Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a 2000 football movie based on the true events of the Titans, the champion team from the state of Virginia in 1971. At the beginning of the season, they learn that there will be a new coach, Coach Boone and many new players. These newcomers are all black. They are not accepted because they are seen as jobs stealer.

Racism in the team is common. Then, they go to the selection camp, where only the best will be kept. Racism escalates to his highest point. There is a battle opposing the blacks and the whites. Coach Boone decides to wake them up in the night and they go jog in the forest as punishment. Boone takes them to the Gettysburg battleground, where black and white young men fought 200 years ago as brother in arms. Since then, the conflict dies and they become friends. They even discover they have the same passions for music. They finish the season with a perfect score: 13 victories, 0 defeat. The young men consider themselves as brothers in the end.

Here is an example of the racism and anger that was common in the team before the intervention of the head coach, Boone. In the training camp, he forced everyone to share room with someone from a different color. In one of the room, the black placed a poster on the wall. The white wanted it down. They fought. Someone else came in the room and told everyone in the building that there is fighting. Everyone came, join in and fought.

Here are three examples of the harmony that reign in the team after Boone intervention. Gerry, the team Captain, has a good friendship with Petey. But his girlfriend does not agree with that. She is scared of black peoples, she don’t want to shake hands. He has to choose between his friend and his girlfriend. Gerry decides to go with his friend. At the end of the movie, seeing that it is ridiculous, she accepts to greet Petey.

In the middle of a game, a white member of the team is not blocking adversaries on purpose, so the black players get hit. This guy is the old friend of Gerry. After the game, he decides to kick his racist friend off the team. Gerry also convinces his mother that his black friend is not an inferior man. Petey will comfort Gerry’s mother at the end of the movie when Gerry is hit by a car and become paralysed.

The moral of the story is to not have prejudice with people that are different. We don’t need to like everyone, but we must respect everyone. We understand from the movie that we need to give people a chance. Because of their prejudice, the whites were not accepting the blacks in the beginning. But, they discovered that they were not so much different, they shared the same passion for music and football. We must not be feared of approaching new or different people from our area, school, church, neighbourhood, etc. The moral could also be to Remember the Titans because they are an example of tolerance, acceptation and harmony between races.

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