy, the United States has teamed with up with Al Queda forces in a number of countries. As we touched upon, above, the United States works with the globalists to destabilize a number of countries.

That means they work with the most heinous people on earth to invade countries and rape, torture and kill hundreds of thousands of people. The targets are moderate, non radical, peaceful Muslims and also Christians.

These groups are often part of Al Qaeda, the people the US government says committed the atrocities on September 11, 2001. Obama has been helping to fund and train a number of these groups, who go on to slaughter Coptic Christian, chopping their heads off and throwing babies off of roof tops.26)

These people are proud of what they do and post videos on YouTube. These are the people we are still working with in Syria. If this is not impeachable, then nothing is. There is no excuse for this, no matter how one may try to rationalize it.27)

By the way, US troops have been guarding the poppy (heroin) fields in Afghanistan. Since the US invaded, Afghanistan went from supplying less the 10% of the world's heroin, to 90%.

This has happened under Bush's and Obama's watches. Bush should have been impeached, but we dropped the ball. All we can do now is impeach Obama, because there is no way to travel back in time.

Fast And Furious


The Fast and Furious scandal deals with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, (BATF). Somebody had the bright idea to allow lots and lots of guns to be sold near the southern border of the United States for the express purpose of being illegally taken to Mexico so that the drug cartels would get them.

Supposedly, the idea was so that they could track them to find out who ended up with them… or some such screwy theory. First off, they weren't even tracking them. Secondly, it was a foreign country. BATF agents couldn't just go into Mexico and operate as if they were in the States.

Gun store owners were instructed by BATF agents to let certain people come in and buy whatever they want without valid ID. They started growing suspicious when it became obvious they were selling to some really bad people, who were probably Mexican drug cartel members.

When the store owners started balking at the idea of continuing to sell to these people, the agents threatened them in various ways. A BATF agent can make life very uncomfortable for a gun store owner, if she so chooses.

The program saw the light of day only after a border patrol agent died and another was injured after a cartel member tossed his gun after shooting at them, and fled. Over and over people have asked what would possess the government, including Attorney General Eric Holder who is proven to have lied about being a part of this program, to start it in the first place.

Relatively few people seem prepared to accept the only realistic answer. It's to create a gun problem so that people will demand that something must be done about it. Then the government can step in and create more gun control laws, ultimately leading to the total gun ban that the globalists are hellbent to get.

For years, thousands of guns were allowed to be sold to anybody with an obvious fake ID. The BATF told the store owners that it would lead to arrests. The store owners kept waiting to hear of the arrests, but none ever came. The more they asked the agents what in the world was going on, the more they were told to just do what they were told.

Investigations have shown another cover up. The Obama administration, the Justice Department and even the BATF all claim ignorance of being involved in any wrong doing, and have very little information to offer. Anyone with any sense can see this thing stinks to the high heavens.

Democrats like to say that Republicans had done this before they did. What does that matter? If it was wrong for the Republicans, it's wrong for the Democrats. Moreover, their predecessor's program was said to be 1/10 the size and they actually had tracking devices on the guns, although it was also said to be unsuccessful in terms of making arrests.

22 Shocking Facts About Fast And Furious

Crony Capitalism

Although Obama eviscerated Bush and the Republicans on the campaign trail regarding crony capitalism, he has taken it to a new level. During the bail out of General Motors, he let his friends and dealers who contributed to his campaign keep their dealerships.

Beyond that, certain people involved in the restructuring got sweet deals, due to their relationship with Obama. The company that was originally hired to find a buyer for GM for a fee of $46 million dollars, got their money, even though they failed. Then when the government came to the rescue, they added a $17 million, “success fee,” on top of it.

Many billions of dollars were funneled to Obama friends in the name of the so-called green energy revolution. The companies were not touted by anybody to be successful, and they all failed, as predicted.

One company, Solyndra, was pressured by the administration not to announce lay offs until after the 2010 elections. It's true that the Bush administration was rife with arguably impeachable crony capitalism as well. That's not a defense now and it never will be in the future.



Keeping on the theme of crony capitalism, for a moment, Obamacare allows his favorite corporations to be exempt from having to insure their employees. That's why multi-nationals like McDonald's and Walmart don't have to pay, but a mom and pop restaurant or dime store does.

Obama constantly said that with the so-called Affordable Care Act, if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. And, if you like you doctor, you can keep him. We now have proof that isn't true.

Obama said, and still maintains to this day, even though the evidence has proven differently, that insurance rates, overall, will go down; way down. We know that rates are, overall, going up; way up.

The bill was largely written by the large insurance companies. It is the biggest boon to them in the history of health insurance. It also allows them to squeeze out the smaller health insurance providers.

These companies are owned by the banking cabal that are Obama's and all politicians' puppet masters. It was created to extract the money from the masses, into the accounts of the elite. Obama is on video, discussing Obamacare with lawmakers, and he states that there will be 15% of people who will not be able to keep their doctor. Yet, that didn't stop him from promising, dozens of times, that, “You can keep your plan.”

