Left 4 Dead 2

left4dead2.jpg Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-operative First Person Shooter, survival horror game developed and published by Valve. It's the sequel of Left 4 Dead 1 and included all whole new set of characters, weapons, maps, mechanics and special infected. The Left 4 Dead series has always focused on co-operated gameplay, requiring a vigilant team in order to survive through until the end of a map, and eventually the campaign. The game also featured a unique melee system, like being able to run out of stamina so that the player will no longer be able to melee.


Singleplayer and Multiplayer will consist of bots and players, depending on how many players are available (if singleplayer, than that means there will constantly be bots) on the player's team. The objective is to survive through hoards of zombies and completing mini objectives in order to get to the safe house, which is a checkpoint in between each map in a campaign until the team is rescued.


Left 4 Dead's combat system includes a variety of weapons including primary weapons such as rifles and shotguns to secondary weapons like a katana and handguns. Each gun are designed to be balanced as possible, and can be used in unison with the team to effectively survive the map. At first, the survivors are given weak weapons such as the submachine gun, the hunting rifle and the pump shotgun. Throughout the rest of the campaign, survivors will be able to find even more viable weapons such as the auto shotgun, auto sniper, the M16 and ak47 assault rifle. The melee system also incoporates combat stamina, which meleeing too often will introduce a delay until a resting period is taken.

Any weapon or object a survivor is carrying also has a melee function, but survivors rather use the item to bash enemies out of the way if it's not an actual weapon. This makes evading possible, but teamwork is still recommended for a fluid gameplay.

Weapon Upgrades

Players can very rarely find a weapon upgrade to increases the statistics of their gun with varying effects. There are 3 weapon upgrades that can only be applied to ranged weapons, laser sights which increase accuracy, incendiary ammo which lights zombies on fire when shot at and explosive rounds that will explode upon impact (the last 2 only applies to a single magazine)

Revival System

In Left 4 Dead, the player is in a 'downed' state after reaching 0 health points. Being in a downed state, other survivors must revive the player fully in order for them to be revived but only to a state of low health. When downed, the survivor slowly starts to bleed out with only a pistol in hand to defend themselves. Survivors can be downed 3 times before they are oficially dead, in which they need to have other survivors reach a checkpoint so that they can be respawned.


Co-operative gameplay is the core features of Left 4 Dead. Players are expected to be able to fluidly act as a team when in trouble, or just traversing through the map. Actual players are almost always expected to be better than a AI due to higher intelligence and better gameplay overall.

Game Modes

There are multiple different game modes available throughout the game. Some are alterations of another gamemode meanwhile some are completly different.


A campaign is a set of maps with an overall theme depending on the campaign itself. Each map change are separated as safehouses, like a checkpoint, will load the next map as soon as all the available survivors reach to the next safehouse. The last map will feature as the 'rescue' map and the survivors will have to hold off endless hoards of infected before being evacuated out of area, and eventually the campaign.

Single Player

A single player is just like playing a campaign, but the game is ran on the player's local machine offline so that no one can enter their game. Major disadvantages can include the bots artificial intelligence, which isn't ideal gameplay.


Survival consists of equipment stored around the map, and having the survivors attempting to survive endless onslaughts of infected for an unlimited amount of time until all of the survivors are dead.


Versus is one of the more popular game modes which include normal campaign missions, but there are two teams. One team consisting of the survivors has to complete their normal tasks, but another team gets to become special infected, attemping to hunt down the survivors. Instead of having artificial intelligence hunting down the survivors, the difficulty ramp varies depending on the skill level of the players. After the survivors are dead or have reached the safe house, the same map is repeated once and the team switches over so that the survivors can play as the infected and try to hunt down the other survivors. Once the campaign finishes, points that has been added up from each maps determines the winning team.


Realism mode is very similar to campaign, but includes a huge difficulty ramp. All weapons are severely hindred in terms of damage, the health of enemies are majorly increased and team kill damage are increased as well. Team works is not only recommended at this point, but required to survive.

Realism Versus

Realism Versus is very similar to versus, but acts as the 'final' difficulty strength, making the game severely harder.


Scavenge requires the players to roam across the map looking for gas canisters, similar to survivor.

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