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This article is about the fictional Star Wars sport, podracing. High speed podracers are cart-like vehicles used in racing. Pulled by flexible jet-like engines they require the most trained pilots to operate them. The speed the racers reach is too much for the normal human to handle so most of the pilots are of alien species. Racing line-ups are picked by popularity, previous performances, and random chance. During the race the pilots have to maneuver against many obstacles such as caves and canyons. Many of the faster podracers get greater power and speed from larger engines. Many of the races have specific rules to limit engine size. Engines get their power from radical fuel atomizer and distribution systems located on-board the podracers. These systems get the maximum amount of power from each atom of fuel to provide maximum speeds for the pods. Since there is such high speeds of the racers they need to have air brakes onboard for turning corners. One example of these air brakes is Anakin Skywalkers triple air scoops on his engines. These air scoops act as air brakes and provide control when turning corners.


Podracing began in ancient contests of animal-drawn carts. A daring mechanic, Phoebos recreated the carts using repulser lift technologys and flaming jet-like engines to make a new, faster, more dangerous sport.

Racing Today

Although podracing is banned in most civilized star systems, Podracing is still very popular on the planet Malastare. Podracing competitions usually take place in the Outer Rim. The races usually have a lot of gambling from the spectators. All of the gambling attracts the Hutts to most racing venues.


Above, Anakin Skywalkers customized Randon-Ulzer pod racer.


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