Crimson lies of bitter sweet deception,

Torn edges of this broken soul,

Has left me scattered,

Fragments of my former self,

Floating upon the winds of lost time,

For I have felt your fangs plunge into my spirit,

Shattering my hopes,

Leaving me in endless misery,

And I tasted your forbidden fruit of make belief fantasy,

All covered within the silhouette of a fools embrace,

For I have been tainted by your words,

Your lies have left me weaken,

Lost within times yesterday’s embrace,

Cling to an image crafted by my illusion,

Embracing the image that I once thought you were,

For I am a fool,

To believe in the concept of love,



My eyes have been tainted by your words,

Covered within your deceit,

And my tears has left me empty,

Void of emotions,

Waiting for time’s persecution..


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