We write to taste life twice… (Anis Nin)

Why do I write, you ask? This is something I would have to think long and hard about. There are so many reasons that people write. I have written for many of those exact same reasons myself. Some people discover early in life that they want, or like, to write. Maybe some discovered their niche for writing in English class in high school when they had to write a short story and got hooked on the feeling, so to speak. Not me. I fact, back then I didn't care to read much or write. My impulse to write began years ago, I believe I was in my thirties, when I had this idea for a story. It was an awesome children’s story with life lessons and all that good stuff. I had another idea for a based on a true story drama about a group of pirates in the 1800s. Anyway, I pitched these two ideas to some of my friends and they agreed these stories should be told or at least written.

At that time my preferential medium for writing was in the entertainment realm; screenplays to be more precise. I went out and found a decent screenwriting software at a reasonable price, I think it was called Hollywood Screenwriter. So, I studied and read books on the proper formatting for screenplays and I started writing. When I wasn’t writing I was reading about writing. I read great screenplays to see what great writing looked like and I read bad screenplays to see what bad writing looked like. I studied the art of creative writing like I have never studied before.

I sent my two screenplays to various production companies and agencies and received favorable coverage and even kudos for story structure and perfect format; however, the stories were not what they were looking for at the time. I know they actually read them because of their references in the letters. Although I only received rejection letters, I felt a rush of excitement that someone actually took the time to read the whole manuscript. I received more coverage and comments on the children’s story. Anyway, as good of a feeling as it is to get an actual response to my stories, it is not why I write.

I’m not sure at what point it happened, however, I soon realized all of this writing was therapeutically stimulating; I had to write. I guess you could say that writing helps clear my mind and with a clear mind I have better focus throughout the day. It also helps me think more analytically, in a way; sort of like meditation for the yoga set. However stimulating it is, I can honestly say that this is not why I write.

Some people write to leave a legacy of their lives, or at least the special moments. I have written of one real life event that is close to my heart. It is a coming-of-age story of a deer hunt with my dad and brother. It is sort of a snapshot of my youth which brings back a flood of memories. I had also written of my dad’s final moments as I watched him gasp for his final breath. As sad as it seems, I felt much better getting it all out on paper. To leave a written memory behind for future relatives to share my experiences is not why I write.

Writing is a good way to express for people to express themselves. I have written several blog posts in the past and it too can be a stress reliever. I am able to tell my political views and read other’s comments. I can tell others how I really feel without causing a violent altercation, if you know what I mean. Through my writing, I can have my “voice” heard. Blog writing is certainly an excellent way to express myself. Is this why I write? Nope…

I write a lot of how-to tutorials and informational articles. It must be an awesome feeling to be a teacher, because when I write these types of articles, I feel a sense of pride knowing that I, through my writing, have given someone the tools they needed to accomplish a specific task or learn something they would have otherwise not known. Yes, I admit this is a great feeling, but again, this is not why I write.

Money is an excellent incentive to write. In fact, I would say a large percentage of the people who write do it for the money. Money can be made by writing articles, books, blogs, advertising, and the list goes on. There are literally millions of dollars to be made in the writing industry especially in the digital age. I too have sold some of my articles. I write for Devtome as an investment in crypto-currency as well as just a hobby. As nice as it is to get paid for my ramblings, money and devcoins are not why I write.

I have lots and lots of story ideas that I have written down; some of them actually have chapters written. Each one of them is a story that would not get out of my head until I had written something about them. I do go back from time to time and continue writing on some of them. Some stories are in the horror genre while others are more suspense type. I even have humorous stories as well as children and young adult stories started. Sometimes I have to write just to appease the voices in my head. As menacing as these voices may get, they are still not the reason I write.

I take courses at a local university and have classes that require reports that are several pages long. Most of these papers require a certain amount of research as well my own ideas on the given topic or subject. After doing the painstaking research and spending hours trying to put together an interesting and cohesive paper, the feeling of accomplishment mixed with the relief of finally having the assignment finished has a euphoria all of its own. As you have probably already guessed, this euphoric feeling is also not the reason I write.

So you see there are many reasons I write, or have written and yet none of them I can truly say is the one single reason that I write. Although it was much later in life that I discovered the many benefits that writing has for me, I enjoy it just the same. I guess if I had to pick out one reason why I write, I would have to say, Because it is who I am. It is really just that simple.

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