Bless The Beasts And The Children Quotes With Annotations

Book Written By Glen Swarthout Published 4/28/1995 San Val Incorporated

“Billy ladder would take his foamrubber pillow and creep downstairs into the sauna and turn the temperature to 160 degrees and curlup on the wooden bench with his head on the pillow. Soon the Ooms, little people who lived under the flat rocks and make steam, would come out, hundreds come out to make him sleep safe and warm”(Swartouth 14).

I choose this section in the story to right about because i find this passage remarkably well written and uses great detail to create imagery. There is also personification to used when he says the Ooms are people who live under the flat rocks. The personification creates great imagery for the reader because it lets you imagine the steam coming out and making him sleep a lot better. I really think this is very powerful writing on how it's written and uses figurative language greatly in this piece. I think this piece is very well written and is unique way of describing how he uses to sauna at night sometimes.

“Because it's 3,000 feet higher up there, it'll be as cold as a witch's tit” (Swartouth 21).

I am using this section because i find it very funny and conversation. Using the phrase “it'll be as cold as a witch's tit” as a simile is very unique and funny. I think this because i've never heard this phrase before and you really have to think about what it means. I mean id never think to compare coldness to a “witch's tit” This is because it's very odd and out of no where. This phrase is also really conversational because this is not a normal thing you're going to say out of no where. I'm guessing this phrase is probably a cliché and never used anymore. I think it's also a little confusing and puzzling because what is it possibly supposed to mean? I'm confused on how that phrase can actually make sense and used in a regular conversation.

“Of the sixteen rooms in his home in Kenilworth, Illinois, his favorite was the seventeenth, the Oom room” (Swartouth 13).

I enjoy this phrase because i think its very confusing and meaningful. He starts out by saying there are 16 rooms. Then it says his favorite room is the 17th room. This is confusing and can have many meanings. It is expressing house there are only 16 rooms used in the house. Then the 17th room, the Oom isnt used and he has it all to himself. This is very meaningful because it takes deeper thought to understand that it means. There is also able to be more than one meaning depending on how the reader interpreters it. I think this quote is very interesting and important and describing the setting of his home.

“Okay, but compared to this, everything else we've done is peanuts. We could get our asses in a sling on this. Im serious” (Swartouth 18).

I find this a very interesting phrase that describes how serious their adventure is and what the dangers are. The author uses a metaphor to compare all their other adventures to peanuts. The author does this to show how serious what they were about to do is. They also say “We could get our asses in a sling on this” as another way to describe how serious what they were about to do is. I think it's good figurative language and really helps describe whats happening.

“They couldn't hit a bull in the behind with a bushel basket” (Swartouth 19).

I think this is a very interesting phrase in the passage. I think this because it is used to describe how uncoordinated the team was when playing baseball on page 19. They do this by comparing their coordination to not being able to hit a bull in the behind with a bushel basket. This phrase also reminded me of the phrase “you can't hit the backside of a barn.” This is what made this saying stick out to me.

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