Quick Guide To Setting Up An Aquarium


Here is a quick guide for setting up your aquarium.

  1. After purchasing tank give it a good clean with fresh water
  2. Place the tank on the stand that you want it to be once completed
  3. Add under-gravel filter plate, this should cover the whole bottom of the tank 1)
  4. Place down air stones and the hose to connect the air pump
  5. Place down clean gravel in the bottom of the tank and smooth it out so that there is a slight slope rising towards the back of the tank 2)
  6. Place down any decorations, rocks, and plants into the bed of the gravel
  7. Fill the tank with water, I personally use a small plate to keep the water stream from messing up all the gravel and decorations
  8. Add in filter and heating units. Put heater in the back of the tank and thermometer in the front
  9. Add dechlorinator to remove chlorine from the water
  10. Put on the light and hood of the tank
  11. Plug in all of the equipment, test the pH levels and temperature and adjust if needed
  12. Let aquarium run for at a minimum 24 hours 3)
  13. Add in the starter fish once all your conditions are correct

Dechlorinator as seen above.

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This step is not necessary, it just will help to keep the gravel cleaner
This gives the gravel a nice look
The longer the better

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