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Runic Descent is a dungeon set in the zone of Moonshade Highlands. It is a pretty light hearted setting, much like the Realm of the Fae is, although the entire thing is not all light and happy. Even so, the mobs you will face within should give you a reminder of what you faced in Realm of the Fae many levels before, including mobs like faeries and satyrs. This time, however, you are also taking on some dwarfs!

Before you start, of course, you want to grab your quests. For Defiant and Guardian players, you can grab Sins of Stone from Borrin Gammult at the dungeon's entrance. For Guardian players only, you can also grab a second quest called Sprouting Hope from Shyla Starhearth near the second boss.



When you have gotten your quests, you are ready to continue. The map for this dungeon is below:


Boss One – Rictus


This fight can be tough until you get the hang of it, due to how it works. Some classify this as being a “proximity fight,” where you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. With that said, there are three skills that Rictus uses:

  • Rotting Flesh – this is a DoT cast on someone that also has an AoE effect, damaging anyone within a short distance from them. This needs to be cleansed as soon as it pops up
  • Furious Barrage – this is a point blank AoE skill where Rictus will start pounding the ground. This does a massive amount of damage, and nobody should be getting hit by it but the tank
  • Death Blow – this is preceded by a skill where Rictus pulls everyone in to him, then slows them and then does a massive hit. If anyone but the tank is hit by this, they can die in a single attack, so you want to be sure nobody is caught in it

This battle pretty much relies on location, location, location. Along the outer perimeter of where Rictus stands, you will see tons of ledges. If you wedge yourself up against one of these, you can still attack him with ranged attacks, and his pull in skill will not be able to pull you up above the ledge. This keeps you safe from Death Blow, while still allowing you to keep pressing him with damage.

When picking your area, though, be sure to watch for other group members. Everyone needs to be spread out to avoid the AoE ticking from Rotting Flesh, as this is another deadly skill.

That is really all there is to it!

Boss Two – Wormwood


Wormwood is a large tree that is pathing around a bit. You will need to clear out all mobs around him before you pull him. There are quite a few in the area, so make sure you patrol a little to grab each of them. Once you are sure the area is clear, you are ready to take on Wormwood himself.

There are only two skills Wormwood uses, but this battle requires a ton of movement. His skills are as follows:

  • Fierce Stomp – this is a point blank knock back
  • Fungal Blossom – this spawns a Rotting Blossom on top of a random player. You will see it flying through the air as well, so it is easy to see where it is going to land. It will be doing radiating damage while it is up, and after a short period of time it will also explode, doing AoE damage. Stay away from these!

There are two phases to this battle. In the first phase, lasting until Wormwood gets to about half health, he will be casting one Fungal Blossom at a time. This makes escaping them easy, since there is not a lot to worry about. At half health, however, he will start the second phase where he will then cast Fungal Blossom on every player instead of just one. This gets a little more tricky, though there is plenty of room for everyone to get away from them. Just be aware of where the other players are and where their fungi are going to be dropping, and it is easy to avoid dying here.

At low health, Wormwood will also get a damage buff called Blood Frenzy, but this can be purged or just ignored (you should be doing enough damage to not have to worry about it).

Boss Three – Warden Falidor


Warden Falidor is the final boss of this somewhat quick dungeon. This boss has four different skills, as follows:

  • Necrotic Jet – this is his normal attack
  • Glacial Shield – this is a shield that reflects damage. This has to be purged as soon as you can, or you risk killing everyone! Every hit that goes in while this buff is up will reflect massive damage to each person in the group, so beware of it. I can not count the number of times I have seen groups wipe due to not purging it and still throwing out tons of attacks. If you can not purge it, just sit back and wait it out
  • Drowned – this is a deadly skill because it is used on a random target and silences them. If this happens to the healer, you can be in trouble
  • Cursed Wave – this is an AoE that flows through the entire area. You can easily avoid this by hiding behind one of the walls. The alternative is to just heal through the damage, which is not too bad on this fight.

For this battle, you really want to have a secondary healer. If Drowned is used on the healer they will be unable to throw out any heals, and this can cause a group wipe. Instead of letting this happen, either use two healers to be safe or at least one healer and a support character. This will slow down the fight a little but it is better than wiping and having to start all over again!

Quest Images

Rune Cracked Spirits


Sins of Stone


Life Bulbs



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