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maplestory-logo.jpg MapleStory is a Korean free-to-play MMORPG side-scroller game, developed by Wizet and hosted by Nexon. The game was officially introduced in 2005 in North America, while in South Korea in 2003. The unique element of the game provides simplicity with controls, UI layout and the side-scroller element.

MapleStory's servers are located in many places in the world, like South Korea, North America, Most asia countries.


The player assumes that there's no objective in order to win the game like most MMORPG's, other than to train to become stronger in the world of MapleStory. Most of the gameplay comprises upon the keyboard, but the mouse will be used for inventory. The player can also assume to maintain a social interaction with other players like a friends list, a guild or just chatting using the built in chat bar.

Each character the player creates is stored on the Nexon database, and on a specific world that player chooses. After which, they can choose many of the classes the game has to offer, which choosing an appearence and creating a name also greets them. Each class is unique and stats, looks, skills and storyline differentiates.

Also, most players on MapleStory tend to play the game to 'hangout' with online friends, or even try to create new ones. Although they do play the game for the actual gameplay itself, MapleStory is commonly known for having large social interaction.

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