(It turns out that everybody has to get new plans, but the point is, by his own admission, he believed early on that millions of people would not be eligible for the same plan, yet he chose to lie.)

Obamacare forces people to take coverage they couldn't possibly use. For instance, men must be covered for pregnancy. It's is pure lunacy. Like most bills, it is named 180 degrees differently from the reality it brings about. It's the unaffordable care act.

Most people have to pay a lot more for a lot less coverage. Sure, a tiny percentage will get the benefits he promised. They will be covered for an affordable rate. The vast majority though, will be screwed, royally.

This is designed to help break the economy. It's part of the elite cabal's march to a one world government. When things get bad enough, the people of the world will accept global government in hope of relief.

Is Obamacare Impeachable?

Obamacare certainly seems illegal, the way it forces every person to buy insurance. Unlike mandatory care insurance laws where people have the option to not own a car, and hence not buy insurance, everyone has to pay for Obamacare or face a $5,000 annual fine.

Not every Obama scandal is impeachable, in of of itself. However, as another example of failure to provide for the country and carry out his duty, it adds a lot to case that he needs to go.

The Constitution allows a lot of leeway as to what can be considered impeachable. It says, “treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. Then Representative (and future president) Gerald Ford may have said it best in 1970, when he quipped that impeachable offenses are, “Whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.”28)

Invading Libya Without Authorization

Even though the federal government has illegally, long since moved away from the Constitutional requirement to have Congress declare war on a country before being able to go in and kill people, it doesn't mean it's OK. In the case of Obama and Libya, he didn't even get the so-called Congressional approval that substitutes for war declarations, these days.

It's a violation of the War Powers Resolution. It also was a bad idea, that led to a much worse government for that country. Gaddafi had been working with the United States and the West for many years, and was in no way a threat to the region. His overthrow, as usual, led to the installation of a regime that is much worse for the country and the region.

What Obama actually did was to place the US military under the command of NATO. I'm sure there would be little debate among our founding fathers that that was imminently impeachable.29) The argument that other presidents have also circumvented the Constitution in similar ways, again, is not a valid argument to not impeach. It's only an argument that they should have been impeached.

The VA Scandal


Veterans are being denied medical services. They are being treated poorly. VA hospital administrators seem to be trained in being rude to our veterans. This is not the usual bureaucratic problems the VA is known for.

It has been taken to a new level. Services are being denied that used to be routinely granted. People are being told to wait for help, on a, “We'll call you, don't call us basis,” which often results in their deaths, while waiting in vain, sometimes for years.30)

Veterans will clearly treatable and operable conditions are dying due to lack of treatment. There is ample evidence that a death list program has been established. If veterans are older, or if the procedure is especially expensive, they are put on the waiting list, known in VA circles as the death list.31)

The plan is to let them as many of them die as possible, without having to spend the money. Hundreds of veterans have died without being able to even get in to see a doctor. If you take it back ten years, the number is in the four figure range.32)

Scores of VA facilities are already being criminally investigated by the FBI. More are expected to join their ranks, as the scandal grows. There are instances of scheduling clerks being forced to not schedule anybody new. They aren't allowed to turn in the names of veterans hoping to see a doctor.33)

Instead of being outraged and vowing to improve this sad state of affairs, Obama's stance on the situation has been that the fuss is much ado about nothing. He has actually made statements including the words, “fake scandals,” as if the whirlwind that follows in his path is nothing but false accusations from political rivals.34)

The Other War On Veterans

Under Obama, the Department of Homeland Security has issued numerous reports that returning war veterans are not to be trusted. They basically have called them terror suspects.

There are other groups, including but not limited to Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, evangelical Christians, patriotic conservatives and Libertarian and Tea party members. However, the # 1 group that the DHS is being trained to be wary of is the returning veterans.

This is extremely alarming, to say the least.

The Militarization Of The Police And Other Agencies


Also under Obama's watch, local police departments seem to be gearing up for some kind of civil unrest. If the government knows something, Obama should let the citizens in on it, so they can do what they can to prepare.

Ridiculously small towns are getting armored vehicles for their police departments. SWAT teams are raiding homes and businesses for the most ridiculous reasons.

Raw milk and organic farmers are being arrested on trumped up charges. Amish families are being set up and arrested for selling raw milk to informants who beg them to sell them milk.

Farmer's markets and lemonade stands are being forcibly shut down. We are losing who we are as a nation and it's all happening on Obama's watch, yet he pretends there is nothing wrong.

Yes, it's all part of the globalist agenda and it would be happening if they had installed Romney instead of Obama, but Obama is the guy who is supposed to be leading us, so he is the one who needs to be held accountable.

