The Nova Scotians are a group of players of the Galactic Milieu who are the protagonists of the unfinished tale The Wyvern Street Irregulars.

We learn of them, thus, mostly through that tale.

That tale is set on the planet known as Earth, in the city of Halifax in the province Nova Scotia in Canada. Some of its characters become involved in playing as players in the Galactic Milieu game as it is known to them at place at that time; they choose to play a civilisation of Nova Scotians, but on their planet at that time the releases of Freeciv available to them did not include such a civilisation. Thuis, they chose to use the Scottish nation in Freeciv to represent their Novascotian civilisation, as being the closest match among nations not yet in play.

Thus it is that at least within that tale, the Scotts of the planet known as M4 are known as the Nova Scotians.

It is from this Galactic Milieu civilisation played by the characters in the tale The Wyvern Street Irregulars that the character Scotty, featured in Martian Invasion 1594 and Mystery in 1596 arose, along with his contemporary, 'Sooty' Forks. (It is known from Between the Worlds that Scotty survived far into the future; whether 'Sooty' also gained such longevity is not yet known.)

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