Rapidballs Review and Overview

If you are in to lotteries and crypto currencies, there is one site that goes well above and beyond what the other sites offer. It is called Rapidballs. This site is awesome and it has some great features that I want to look at through this article.

First of All, a Warning

First of all, I want to mention the disclaimer that Rapidballs is gambling. This means you should never put more than you can afford to lose on to the site. Can you make it big and earn a lot of money? Definitely. But you can also lose it all. Do not put your life savings in to the site, and be careful. Above all, do not allow greed to consume you and make you lose everything you have!

The Coins Supported

As of this writing, there are four supported currencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Worldcoin (WDC)
  • Primecoin (XPM)
  • Tickets (TIX)

Each of the above coins have minimum stakes that are set according to their relative value against the USD or Bitcoin. For example, Bitcoin has the lowest minimum bet, but that is because it is the most valuable. At this time its minimum is only 0.0005 BTC, or a half a bit mil!

The Games

Here is where the site starts to shine. There are multiple different games you can play, depending on the coin. For this section we will be looking at Worldcoin's games, solely because it encompasses all of them. So here we go!

Raffles. There are multiple raffles. These start out at a 10 WDC entry and go up to 1000 WDC. The winner gets at least 10x the buy in (so the winner of the 1000 WDC one will get 10000 WDC). The amount of the prize also increases depending on the number of entries, so as more people join the raffle, the greater the prize will become. As of right now, the raffles are still not played too often; as such, you can win with greater odds if you jump in now.

Lottery. There are four games that are based on the “Rapidballs” concept.

  • Lottery – win up to 5000x the stake for matching 5 out of 6 balls
  • Colors – win up to 1200x the stake if the balls are 6 different colors
  • Totals – win up to 800x the stake if the total of all 6 balls equals above 251 and less than 279
  • Lucky – win up to 20x the stake if one of the numbers chosen is between 17-19

In each of these games, you are also able to choose your stake and what you are hoping the roll will end up landing on. For example, you are not playing for all of the different games, nor all of the different options within each (unless you actually place stakes for all of them). If you place stakes and do well, though, you can earn quite a bit! As a great example, someone placed a stake on Bitcoin at 0.001 BTC a while back and won 1.5 BTC off of it. That is a substantial gain in value and money and it does not even require a massive investment!

Delayed Betting

When you choose to place a bet, you can also choose how many times you want to bet on that set and amount. For example, you can choose to play the Lucky game 50x, in which case you will pay for all 50 runs up front and then you will stay in the game for 50 rounds (at 5 minutes each) of which you can earn rewards. You do not have to stay on the website to win if you do not want, either, so you are free to queue up some games before you go to sleep or leave the house.

Obtaining Winnings

It is very easy to get your winnings, as there is no wallet on the site. Instead, all winnings are paid out instantly to your wallet. If you win multiple times, for example, you will get multiple payments. While this can be annoying when it comes to fragmentation of your crypto wallets, it pays off because you do not have to rely on the site not closing down or being hacked; since it does not hold your funds, there is no risk there. And if the fragmentation becomes an issue, you can always consolidate your transactions in to a much smaller number on your own (by sending yourself transactions that encompass your entire wallet).

No Accounts Are Needed

There are no accounts needed on the site since it does not store your funds. Along with this, there is nothing that relates any of the bets to you, aside from the transparency in to bets and which addresses they came from and how much they paid out. Past having the address information available on the site, though, there is nothing that leads anything back to you, so you can bet with peace of mind.

This also gives the awesome benefit of being able to see in real time how many bets are coming in, what they are for and how much people are winning. It allows you to easily determine whether or not you want to play, what risk level you want to set up for yourself, and even which game you are interested in playing. Of course, past results do not necessarily guide the future results, being that each roll is a new fresh one.

Playing Cheap

If you want to play and gamble very cheap (as in fractions of a cent cheap) you can pick up some of the currency Devcoins. These are very cheap on the market right now and they have the same chance of winning as Bitcoins and others do. Of course you will win less (in terms of its value when converted), but you are also betting much less. Even one penny could allow you to do hundreds of bets depending on the value of Devcoins at that point. What better way is there to play what is basically like a free roll?


Rapidballs is an awesome site for gambling with Bitcoin and different alternate crypto currencies. You just have to be careful with how much you are risking, and remember that because it is a gamble, anything you put on the site could be lost. Or you could win pretty big. But the only way you will know is to give it a go. Just gamble responsibly!

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