Generally Becoming A Dictator

Even more than Bush, Obama has made the executive branch into a dictatorship. He has virtually done away with checks and balances, as prescribed in the Constitution. Like some kind of mad man, he brags about it. “I have a pen and I have a phone,” he says.35) He'll just write his own laws in the form of executive orders. I'm not exactly sure what he does with his phone, other than book golf appointments, though.

He can't take all the blame. The Republicans are letting him get away with it. The media is playing along. Where is the outrage that the rule of law has been replaced with the whim of Obama?

How is it even possible that Obama can unilaterally make changes to when aspects of Obamacare will go into effect, diverging from the dates that were part of the law? What is the precedent for this? What will it lead to? Has everyone gone crazy? How has this become the new normal?36)

Opening The Southern Border


This one alone should get the guy booted out of office. The effects of bringing in so many illegal aliens will not take long to put a world of hurt on the country. At a time when our veterans can't get in to see a doctor, when inner city natural born citizens are in need of help but are being turned away, we have no business allowing anyone who can get to the border to come in with all their needs, expecting us to fulfill them.

We simply can not afford it. If we wanted to help them, we could change our drug laws and the drug war that has created so many problems. There are limits to immigration. No country, except now, the US, has open borders.

That is for good reason. It's national suicide to do so. Obama knows this. He is doing what he is told to do by the trillionaire elites who are closing in on their plan to take over the world. To do that, they have to take down the super powers, and this will prove to be the final nail in the coffin if we don't stop it soon.

Many of these people have diseases. Moreover, they are placed in close proximity with lots of other illegal aliens for some time, before they are put on buses and taken anywhere they want to go in the United States.

That time together, in close proximity, is obviously meant to be the perfect breeding ground to spread the diseases. Then, as they spread out throughout the country, the diseases will go with them.


Tens of thousands of these poor, desperate people are coming into the country. It will soon be hundreds of thousands, and not long thereafter, it will turn into millions. Nobody is being medically screened. This is utter insanity.

The psyop (psychological operation) that is being played upon us is that we need to have compassion for them and just let them all in. There are seven billion people on earth. Are we supposed to let them all in?

If you are in a lifeboat on the open sea, you may want to save hundreds of passengers that you see flailing in the water all around you, but it just isn't possible. Overextending your boat's capacity will put everyone in the water and no one will survive. That's just reality.

The globalists have made damn sure that the nations these people are coming from are living hells on earth for the vast majority of their citizens. Now they are using them to ensure that the United States has the same fate.

It's kind of like caring about the homeless, but if you give money to every homeless person you come across, you could be out of money yourself and ultimately find yourself on the street.

There is a reason every nation in the world has immigration policies. Medical screening is part of the process. So is a criminal background investigation. A good number of these “kids” are drug mules and members of the drug cartels. Some are suspected of being trained killers. Even before the current complete breakdown of the border, illegal aliens have been committing a large number of crimes. Many times, they are simply allowed to go free. 37)

A customs enforcement whistle blower is already on record citing evidence that people with tuberculosis are coming over.38) There are many other diseases commonly found in those third world nations, and now there is an ebola outbreak.39)

Obama has just signed an executive order allowing people with respiratory illnesses to be quarantined. Yet there is no quarantine process of these illegal immigrants, that could be used to screen for diseases.40)

These are future Democratic party voters. The goal is to vote away our rights, including the right to bear arms. No matter how you slice it, this nightmare, just getting started.

They will be a tremendous burden on the economies of the cities they move to. Expect to see more and more cities going bankrupt. It will also help to decimate the federal economy that much faster. The government is already paying people $6,000 a month to house three illegal aliens.

Crime rates will skyrocket. In Phoenix, Arizona, 85% of the first degree murder arrestees are illegal aliens This will reverse the trend of the last several decades in the United States. Crime has been going down, steadily. You can't possibly open the floodgates to all these desperate people and not expect that crime will be part of the package.41)

The government has become one of the leading sources of human trafficking. The laws have not changed. What Obama has orchestrated should land him in prison for the rest of his life, on human trafficking charges alone.

This has been presented as a sudden crises out of the blue, and an important humanitarian mission. It is a ruse. Supposedly nobody knows why so many children, some with their moms and many without, suddenly started showing up on the border.

However border patrol union officials have admitted that the government gave the agents, stand down orders several months ago. They were instructed to let people in. It didn't take long for those coming in to get word back home.

This was an orchestrated plan. It is a Trojan horse, also known as asymmetric warfare. The country is being taken down from within.42)

If you are a US citizen and you want to save your country, now is the time to get busy. Get involved. Spread the word. Take action. Write letters. Get involved. Don't just sit around and feel helpless. Time is extremely limited. Wake up and help others to wake up. illegals.jpg

Dumbfounded, I Tell You

It's dumbfounding to me that there's a single Democrat who is still buying the Obama bullshit.

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He evidently turned down offers from the military for added security, for unknown reasons. It's speculated that he may have feared professional reprisals for not sticking with State Department protocols.

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